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The Sexy Heir

The Sexy Heir



  Outside,he was the noble heir of the business empire,inside,he was a wolf desiring for lust.She thought after the dirty deal,she would have nothing to do with him,while he forcefully penetrated into her life and spoiled her to the extreme.She was confused. After gaining her lost memories,she knew she had saved him,while she still wanted to escape.He used marriage as a rope to tie her tightly beside him."I want a divorce!""Don’t be kidding.""I’m serious!"" It seemed that marriage did not make you obedient, why not have some kids"
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Intertwined and blurred.

In the presidential box of the seven—star hotel, it just stopped a fierce cloud.

In a quiet atmosphere, the girl was so tired that she slept on the white sheets, squatting, revealing the beauty of the jade, under the lamp, her shoulder blade, a faint, scar like a cross.

Opposite the bed, on the leather sofa, the man loosely covered with a black robe, and the placket was half—opened. If the present—looking sturdy texture was half—baked, the body was full of abstinence.

He had a half—burning smoke in his hand, and the cold eyes of the night fell on the girl's scar, and the introverted shackles revealed a deep depth.

The black hair covered with pillows lining up the girl's half cheeks, white and clear, beautiful and not polluted.

The man's face was very young, but it has faded last year. It shows the cold and calm, inscrutable and smoky, which was inconsistent with the age, adding a mystery to his devil—like face.

At the illumination of the lamp, the girl's white and tender skin, looming some traces left by the rude, could be seen how intense the joy just now.

The man annihilated the smoke on his finger, got up and stepped into the bathroom.

At three in the morning, outside the hotel, three black cars left in the night.


Early morning.

The glare of the sun came in from the window.

The girl on the bed was stunned and opened her eyes. When the scenery of the eye reached the bottom of the eye, she was scared and sat up.

The sheets slipped down, and she was barely exposed.

"Scared!" She was anxious to pick up the sheets and wrapped herself tightly.

The scene of last night was like a movie replay in my mind.

Her face was reddened with a layer of rouge. She pouted and didn't dare to breathe a long time.

Looking down, she couldn't see the traces of blue and purple, let alone the shameful pictures printed in my mind.

She bit her lip and only hoped that after last night, her uncle would not ask her to accompany this man again.

Serena Cheng strongly supported the body to get out of bed, went to the bathroom and washed the whole body up and down a clean.

Even she washed again and again, her body was not clean, tears appear in her eyes, the drops of water on the top of her head are flowing over her face, and it was impossible to separate tears from water drops.

She found a clean set of clothes from the closet.

All the way out of the hotel, Serena warmed her arms and walked absent—mindedly. A gray business car had already waited at the door. See her out, in the car a middle—aged man called her, "Serena Cheng, get on the car.”

Serena warmed up and looked up, suddenly shivered, "Uncle."

"Hey, come, get on the car, grievances you." Long Cheng looked at her with a distressed look, just wanted to take her hand and was hiding by the girl.

"Don't be afraid, my uncle is really owing you, and will compensate you later." Long Cheng said, there was no guilt on his face.

Instead, his heart was rejoicing! Last night, his niece had stayed, which meant that Simon Mo accepted her.

So, next, was there a lot of benefits for him?

Long Cheng’s eyes were sharp and he found a trace from Serena Cheng neck. His mouth was up a bit, and even if it was no good, he could make Mo happy, and his business would be more successful in the future.

The business car sent her to the front of the Long Cheng Mansion. Long Cheng pulled a stack of money from her pocket and put it in her hand. "Serena Cheng! This is what my uncle gave you, buy some nice clothes, think Buy what you buy."

Serena Cheng hurriedly pulled her hand back and didn't pick up the money. "Without my uncle, I... I still have money to use."

Long Cheng did not insist. He took the money back and shouted. "Is this thing not allowed to be known to anyone?"

"I know." Serena Cheng responded with a red eye and turned back to return to the Cheng family.