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Rebirthed Super Spy

Rebirthed Super Spy



  She used to be the head of the underworld, a smuggler of arms dealers. Her real identity was a criminal undercover agent. Before she died, she was an orphan. After she died, she opened her eyes and became a village woman who was sold. She had her husband's daughter, and her husband was also a village lame student. She was a spy, how could she be so useless? Injured? No silver? Then he would snatch the silver and use it to recuperate from his wounds! He knocked the fat pig chef unconscious, stole his silver and ran out of the brothel, and took a radish along the way. They set up a trap for him to fall into, and he brought a oil bottle home to find his husband! As a police officer of the generation, of course he couldn't be controlled by others. He wanted to see how she would scheme. Beat up hooligans, build a new house, recruit new subordinates, and then be the boss again! He brought his little brother to do business, earning him wealth that was comparable to a nation's wealth, Jin Fengxiang!
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In a few minutes, in a dilapidated wooden house in the full spring brothel's backyard, a woman with her hands tied under the beams of the house was sitting motionlessly with her hair in a messy bun.

A fierce—looking big man used a whip to whip the woman's back.

The pine cypress green cotton clothes on the woman's back were almost torn apart.

Streaks of wounds of varying depth crisscrossed across the entire back. The blood that spilled out had soaked all of the torn pieces of cloth.

"Fight!" Hit me hard! Let this slut not have the strength to run anymore! "

A wrinkled and yellowish—faced woman stood aside, holding onto her waist and spitting out spittle while cursing loudly with a savage look on her face.

A young servant stood beside the old granny. Seeing the woman motionless, he said worriedly: "Madame Liang, don't kill her. You spent thirty taels of silver to buy her."

"Humph!" It only took a few strokes to kill her? " Madame Liang spoke harshly, but in his heart, he was a little uneasy, and shouted for the big sized man: "Alright! Stop fighting! "Let's see if she can still breathe!"

Hearing that, the big man stopped and raised his hand to test the woman's nose. It seemed that there was still a trace of a weak breath left.

"I'm still a bit angry." The big sized man turned to look at Madame Liang with a guilty conscience, "Do you still want to fight?"

"What do you mean a little angry?" Madame Liang glared at the big man as he walked forward and placed his hand in front of the lady's nose.

The woman's breath was very weak, as if she was about to lose it.

Madame Liang's heart rose to her throat. She could not fight anymore, if she really wanted to kill him, all the 30 taels of silver would be wasted!

"Forget it, save her breath!" Madame Liang said unwillingly, "Tomorrow, I'll see if she's still obedient!"

The shop assistant heaved a sigh of relief. It was fine as long as the person wasn't dead.

When the three of them left the woodshed, Madame Liang did not forget to lock the door.

After the three of them had walked far away, the woman hanging from the ceiling beam also completely died.

Four, ten minutes later, the full spring brothel fell into silence, and occasionally some people who were looking for fun even ploughed through the rooms.

Inside the wooden house, Ji Lian suddenly shivered. She felt a burning pain on her back.

She gritted her teeth and let out a "hiss", causing her to break out in a cold sweat from the pain.

What was going on?

Wasn't she shot dead after exposing her identity?

As Ji Lian was lost in her thoughts, he suddenly felt as though many messy memories had suddenly appeared in his mind.

She was sold many times from memory until she was sold to a lame scholar as his daughter—in—law and gave birth to a baby.

Whose memories were these?

It definitely wasn't hers!

Ji Lian felt a headache coming on. She hurriedly shook her head, only to discover that she was tied up and her hands hanging from her hips.

When he opened his eyes, all that he saw was darkness … Long skirt?

What the hell was this?

Only now did Ji Lian realize that another wave of memories had come to her.

A well—dressed man in an antique suit seduced her, and she stole two acres of land from her family to join him.

The man took the land deed and gave her a cup of water with a smile. Afterwards, she didn't know anything else.

After waking up, she found that she had been sold to a brothel for thirty taels of silver.

She wanted to escape. After escaping, she would be caught and brought back. What followed would be a beating.

Then she woke up.

This is f * cking transmigration?

Ji Lian stared, stupefied, at a nearby, half—walled bonfire.

