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You are My Only Apple

You are My Only Apple



  A real man would dare to force a marriage! "Furthermore, the target of the forced marriage is the majestic emperor of the business world!" "If you don't want your naked picture to be the headline for tomorrow, then marry me." She gripped the pinhole camera and boldly threatened! Hearing that, the man smirked meaningfully, "Have you brought your account book with you?" Hm? Agree? Why didn't this man follow the usual pattern? But who cares? This was a rare opportunity! Dear CEO, let's go and prove it!
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Jing Xiao Ran stared at the screen without moving, this posture had already been maintained for five minutes.

It was a concise dialogue between a man and woman, an ambiguous conversation between men and women, and the unsightly selfie of a man and woman in the album. The truth was placed right in front of her eyes, and her perfect boyfriend, Lin Zheng Yang, had cheated.

This was already the fifth one. The first four were all people without exception because she didn't want to have sex before marriage. After being discovered by her, he dumped her without even saying a word of explanation, let alone urging her to stay.

Lin Zheng Yang was her senior in university, and after graduation, he helped her out a lot. He was handsome, had a good family background, and after graduation, he even entered the civil service. In the eyes of his friends and classmates, he was a very considerate and perfect lover.

"Xiao Ran."

The sound of footsteps slowly approached, Jing Xiao Ran immediately switched his phone back to the previous scene, then stood up and looked at Lin Zheng Yang who was walking out, "Hmm?"

"The shower's fixed for you. Try it later, I have to leave first." The tall and handsome boyfriend put the phone on the table into his pocket, putting on his coat as he spoke without looking back.

With a bang, the door was closed. Jing Xiao Ran's hand slowly tightened into a fist.

No! He suddenly sat up on the sofa. Jing Xiao Ran was unwilling to accept this, he had been flung four times, and definitely could not let go of her again. This time, no matter what, she had to make the first move!

The phone in her hand suddenly vibrated, Jing Xiao Ran took a look at the caller's number, ignoring the fact that it was ringing non—stop a few times, she casually picked up the call, and the woman's voice immediately rang.

"Jing Xiao Ran! Don't you want to! Let me tell you, you're the only one without news material this month! If you still can't dig up any more explosive news, then scram! "

Jing Xiao Ran did not have the time to reply when the only thing left on the other end of the line was a beep.

As a reporter from a gossip weekly, she was not very good at it. She had been a member of the society for three months now and had not managed to get a single piece of news material.

Jing Xiao Ran frowned, he stared at the computer and scrolled through it just in time to see the news of Ou Ying Group Ou Chen Ye staying at the Jing Ping Hotel.

Jing Xiao Ran's eyes lit up. Ou Ying Group's industry spanned across many different fields and had a lot of influence in all of Asia, and its CEO Ou Chen Ye was even more famous in Rong Hua City. At a young age, he took over Ou Ying's industry and expanded it into a famous entertainment company, becoming a big shot in the entertainment circle.

This CEO was only twenty—eight this year, he should be as strong as a wolf or tiger, but there had never been a few reporters who took pictures of him, so there was no gossip or gossip about him.

Jing Ping Hotel happened to be an estate owned by Jing Xiao Ran's father. Although Jing Xiao Ran had not returned to Jing Family after graduating from university, he had been to many of those hotels. The manager and the staff all knew his, so it wasn't difficult for her to find out where Ou Chen Ye lived.

Ou Chen Ye silently recited this name. If she could marry Ou Chen Ye, it should be a huge blow to him, right?

After making up her mind, Jing Xiao Ran immediately got up and packed the equipment that she had photographed, then picked up her bag and left the room. In order to take revenge on Lin Zheng Yang, she also wanted to dig out the negative news about Ou Chen Ye and force him to get his certificate!

Outside of Jing Ping Hotel, many reporters had already been stopped at the entrance, holding their cameras, waiting for some big figures to come out at any time. Jing Xiao Ran entered the hotel through the employee entrance, and after smoothly checking the hotel's occupancy information, he realized that there was a female celebrity staying in the hotel today, no wonder there were so many reporters outside.

