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The Magic World

The Magic World



  He didn't know how to use the zither, chess, calligraphy, or paintings; he hated to be tired of washing and cooking. Three from four virtues are completely crippled, and the prince even praises you for being virtuous! Ever since he had teleported to this world, Yun Xi had been cheating! It was as if the heavens, in order to make up for the misery of his previous life, had been especially lucky in this life! She adhered to the principle of "If people don't offend me, I won't offend them. If people offend me, I'll cut the grass and root out the grass", and she started to flourish in this foreign land! Wait a minute, the Prince of War God still wants the Wordless Book in her hands? Please, the words in here are English, do you have no culture! What? Spirit beast was an egg that could not be hatched even after ten thousand years? It wasn't easy for him to hatch it, but in the end, it was a fat Black Ugly who only knew how to eat mud? This is an ancient mythical beast, do you have the eyes to look at it?!
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The blue sky, the white clouds.

Suddenly, an uncontrollable helicopter flew down from the sky. With a "beng" sound, a huge explosion occurred. The entire Purple Dawn Peak sank into a sea of fire and smoke. Black smoke began to billow out from the helicopter and cover the entire mountaintop.

A beautiful yet flustered figure escaped from the thick smoke and stared coldly at the surroundings: "She's still alive? I, Yun Xi, am not destined to die! But... Where is this? He was at sea just a moment ago, how did he get to this mountain so quickly? Where are the killers from the Dragon Slaying Special Laboratory? What about the destroyers? How come they're all gone? "

She was dressed in a tight, smart uniform. Her body was curvaceous and exquisite, with a natural combination of charm and danger.

She stood on top of a hill and opened the backpack that she had fished out from the fire. She took out a set of clean clothes and changed into them. When she looked over, there was a raging fire and smoke behind her...

That pair of beautiful clear eyes were as clear and cold as the milky way in the sky. They flickered with a light of peerless cold arrogance.

"Where is this place?"

She looked down at the endless land beneath her feet, only to see a few quaint and strange looking houses. A trace of astonishment appeared in her clear eyes.

"Fifth Miss!" Fifth Miss! I've finally found you. I miss you so much. "

Suddenly, a girl of fourteen or fifteen flew towards her.

This little girl's face was like a peach blossom. She wore a wooden hairpin and had on a coarse cloth dress. She was simple and delicate. When she saw Yun Xi, her eyes shone with happiness, she was extremely excited and immediately pounced towards her.


Yun Xi shouted coldly!

"Fifth Miss, what's wrong?"

The little girl was so scared that she stood in her original spot motionlessly, staring at her blankly: "I am Hong Ling ah! Fifth Miss, don't you remember me? "Five years ago, I was your personal maid!"

Yun Xi looked at her warily with a clear and cold gaze, her red lips slightly lowered: "Hong Ling? Fifth Miss? "A maid?"

"Fifth Miss, I really am Hong Ling! All these years, I've missed you so much! " Hong Ling became excited and rushed towards Yun Xi.

"Don't move! If you move again, I'll shoot! "

Yun Xi's gaze turned cold, like lightning, she pulled out his gun and aimed it at Hong Ling's forehead! As long as she took one more step forward, she would not hesitate to pull the trigger. With her shooting skills, she would not miss within a hundred meters! Moreover, the distance between them was only about ten steps.

"Shoot? What is a gun? It's the little thing in your hand, Miss? Also, Miss, why are your clothes so strange? "

Hong Ling was not afraid at all. Instead, she looked at the black muzzle of the gun in Yun Xi's hand with great curiosity.

She was completely unaware that her little life was already hanging by a thread.

"As long as I gently pull the trigger, you will become a cold corpse!"

"Miss, you want to kill me?" Only then did Hong Ling become afraid.

Yun Xi asked coldly: "Answer my question, I'll spare your life!" To her surprise, a teenager didn't even know about the gun. Didn't she see the TV? Even though she had been locked up in the laboratory all year round, she knew the outside world like the back of her hand! Furthermore, she was dressed like an ancient person, which was a bit too strange.

Hong Ling nodded seriously: "Miss, if you don't kill me, I will also answer your question! Just ask! "

Yun Xi said: "Where is this?"