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Ease Down, Prince

Ease Down, Prince



  A foppish and incompetent son of a b * tch, a prince who didn't have long to live. The world was a perfect match! When she first saw him, she was so stunned by his beauty that he could not help but frown. "Have you seen enough?" A certain woman retorted domineeringly, "If anyone sees you with such ability, don't go out!" Later on, he tyrannically pushed her against the wall with a dangerous look in his eyes. "Since you like to look at me so much, you only need to look at me from now on. If you dare to look at another man any more, I'll skin that man alive and tear him into pieces. Remember that!" "In your eyes, I will always be the only one …" Su Muyan thought for a moment, then opened her arms wide. "Why don't you just pounce back?"
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The interior of the palace was filled with layers upon layers of golden silk.

Through the gauze, a twisting figure could be vaguely seen on the soft quilt. Along with low and ambiguous voices, it seemed like a hand had appeared in the darkness, captivating people's hearts …

Boom! *

Suddenly, there was a muffled sound, and the figure on the bed froze for a moment, before sitting up with his hands on the edge of the bed.

"What the hell is this place..." Su Mu Yan held her forehead and looked around, her dizzy from the impact had finally regained some clarity, but at the cost of her pain.

As far as the eye could see, it was a magnificent sight. Even the bed she was sitting on was carved, and not far from it was a bronze mirror …

Su Mu Yan suddenly froze!

The figure in the mirror froze with her, fear in its big, jet—black eyes.

Su Mu Yan took a step forward, and was about to rush over, but the moment her feet touched the ground, her knees went weak, and she instantly fell to the ground!

The thick carpet on the ground didn't hurt at all, but the drowsiness that was suppressed by Su Mu Yan right after didn't hurt at all. At the same time, she could clearly feel a wave of heat rising from her lower abdomen.

"The people are already inside. They have already been arranged. You can just relax and go in."

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came closer by as a hint of killing intent flashed across Su Mu Yan's pitch—black eyes!

The layers of muslin curtains were lifted, revealing two people walking in one after another.

Su Mu Yan secretly grabbed onto her blanket, being so close to the two yet not realizing it, it was really disgraceful to her, a golden—ranked mercenary!

Imperial Consort Li glanced at the woman lying on the bed with her back to them and felt reassured. The woman was still writhing unnaturally, a faint and low sound coming from her lips. The bed had been torn into a mess, her clothes had been loosened, and her collar had been loosened.

King Li's breathing couldn't help but become rough, "matriarch …. "This..."

Imperial Concubine Li took the opportunity to pull at King Li. "Seeing that your Little Sister Yan is in such pain, as your big brother, why are you standing there foolishly? Why aren't you helping your Little Sister Yan? "

A burst of chaotic footsteps rushed towards Su Mu Yan, and in the next moment, the wrist that was exposed was suddenly pulled by a large force!

"Hehehehehe …" Imperial Concubine Li covered her mouth with the kernels and smiled, she was very satisfied. "Ya, I forgot that there are still a lot of female servants waiting to receive us. I'll go now. "

He put down the curtain and quickly walked out. When he arrived at the door, he ordered, "His Highness King Li is not feeling well drinking a little too much, don't let anyone go in and disturb him. Let him rest well, understand?"


In the Inner Palace, King Li Rong Jin Li hurriedly kicked off his boots and pounced on the bed!

"Little Sister Yan! Don't be in such a hurry! Big Brother Li will immediately make you comfortable! "Heh heh …" He closed his eyes and kissed her.


The scream that had cut through the air was immediately strangled out in the cradle!

He raised his eyes again. Was this still the same scene from before?

Su Mu Yan arrogantly stepped onto King Li, and without knowing when, the two of them moved their positions, the sharp hairpin nudging against King Li's neck, which was jumping up and down, and Su Mu Yan used her other hand to unceremoniously pull King Li's chin, and asked, "Looking at this now, do you feel more comfortable?"

Her voice was very soft, but it was dangerously drawn into a line that caused one's hair to stand on end!