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The Tough Doctor Wife

The Tough Doctor Wife



  As a medical examiner, what she was most afraid of was not the variety of corpses, not perverted murders, but — not being able to get married. His identity was mysterious. He was a thug that had broken into her house after a serious injury, but he had no reason to meet her again. A certificate she became the unknown Mrs. Ling, he spoiled but did not love her. She was the most addicted to his murmuring and loving between the beds. Later, when she and a video of him being intimate was released, he held a press conference and announced that he had always been single. She was pushed to the heart of the matter and kidnapped. She watched him appear, but it was another woman he had rescued … Rumors had it that Ling Tian's CEO had lost his wife and son, causing his temperament to drastically change. Goodbye, she turned psychiatrist, and he was her patient. He puffed and stared at her in confusion. "I don't know you. The person who knew you was probably killed by me. "
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In the summer, a storm that only happened once every ten years struck the bustling city.

Shen Chu Yan wrapped herself with a towel and walked out of the bathroom. When she opened the curtain, it was still raining heavily outside the window.

After three days and three nights without sleep, she crawled home but could not sleep.

Her heart was still trembling at the thought of the child lying on the dissecting table.

Suddenly, the lights in the room were extinguished without a sound, and the surroundings sank into darkness. The rolling thunder of summer rolled across the sky, bringing about a sense of eerie silence.

Shen Chu Yan's body stiffened, she sensed that something was amiss.

"Don't move —" A deep, unspeakable voice, carrying the icy coldness of steel and the smell of blood.

Something cold pressed against the small of her back, and before she could react, the man had covered her mouth.

An unfamiliar, oppressive manly atmosphere invaded the room. The wind and rain outside the window were in a rush, and the inside of the window was filled with danger.

Shen Chu Yan did not move. As a medical examiner, she knew better than anyone else what weapon was behind her waist. After a second of panic, she calmed down.

A dense smell of blood entered Shen Chu Yan's nose and nose. She took a deep breath and tried her best to make her voice gentle.

"You are injured, and your breathing is heavy. You may have injured your lungs and bled a lot. If you don't get bandaged in time, you will bleed to death. I am a doctor."

The man did not speak. His large palm caressed her slender neck with a thin layer of cocoon, continuing from her neck all the way down to her back. Shen Chu Yan shuddered at his touch.

"I can treat your wounds." Shen Chu Yan emphasized it again.

The other party remained hidden in the darkness, not saying a single word, his entire body emitting a cold and vicious aura.

When Shen Chu Yan was about to lose all hope, the man took a step back, sat on the sofa in the room and said solemnly, "Five minutes."

Even though they were separated by darkness and darkness, Shen Chu Yan could feel the lethal aura that the man was emitting. She even felt that even if he was heavily injured to this extent, he would be able to kill her within minutes.

Shen Chu Yan took a deep breath and went to get the medicine box. She didn't even dare to take a deep breath or turn on the light. She relied on her memory to return to the man's side, reaching out her hand to touch a patch of sticky, moist flesh. There were also some traces of her skin being scorched.

"Gunshot wound?" Shen Chu Yan said softly.

She immediately turned on the lamp and checked his wounds. Even if she was a medical examiner, she could not just stand by and watch him die.

She skillfully opened the first aid kit, sterilized it, took out the bullets, stitched the wound, bandaged it. She was so focused that she had completely forgotten how dangerous it was for this man to appear here.

The man looked down at Shen Chu Yan. She had just finished bathing and was wrapped in a bathrobe.

Finally, Shen Chu Yan let out a long sigh of relief, wiped off the sweat on her forehead and said tiredly, "Don't touch water on your wounds, remember to change the medicine. If you have a fever, you have to go to the hospital."

She took off her disposable gloves and looked up at the man.

"Your face —"

He was wearing a small silver mask that covered half of his face above the tip of his nose. He looked like a 19th—century night demon from Central Europe.

After a moment, she remembered that the man hadn't made a sound when she took the bullets because there was no anesthetic at home.

In the middle of the night, Shen Chu Yan suddenly shivered as she saw a lone man and woman, as well as a woman from a good family and a masked assailant sneaking into a house in the middle of the night and getting shot by a gun.

The man's eyes narrowed. The towel on her body seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Under the light, her skin was as white as snow and her curves were exquisite. He couldn't help but stare deeply into her eyes as he stood up.

An oppressive aura met his gaze.