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My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband



  One billion, she was sold to a trash who had nothing better to do than spend his time drinking and playing with women in a sports car, Janssen. He took the risk of escaping the marriage, surrounded by more than a dozen cars. He was carried away by the CEO, and even lightly patted her butt: "This is my first marriage, don't ruin the mood, be good." On the night of their wedding, she pretended to have a stomachache and came to visit her eldest aunt, but someone's long, shameless hand reached under her skirt. "Is that so? Let me see." He had originally thought that Lu Li was a wastrel and a wastrel, but he gradually discovered that Lu Li was the real mastermind, the Big Boss! Everything was under his control. It was said that Jensen doted on his wife like a sickly child. No one understood. Later, when she was standing at the scene of the murder with a murder weapon in hand, panicking, he suddenly appeared, took the murder weapon, and roared at her: "Go! "Scram!" "Why are you doing this?" "You can't take this kind of suffering." Jensen, this time, it's my turn to protect you.
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The empty road, the cloudless sky.

From afar, a black sports car was speeding over, and the driver was actually wearing a luxurious wedding dress.

"I don't want to marry Jian Si Chen! "No!" Nie Shui Lan stepped on the accelerator with determination, without any hesitation.

The exquisite makeup on her face, the custom—made wedding dress and the tense atmosphere … Yes, she was running away.


In the rearview mirror, over 10 cars had caught up with them. Nie Shui Lan frowned, became anxious, held onto the steering wheel tightly, and looked like they were about to catch up with him.

"How could he be so fast?" She was talking to herself nervously, her forehead beaded with sweat.

She did not want to marry that Jian Si Chen, the renowned prodigal son!

He was a good—for—nothing who only knew how to spend money and drink, who only knew how to play sports cars and play with women.

Why should she feel wronged by such a man who would ruin her marriage for the rest of her life? She was only 20 years old, and her life had only just begun!

"Ahh …"

Just then, a car was stopped in front of Nie Shui Lan's car, scaring her out of her wits. She braked sharply, causing the friction between her tires and the ground to emit an ear—piercing screech.

He was soon surrounded by more than a dozen cars. There was not a single gap left between the front, the back, and the left.

It's over, it's all over ….

Nie Shui Lan's eyes widened in fear as she looked at the scene in front of her through the windshield.

The red Bugatti was arrogantly right in front of Nie Shui Lan, and the door slowly opened.

A tall figure walked out of the car and stood straight in front of it. His handsome face was covered in a layer of frost and his pitch—black eyes were like a thousand year deep pool.

This was the first time Nie Shui Lan had met her in person, her noble and sinister aura caused her to hold her breath.

She only had one thought on her mind right now, and that was to run!

Judging from this man's domineering demeanor, one could tell that he was fickle. Wouldn't he be tortured to death if he caught her?

Nie Shui Lan suddenly opened the door of the car, grabbed her wedding dress and was about to leave. Why didn't anyone stop her? She was actually able to successfully charge out of the wall?

Suddenly, a deep voice lazily came from behind, bringing along bass gun s by itself: "One billion, do you think you can escape?"

Nie Shui Lan stood in place, her entire body stiff.

His big brother's voice began to linger around his ears …

"Aqua Blue, dad passed away. The burden of the company fell on me. I really need this money right now."

"Jane's house agreed to invest one billion, but on one condition …"

… ….

A thin layer of mist appeared in her eyes. Then, she heard the muffled sound of footsteps coming from behind her. Step by step, she walked towards him.

Nie Shui Lan subconsciously turned around. In the next second, her body suddenly flew into the air, easily being carried on someone's shoulder.


"Jian Si Chen! Let me go! I don't want to marry you! I don't want it! 10 billion is my big brother's business, it's none of my business! "

The smell of pitch drifted along the road. Jian Si Chen was wearing a snow—white shirt and black suit pants, easily carrying Nie Shui Lan on his shoulders and walking on the road like a walking movie poster.

"Jian Si Chen! I'm going to the courthouse to sue you for abducting me! Help! Help! "

No matter how Nie Shui Lan struggled, he was still as steady as Mt. Tai. For the first time ever, the corner of his mouth raised into a smile.

Nie Shui Lan felt that she was about to go crazy, she kept struggling with her body, but it was to no avail.

"It's also my first time getting married! But I don't want to marry you! You don't love me! There is no love between us! "

"Who said that? And love. " The doting in Jian Si Chen's voice would cause any woman's bones to go soft, but Nie Shui Lan just didn't feel it.

More than a dozen cars in front adjusted their direction and waited for his orders.

Nie Shui Lan kept hitting his straight back, twisting and turning her body, anxious to cry: "Please let me go! We're not suitable at all! Marriage was not something that could be done so casually! "It's not like you like it …"

But before she finished speaking, Jian Si Chen's bass gun patiently said: "I do."

When she finished speaking, her slender and beautiful fingers lightly patted Nie Shui Lan's slender waist, as if hinting her to stop messing around, or else she would have to bear the consequences.

This ambiguous action caused Nie Shui Lan to freeze, and her clear eyes were filled with panic. What was he trying to do?

When she reached the front of the car, the bodyguard had already opened the door. His tall and big figure gently put Nie Shui Lan into the back of the car.

Nie Shui Lan no longer caused a ruckus, and did not dare to do so.

"Second Young Master, the chairman is already urging us to leave. The wedding is about to start."

Jian Si Chen looked at the absent—minded kid in the carriage, then sat in the car and ordered, "Let's go."

"Yes sir!"

… ….

At the scene of the wedding, Qingtan Exhibition Center.

This was the marriage between the Jane's house and the Nie family, which was on the verge of collapsing. However, with the investment from the Jane's house's LBG group, they would be able to revive the dead soon.

A total of nearly a thousand guests were invited to the business world, the political world, the entertainment circle and so on … There were even foreign shareholders and first—tier celebrities from abroad. It could be seen how powerful the Jane's house's network was.

The wedding march began.

Everyone stopped talking and waited in unison for the bride to arrive.

Nie Shui Lan stood at the entrance, the snow—white transparent white muslin covering the top of her head, and looked at her big brother, Nie Nan Teng, who was beside her through the white muslin.

Holding Big Bro's arm, I feel that it's hard, is Big Bro also sad?

"Big brother, I …"

Before he could finish his sentence, Nie Nan Teng took a step forward and said, "Shuilan, I'm sorry."

She didn't know why, but when she heard her Big Brother say the three words' I'm sorry ', she felt her heart ache and her heart ache.

Aqua blue colored flower petals floated down from the sky and fell on Nie Nan Teng's shoulder.

For a second, Nie Shui Lan had the illusion that this was the wedding ceremony between her and her brother …

It was a pity that his father had passed away, and Nie Nan Teng, who was like a father to his elder brother, had taken over the task.

Jian Si Chen stood at the front of the crowd. On his snow—white shirt just now, he wore a black suit jacket. His face was expressionless, but the corners of his mouth raised up symbolically as he stood there, waiting for Nie Nan Teng's half—sister to deliver it to him.

The two men looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with the smell of war, but their expressions were calm.

Nie Nan Teng passed her hand over to Jian Si Chen, and said with a heavy tone: "I've already passed my little sister to you, she's still young and doesn't understand, please forgive me."

Everyone was witnessing this warm moment, but no one could see that these three people couldn't cut off the tension between them.