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Little Consort Doctor

Little Consort Doctor



  Through time travel, a medicine genius as her became a young loser. Since she had medical techniques, she could have anything: power, wealth, lust… She heard that the most powerful emperor was not interested in woman while someday one said he witnessed him pressing her against the wall and kissing her!
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It was night. Joffre House was quiet, but there was still a sound in a primitive courtyard.

One young lady pressed the other young lady’s head down into the water with an arrogant smile on her face. "How about it? Let's see if you still dare to speak nonsense in front of others. "

"Gulu, gulu, gulu……" The young girl choked and struggled fiercely with her hands. Unfortunately, that person did not lift her head up.

Her thin and weak hand waved in the air, as if she was trying to struggle out with her last strength.

When her hand gradually lost its strength, the girl pressing on her head suddenly panicked a little.

She suddenly pulled her up, but the young girl's beautiful face was completely pale and didn't even have a breath left.

"You, don't play dead!" Lecia Joffre panicked a little, but at this moment, the girl who had her eyes closed didn't seem like she was faking her death.

She looked around in shock before tossing her back into the water.

"You fell down and accidentally choked yourself to death, don't blame me!" She stood up in a fluster. After patting her beautiful dress, she ran away in a fluster.

The night was very quiet. It was already midnight. The young girl's hair was fluttering in the water.

Suddenly, the girl who should have been dead suddenly propped up her body and violently coughed.

Her eyes were red from being soaked in water, and her head was heavy. There was even a lot of water in her stomach.

Joyse Joffre coughed for a long time, but before she had the time to inspect her surroundings carefully, she had already pressed down on her stomach a few times, causing water to spew out from her mouth once again.

After vomiting, she felt more comfortable and slowly raised her head to scan her surroundings.

The grass on the outside of the shabby looking courtyard was already almost a meter tall. In front of her eyes was a clear well that was neither deep nor shallow.

It was not a well, because the water was clear and not very deep. Under the moonlight, one could see the pebbles on the ground.

It was just that — why were the surrounding buildings and decorations all so unfamiliar and backward?

What kind of remote hospital was she thrown in?

No, that's not right...

Suddenly, her head felt a sharp pain. A few foreign memories flooded into her mind, and strange, dirty faces began to circulate in her mind.

Joyse Joffre came back to reality and was stunned for a few seconds. Then, she opened her eyes wide in shock.


It seemed that the heavens still looked after her, so it wasn't too bad to sacrifice your life to save others.

At least, she was still alive, but she pitied the original owner of this body.

Forget it, big sister will help you take revenge for this.

Joyse Joffre slowly got up, dragged her tired and heavy body to the front door, and slowly pushed it open before entering.

She had just closed the door and turned around, but a big hand had already grabbed her by the throat.

Joyse Joffre couldn't see anything. She could only just barely see that the person in front of her was much taller than her, and should be a young man.

And on his body... There was the smell of blood.

It can't be?

Was she about to die after just transmigrating?

Although Joyse Joffre had lived for twenty years, she had never encountered such a bizarre thing, so she didn't know how to react right away.

No screams, no words.