"Bang …" "Bang, bang …"

From afar, the sound of people fighting could be heard. Ji Lian regained her senses and shivered.

It was still a firewood fire in front of him …

Well, whatever it was, she couldn't hang on.

The rope around her hands was very sturdy.

His back was in excruciating pain, and even a slight movement would be even more so.

She looked up at the ceiling. There was a beam across the darkness, and the rope was hanging from it.

The roof wasn't very high, but it was still okay to sit alone.

Resisting the pain, Ji Lian began to swing.

By swinging, she could step on the wall.

Due to her weak legs, she failed to kick him a few times, so she stopped to take a breath of air.

He rested for a while and started swinging again.

As she swung, she mustered the strength to kick off the wall, using the momentum to swing her body up to the roof. Her legs moved to the side as she firmly coiled up the house beams.

A lot of dust fell from the rafters of the house. Ji Lian turned around and spat two mouthfuls of dirt into her mouth.

When the earth ran out, she gathered her strength and began to swing.

After a few swings, he suddenly exerted his strength and flipped his body over. He then sat on the house beam straddling it.

He had succeeded!

Ji Lian held the beam for a few breaths before recovering her strength. She raised her hand and used her teeth to untie the rope.

Before she died, Ji Lian had three identities. One was the head of the underworld, one was a spy for the police, and the other was a smuggler of arms merchants.

A small accident caused her to be shot through the heart, revealing her identity as a spy.

She thought that this was the end of her life. She didn't expect to open her eyes again.

She didn't care if he had really transmigrated, she would treasure this second life.

This body's name was Ji Lian Zi, and there was only one word difference between her and herself, then from today onwards, she would be Ji Lian Zi.

He untied the rope and untied the end of the rope tied to the beam.

Ji Lian Zi tied the rope together and hung it on her belt, then carefully jumped down while hugging the roof beam.

His legs went limp and he nearly fell to the ground.

This new body was really weak and hungry.

Ji Lian Zi walked with heavy steps to the wall, and leaned on the wall for a while.

He reached out to push open the door. It was locked.

He turned around and pushed at the window next to the door. The outside of the window was nailed shut with a wooden bar.

Hey! His defense was quite good.

It's alright. Can this wooden door even lock me, Ji Lian?

Since it was a woodshed, there should be an axe, right?

Ji Lian Zi looked around and sure enough, she saw an old axe at the corner.

She held onto the wall and walked over to pick up the axe. The axe was quite heavy, and it was difficult for her to hold onto her thin arm.

Carrying the hatchet back to the door, she looked at the door frame where it connected to the turnstile and smiled.

The spindle of the broken door was so rotten that it was about to fall off.

With ease, Ji Lian Zi used the axe to slice apart the spinning shaft, then put the axe down and was about to leave.

"Gulp …"

A neat stomach growled twice.

Hm? There was someone else in the room?

Ji Lian Zi turned her head to the other side of the corner.

As expected, a dark object was huddled in the corner.

Ji Lian Zi looked at him, ignored him, pushed open the door and left.

That ball of black thing slowly stood up and followed Ji Lian Zi out.

Outside the woodshed was a small, dilapidated courtyard. The courtyard was filled with many broken items.

The moon in the sky was very round, making the courtyard very bright.

A small figure walked behind Ji Lian Zi.

Ji Lian Zi suddenly turned around, the small figure was so scared that it fell on the ground with a thud.

"Hiss …" Ji Lian Zi gritted her teeth, the wound on her back was hurting!

The child sitting on the ground was about seven or eight years old. There were two crooked little knobs tied to his head, and his hair was messy.

His clothes were dirty, his face was dirty, and his beautiful big eyes looked at Ji Lian Zi timidly.

Ji Lian Zi only managed to endure the pain in her back after recovering for a while. She bent down while supporting her legs, and asked with a hoarse voice: "Do you know where the kitchen is?"

The child nodded.

"Take me there."

With the bright moonlight, Ji Lian Zi was led to the kitchen by a child.

The kitchen door was locked, but the window was unlocked.

Ji Lian Zi let the child crawl through the window to the kitchen to find something to eat.

Ji Lian Zi guessed that the child probably came here to steal food a lot, which was why he was locked up in the woodshed.