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Steal A Sweet Wife

Steal A Sweet Wife



  Her relationship with him began with a kidnapping. He chose her engagement dinner, ruined her wedding, and said, "I warned you that I, Li Jinghang's woman, was not qualified to marry anyone else."
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In the dressing room of the engagement banquet, an elegant and transcendent beautiful face was reflected in front of the mirror. A pair of black pupils in particular seemed to attract spirit energy, dazzling to the point that it caused one to be unable to shift their gaze away.

Le Yao, who was sitting in front of the mirror, had a calm expression. There was no joy on her face from being the female lead of the engagement banquet. There was even a hint of worry between her brows.

The man she was betrothed to today, Ling Yujun, had never been in love with anyone before. Not to mention being in love with her, the two families had already betrothed him to a child.

After reaching adulthood, the number of times she saw Ling Yujun could be counted on one hand. She wasn't even sure what kind of person he was other than the numerous bright and beautiful titles that the media gave him.

A man she was almost unfamiliar with wanted to live with him ever since. Just thinking about it made Le Yao's scalp tingle.

In fact, Le Yao was mentally prepared. As a member of the Wealthy Class, she would eventually become a victim of a commercial marriage. She did not expect that this day would come so soon.

A resigned smile appeared on Le Yao's pretty face. Even if she didn't marry Ling Yujun, one day, she would marry another man. The freedom to fall in love became an unattainable luxury in her life.

As she consoled herself with her thoughts, a hard object appeared on her waist in an instant to withstand the attack. She looked down along the slight pain on her waist and was stunned to find that the muzzle of the gun had struck her waist. No matter how calm she was, her heart could not help but become anxious and flustered, as though there was a foreign object stuck in her throat that she could not utter a single word.

The other party did not give Le Yao any chance to speak. Covering her lips, she forcefully pulled her out of the car through the window, and in just a few seconds, she was immediately stuffed into the car. Her body violently collided with the door of the car, and the sound of the door closing could be heard. Let me out. Who are you? "Quick, let me out..."

In that moment, the scorching summer sun had turned completely cold from head to toe. Le Yao clearly realized one thing: she had been kidnapped.

His heart was in a constant state of turmoil as though it would stop beating in the next second due to this unstoppable jump.

The airtight and quiet space was so clear that even the sound of her breathing could be clearly heard. Le Yao vaguely sensed something strange in her surroundings and slowly turned around. She coincidentally met a pair of dark eyes that emitted a strong ice—cold anger.

He … Who is it?

Le Yao's expression was filled with fear and panic. Her body couldn't stop trembling.

It was the first time in her life that she had seen such a man who was like a wild beast. An endless cold gathered from his entire body, as if a demon from hell had come for her life.

Le Yao was even more unable to imagine that the man whom she had feared the first time they met in front of her was a man who had caused her to have endless relationships with him.

Li Jingyun's eyes turned cold as he looked at the unfathomably beautiful woman in front of him. He looked at her pale white face and said in a voice that could cause one's hair to stand on end, "Hand over the A.I. Chip, and I might be able to give you a chance to live."


Hearing that, Le Yao's thoughts became stiff, "Mister, what are you talking about? "I don't understand, what chip, I don't understand …"

Her words were filled with intense pleas and shock filled every corner of her body. She crazily tortured her nerves, as if she would faint at any moment from such a scene, but in her heart, she was very sure that she couldn't be scared. She tried to remain calm, "Sir, is there some kind of misunderstanding? Could you guys have captured the wrong person? I really don't know what chip it is. "

He must have caught the wrong person.

Le Yao had a sliver of hope in her heart. After all, she had never become enemies with anyone. Even if her parents were in the business world, they wouldn't have their enmity with others for no reason at all. There was absolutely no reason for her to be kidnapped …

Even if he didn't say anything, he would be able to force Li Jinghang into a corner. His long and powerful arms were forcefully wrapped around Le Yao's tied up arms, and the force that gripped her shoulders was deliberately causing her pain.

The intense pain from his neck and shoulder caused Le Yao's exquisite and beautiful face to twist. She couldn't help but cry out, "It hurts …"

"I'm warning you, I don't have the patience nor do I know how to treat women. If you don't obediently hand over the A.I. Chip, I will strip you of your clothes and let my subordinates have a taste of your body."

Li Jinghang's words scared Le Yao to death. Her body trembled even more violently. She hadn't caught the wrong person. He knew her name …

But where did she get the chip?

Le Yao knew that she couldn't sit still and wait for death. She had no reason to argue with these filthy people. If she really had no other choice, she would rather die than let them ruin her life …