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The Law of the Jungle

The Law of the Jungle



  "The big wave that was evacuated by foreign companies was left behind by Lin Xianglang, a newcomer to the shallow bank. He didn't have the strategy of senior employee Fei Lingnan, nor did he have the EQ that middle class beauties love." "I'm young, I'm professional, I have the drive, I don't believe I can't do it!" In the new job circle of the private sector, Lin was still singing praises and advancing bravely. The politics of the office had fought her head off. She, who believed in the law of the jungle, always believed that power was the only way out. "Wiping away his tears, he went back on stage. Step by step, he managed to turn the female cultivator into a White Bone Essence." I am lacking in stratagem, but I am professional; I am lacking in EQ, wouldn't I have to meet someone like you? Therefore, if there is no fixed trend in the advancement of the workplace, the highest law is to climb up and not give up. "
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Lin Xiang Wan, 23 years old, International Apparel Co., Ltd.


Recruitment Officer.

The Blue Island Coffee Shop was located on the first floor of the New World Office Building.

Lin Xiang Wan was interviewing a master designer from Hong Kong at a coffee shop.

"In terms of product strategy, does Mr. Fu prefer to market with products? Or will it be up to market demand to determine product positioning? " Lin Xiang Wan had a professional smile on his face as he looked at the candidate.

Her slightly bent body, light blue shirt, dark blue dress, blue and white business tag, her low—key professional demeanor as a foreign company, and a few unspeakable little haughty girls.

"Miss Lin asked a very professional question. However, this question does not lie in a single person's or a single position's opinion. Rather, it depends on the overall strategic positioning of the company.

Halfway through the candidate's words, he saw Lin Xiang Wan's phone ring, so he smiled and indicated for her to pick up the call.

"No need, please continue." Lin Xiang Wan took a quick glance at the caller ID. It was his office number, and pressed on the phone with a professional smile.

"Ok, when it comes to product positioning, the company's profit strategy is a very important factor. Two things …"

"Sorry, let me take the call first." When Lin Xiang Wan's phone rang again, she reached out for it on time. Her eyes swept across a message and her expression suddenly changed. The professional smile on her face immediately became forced.

"Ai Lun, I received your text message. I was talking with the candidate just now."

"Hey — Sorry!"

As Lin Xiang Wan walked, he kept talking on his phone while suppressing his voice, when he suddenly bumped into a person who was walking in from the outside. Lin Xiang Wan didn't have time to raise his head, and after subconsciously saying 'thorry', he rubbed his head that was in pain, and walked out frantically.

"All the girls these days are like virgins. They are not the least bit exquisite, let alone graceful." Zhou Qing reached out his hand to support Fei Ling Nan, who was hit, and shook his head as he looked at Lin Xiang Wan's flustered back.

"Did you see the work plate on her chest? "It's the HR from Amp.N." Fei Ling Nan casually flicked his clothes that were wrinkled from the impact, and looked at Lin Xiang Wan with a thoughtful expression.

"AmpN?" Zhou Qing pushed the gold—rimmed glasses on his nose, and if he understood, he nodded: "Seems like your analysis is not bad, even the apparel companies will not be able to take it."

"Not necessarily. Maybe the girl received a call from her boyfriend." Fei Ling Nan chuckled, carrying the teasing of a grown man towards the little girl.

"Look at the one sitting inside, he's in an interview. How could he possibly pick up his boyfriend's phone?" Zhou Qing raised his chin and said softly as he walked in with Fei Ling Nan.

As a veteran headhunter consultant, after Zhou Qing found out about Lin Xiang Wan's identity, he quickly smelled the familiar smell of an interview in the coffee.

"It seems that the wave of expelling foreign companies has truly affected the garment industry." Fei Ling Nan followed Zhou Qing's gaze and looked at the candidate from the AmpN company, and could not help but frown.

"Terminate all recruitment plans?"

"Even those who have already confirmed their appointment are stopped from doing so?"

"Ai Lun, what's going on? Did the company move to Indonesia? "