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Baby, Don't Run

Baby, Don't Run



  She was sold by her boyfriend and forced to marry a mysterious man. "As soon as she arrived at the church, she became dumbfounded. She never thought that the person who would want to marry her would actually be him." "Jiang Yue, six years ago you crippled one of my legs, how are you going to repay me?" In the luxurious sports car, under the reporter's camera, her wedding dress had been forcefully ripped off by him. What the heck? "A little bastard who was raised by his own hands dares to take advantage of me?" Elder sister? Didn't I just make you realize that you're not my sister at all? " He retaliated, her guilty marriage began, he pressed on, she had nowhere to go. "After losing her physical and mental state, she found out that the reason why he couldn't forget her was because of another woman that had the same appearance as her." She still loves you. Let's get divorced. " Filled with fatigue, she packed her luggage and proposed for divorce. " You want to leave? "You don't want the child?" His eyes widened as the value of his anger rose bit by bit. Child? She looked at the five-year-old Little Treasure, the wind blowing in disorder. Six years ago, she had already bitten off this little tender grass of his? And a baby?
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Jiang Yue sat down in the car. The white wedding dress made her face look crystal clear. Her pitch—black eyes couldn't hide her nervousness as she looked through the window.

Journalists crowded around the church as the lights flashed and a grand wedding was about to take place.

And she was one of the main characters in the wedding.

Swallowing her saliva, she turned to look at the man in the driver's seat, "Big brother bodyguard, may I ask, who is the person who married me today?"

Making such a big scene, marrying a woman like her.

"Miss Jiang, rather than wondering who the groom is. You might as well pray to heaven that you can get married today. Otherwise, you can only stay in the Night Demon for the rest of your life. There will never be a chance to leave. "

This man was Night Demon's bodyguard, and he had brought her here for the wedding.

He opened the door. "Get out."

Night Demon, A City's Men's Sale Cave, and Hell of Women.

She had no choice.

Even if the one who married her today was a rotten old man who was about to die, she still had to marry.

Jiang Yue alighted from the car and walked towards the church.

He patted the reporter who was blocking his way lightly and said gently, "Sorry, move aside."

Because of his short stature, the reporter who had no way of getting to the front turned his head in anger and said, "Why should I give way to you …"

Before he could finish his words, his eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

The woman in front of him had long, black hair slightly curled up and landed on her round, snow—white shoulders. Her black eyes were deep and moist like autumn water, and her nose was straight and straight.

The snow—white wedding dress was dotted with tiny diamonds. Under the sunlight, it reflected a luxurious light, bewitching and alluring.

He rubbed his eyes again and looked at Jiang Yue with disbelief.

Seeing this, Jiang Yuexi slightly raised an eyebrow — You know her?

Absolutely impossible!

The other reporters had already become sensitive to the unusual situation behind them and could not help but look back.

He looked towards Jiang Yue with the same expression.

Rather than calling it breathtaking, it would be more accurate to call it seeing a ghost.

Jiang Yue smiled gently and spoke again, "Please, give way."

The reporter couldn't help but open up a path.

Jiang Yue walked into the church. When she saw the couple looking back, she finally understood why the reporter looked so surprised.

The bride in front of him looked exactly like her, like a double.

Especially since the two of them were wearing the same wedding dress, it was as if they were looking at a mirror.

The bride said, "Who are you?"

Even her voice was somewhat similar to hers, though it was too cold and distant.

The entire church was silent.

The calmest person was, on the contrary, Jiang Yue.

"I am also a bride." Jiang Yue's smile was beautiful as she looked at the ashen—faced groom, "I'm sorry, Mister groom. Let me ask you, do you have twin brothers?"

Seeing this bride who looked exactly like her, the thought of a dog's blood rose from the depths of her heart.

Maybe the twin brothers had taken a fancy to the same woman, but the woman could only choose one husband. The other one couldn't stand it, so he took her out from Night Demon, intending to marry her today.

If that was the case, she wouldn't have to marry the old man!

"Ziyan, don't talk to her!" The groom completely ignored Jiang Yue. He held the hand of the bride, Rong Ziyan's beautiful face, and his rage deepened, "I won't allow anyone to ruin our wedding, chase her out!"

When Jiang Yue saw the tall and sturdy bodyguard that was charging towards her, her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

At this moment, a slightly cold voice rang out, "Let's see who dares to touch my bride!"

Jiang Yue couldn't help but turn her head back. The man reflected in her eyes, a tall man with his back to the sunlight, walked out of the church.

Her hair was as black as ink, and her hair seemed to flash like a stream of light, but it couldn't suppress the cold arrogance in her eyes that were even more exquisite than a woman's. She bore no resemblance to the groom.

His legs.

Jiang Yue's face was pale. Even with her exquisite makeup, she couldn't hide it.

She turned quickly, her head bowed, her body shivering.

"Jin Yang!" The groom, Lang Jinchen, called out the man's name. His cousin was arrogant and didn't put anyone in his eyes.

"Don't mess around. Today is a day for me and Ziyan to celebrate! Ziyan has nothing to do with you anymore! She will be your cousin at once, and if you do love her, give her happiness. " There was a hint of pleading in his voice.

Jiang Yue gritted her teeth when she heard this — she was right!

It's indeed the drama of a brother falling in love with a woman!

She only felt that it was a pity that it wasn't a twin!

"Cousin sister, cousin brother wishes you two happiness." Lang Jinyang laughed, his big hands grabbing Jiang Yue's waist, that slender and stiff waist, making him feel as if he was hugging a piece of wood.

He couldn't help but lower his head. His pitch—black hair covered most of his face, revealing a vague outline that was very similar to that of Rong Ziyan.

His gaze swept across Murong Ziyan's stupefied face. "But, you can't stop me from finding happiness either. The two brothers marrying each other every day wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I want to get married here today, too. "

After saying that, he lifted his chin and covered it with his thin lips.

His pair of eyes, however, were fiercely staring at Rong Ziyan — that naked, yet aggressive gaze, as if he wasn't kissing the woman in his arms, but was instead Rong Ziyan.

The softness of her lips, as well as her sudden resistance, caused him to focus his attention on the woman's face which was currently kissing.

Those brows, those eyes, they were clearly the real thing. He had thought of them and recited them, wishing that he could carve them into his bones as a woman.

A hint of hatred appeared between her eyebrows. She opened her mouth and fiercely bit down with her sharp teeth.

Jiang Yue's lower body was in extreme pain. She pushed him away, and a look of disgust appeared in her clear eyes. She wiped her lips with force, and a trace of blood appeared on the back of her hand.

The sound of grinding teeth resounded in her ears. "Jiang!" Moon! "Go!"

Every word, mixed with hatred, was squeezed out of his throat as if it was covered in blood.

"Sir, you have the wrong person. "I'm not some Jiang Yue." He recognized her! Cold sweat soaked Jiang Yue's back as she forcefully pushed Lang Jinyang away, turned around and ran.

The groom would be him!

If she were to marry him, wouldn't her skin and bones be ripped off?

She would rather return to the Night Demon!

However, it was too late.

His eyes blurred and he lifted her onto his shoulder like a sack.

She struggled desperately, "Let me go! Otherwise, I'll call the police right now! "

She was hit on the butt and her face turned red. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw that a reporter had taken a photo of her being hit on the butt.

"If you don't want me to strip you naked, then shut up right now!" He tilted his head and smiled at her. His snow—white teeth flashed with white light, causing one to involuntarily think of a hungry wolf that was about to eat.

Her body could not help but tremble. She bit her lip – this little bastard had not seen her for so many years. He was becoming more and more of a bastard!