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Naughty Poison Missy

Naughty Poison Missy



  Have you taken a fancy to the identity of my Crown Prince's daughter? You want it? Alright, come and take it if you have the ability! Have you taken a fancy to my title as Crown Prince Jing's consort? You want it? Alright, come snatch if you have the ability! What? Did he fall for my genius baby again? Go to hell! I've given you a chance, and it's because you don't know how to cherish the time you have to run away that you can't blame me for the misfortune that continues to befall you later on! The male lead's belly was both black and shameless. On the surface, it was gentle like jade, but inside, it was despicable and vile. As long as he could push down the female lead, he would dare to do anything! Li Mubai said in a famous tone, "What does this matter have to do with me? From the beginning till the end, what I wanted was only her smile, her heart, and my love for her. " The female lead seemed gentle and generous on the surface, but she was actually quite good at it. She had killed people without blood in her eyes! And dregs who didn't know their place? Alright, come at me. If this elder sister doesn't beat you up until your own mother doesn't recognize you, then I'll use my reputation as the poison concubine to no avail!
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The Big Yong was flourishing for fifteen years, the capital was a Xing City, a Prince Dingguo's Mansion.

"This is bad!" "Senior Servant Rong, Third Miss brought a large group of people to our courtyard. They were extremely aggressive and threatened to tie up Qing Zhi and bury him with Ergou."

When the Senior Servant Rong heard this, he became anxious, the young miss was not in the palace, there were only servants like them, perhaps they would not be able to stop the Third Miss.

"How can that be good, now that the young miss is not here, and the Third Miss is a delicate girl from the second house, if we try to stop her, I'm afraid no one will benefit from it!"

Earlier, that Er Gouzi had always drooled over Qing Zhi's beauty, and insisted on marrying her back to her family. However, Qing Zhi refused.

Moreover, these were all people from the young miss's house, even if they wanted to marry someone, they had to wait for the young miss to speak. But Second Gou Zi's mother was a wet nurse by the side of Third Miss, and using the Third Miss's favor, she wanted to come and snatch him away without saying a word.

"What should I do? Ergou—zi is so weak that he died of illness, what does he have to stop us, Qing Zhi? Why did it have to be Qing Zhi who would accompany him in death? No matter what, Qing Zhi was the first—rate daughter of the young miss, how could she give such a thing to die with her? Their second house is going too far. "

Before Senior Servant Rong even finished speaking, they heard the commotion outside and thought that the people from Third Miss had come.

"Someone, tie that bitch Qing Zhi up for me!"

Senior Servant Rong's body froze, he did not expect that the people from Third Miss would already have their doors blocked.

Right now, even if Qing Zhi were to avoid it, it would be impossible.

"What are you doing? This is the Hibiscus Courtyard, the eldest young miss's courtyard. Third Miss, even if you are the master of this house, you cannot go beyond the eldest young miss to punish the eldest young miss's person, right? " Senior Servant Rong held his head high and said.

"Humph!" What young miss? It's just a disease. Let me tell you, if any of you dare to stop me today, don't blame me for going up to Grandmother and denouncing you. "Don't forget whose silver coins you're eating!"

Such an arrogant and despotic attitude was truly infuriating.

Since childhood, she had been raised by the Old Madame and had always been doted on by him. If he were to offend her, then she would definitely suffer.

"Third Miss, this is the Hibiscus Courtyard. Your big banner brought people here to retrieve people.

"Oh, Senior Servant Rong, don't think that you're old enough to be qualified like that. "Even a lowly servant dares to talk about etiquette in front of me?" Gu Hua Mei rolled her eyes in extreme disdain.

Being insulted by Gu Hua Mei in such a way, Senior Servant Rong did not look the least bit embarrassed or angry on the surface. Instead, she very carefully blessed herself.

"What's there to think about? Let me tell you, I will definitely take away this Qing Zhi today, even if that sickly Gu Qing Mei is here, don't think of stopping me! "

"Third Miss, although the master and the Madame are at the border, but the young miss is a proper long room direct daughter, it would not be appropriate for you to bully our young miss, right?"

Senior Servant Rong's eyes swept across the entrance of the courtyard. A hint of happiness flashed in his eyes, but he did not dare reveal it for too long.

Her words had directly put them in the position of bullying the young miss of Mansion of the State.

Gu Hua Mei didn't think too much into it at the moment, but the mama by his side could tell that something was amiss, but it was too late for her to stop him.

"Humph!" What direct daughter, my ass! Sooner or later, she will have to meet the King of Hell. In this Mansion of the State, who does she count as? "

"Third Miss, how can you insult our young miss like that? The young miss is Young Master's direct daughter, she is a genuine young miss of Mansion of the State, how can you do that? " Senior Servant Rong was getting anxious.

Gu Hua Mei reached out to push away the mama that was about to stop her, and said with a disdainful tone, "Let me tell you, it's still unknown whether Eldest Uncle can come back safely. As for the title of Duke, it'll fall onto my father's head sooner or later. You blind fools, get out of my way! "

Who dares to be presumptuous in the Hibiscus Courtyard?

A cold and dignified voice was heard. Everyone froze in place.

"Greetings to Eldest Miss."

Gu Qing Mei slowly walked in, but her eyes were staring straight at Gu Hua Mei. The girls and their wives beside her also had no choice but to carefully pay their respects.

"Hey, Gu Qing Mei, why did you come back so early this time? Didn't they say to stay in the Courtyard to recuperate? "I can see that your expression isn't that good. Quickly go into the house and stop getting caught in the wind. You'll be lying down for another half a month."

Gu Qing Mei's eyes darkened and her expression became cold. "You're the one who said that my father's fate is unknown?"

Gu Hua Mei was startled, she blinked her eyes, as if she had said those words just now. She looked at her twice, and spoke with disdain, "I said, what about it? That's the truth. How can you not let others speak the truth? "


Everyone was stunned, but before they could come to their senses, there was another pop!

On Gu Hua Mei's face, one on the left and one on the right, two extremely clear palm prints appeared just like that, causing everyone to be shocked!

Since when did good—natured young miss beat him up?

Since when did this gentle, argumentative young miss have such an intimidating aura?

It was only until the burning pain on her face that Gu Hua Mei finally came to her senses. She had no choice but to believe that she had truly been slapped in the face!

"Gu Qing Mei, you actually dared to hit me, I'm not done with you!"

With that said, he rolled up his sleeves and pounced towards Gu Qing Mei.

Gu Qing Mei's figure did not move, in a flash, Qing Huan who was beside her had already arrived in front of the young miss to protect her. Her feet moved, and Gu Hua Mei, who had originally pounced towards her with the intention of beating her up, suddenly fell down like a dog eating sh * t on the ground.

Gu Hua Mei could be arrogant, but so could her servants. But the problem was, with the master of the house standing right here, who would dare to make a move against the young miss?

Gu Hua Mei reached out a hand to wipe his face, and cried until his face was covered with tears, "Gu Qing Mei, you're ruthless, I'll just wait. See how Grandmother comes to get you! "

Everyone in the household knew that the old Madame was in love with Gu Hua Mei. Now that they heard that she was going to look for the old Madame for the throne, everyone felt reassured and left haughtily.

Senior Servant Rong looked, "Eldest Miss, now you are in trouble, what should we do?"