After Jing Xiao Ran thanked the staff member, he walked towards the employee entrance. After he was done with the cleaning, he changed into the cleaning lady's clothes and a face mask, then walked towards the elevator after he saw that he could not recognize the reflection of the camera in the mirror.

The elevator quickly stopped at the twenty—eighth floor. Jing Xiao Ran pushed the cleaning cart out of the elevator and saw that the hotel hallway was extremely quiet. There wasn't a single sound coming from stepping on the dark red carpet, Jing Xiao Ran saw the word "clean" hanging by the door, and used his room card to enter the room.

The presidential suite was bright and spacious, warm light shone onto the leather furniture merchant's eyes, Jing Xiao Ran placed a few pinhole cameras inside the living room's concealed objects, and prepared to open the door and leave.

However, just as she reached the door, she heard the sound of high heels coming from outside. Before she could leave, the owner of the high heels had already opened the door and bumped into her.

"Yes, I'm sorry." Jing Xiao Ran quickly apologized, but when he saw the woman's face, he was shocked.

She was the female celebrity who stayed at Jing Yu Hotel today, the one who had just won the Lily Award and was ranked first, Xie Yi Fei.

Xie Yi Fei was wearing a very short, deep red skirt, with her slender waist and long, slender legs, greatly exposing haughty fissures, her long, curly hair draped over her waist, and her bright and exquisite facial makeup.

When Jing Xiao Ran saw her attire, he had the intuition that he had caught a good show of his today. However, Xie Yi Fei stopped her from getting out of the car, and looked at her with a face full of disdain, "Have you cleaned this room before?"

Jing Xiao Ran turned his head to look. The suite wasn't dirty, only there were a lot of ashes in the ashtray. There were also some empty bottles on the tea table.

"I'm sorry little miss, I will clean up immediately."

Jing Xiao Ran immediately put down what he was doing and went forward to clean up. Xie Yi Fei stood behind her and impatiently pointed out, "Isn't your hotel a 5 star hotel? Was it really that efficient? Alright, let's do it like this here. Let's go clean up the bathroom. "

Bathroom? Did he want to bathe in a mandarin duck? Jing Xiao Ran was immediately sure that the relationship between Xie Yi Fei and Ou Chen Ye was not ordinary, she obediently went into the bathroom and started to clean the water in the bathtub. Just as the sound of the water stopped, he heard another door opening again.

Jing Xiao Ran looked towards the door. He could vaguely see a tall man in a suit walk in, and Xie Yi Fei, who was sitting on the leather sofa, immediately went to welcome him.

Jing Xiao Ran perked up his ears, barely able to hear the blurry conversation going on outside.

"Euro, do you see the matter that I told you a few days ago?"

Through the cracks in the bathroom, Jing Xiao Ran saw Xie Yi Fei holding onto Ou Chen Ye's arm and walking towards the leather sofa, occasionally lowering the collar on his chest.

"Why are you here?" It was a deep, quiet male voice, and there was a hint of impatience in it, but it was very pleasant to hear.

"Euro, the director also said that I am very suitable for this role, please consider it." Xie Yi Fei's voice was so coquettish that it would cause one's heart to tremble. As she spoke, her entire body leaned against Ou Chen Ye's body, and with a twist of her waist, she became extremely flirtatious.

Ou Chen Ye glanced at the woman in front of him, her sword—like eyebrows knitted together slightly, "The female lead candidate has already been decided, you do not need to waste your effort."

Xie Yi Fei then wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt wronged. A few tears immediately rolled down her charming black eyes, "Euro, are you really that heartless?"

Jing Xiao Ran hid in the bathroom for a while, not knowinghe he should go out or not, and through the crack of the door, she could clearly see Xie Yi Fei and Ou Chen Ye rolling on the sofa. She couldn't wait to go out and see what he had recorded, but he was afraid that if he said anything, she would interrupt the good show.