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You are in My Love Curse

You are in My Love Curse



  When her eyes were dug out, her tongue was pulled out, her ears were cut off, and her four limbs were cut off, she was planted in a dry well along with the poisonous insects and ants. Her child, who was not even a full moon old, had been thrown into the well by the scum man, and was on the verge of death. When she was buried alive under the dust. Qin Junlie, you are so beautiful in this world. If there is an afterlife, I will make you two beg for death even if you have to die. When she opened her eyes, she was fifteen years old. Fighting dregs, killing dregs, doing business, controlling power, she took every step of the way. In this life, I would rather betray the world than be betrayed by the world.
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their names are unparalleled


Love, was an intoxicating Gu.

Love, was bone cutting poison.

— —

The world's number one venomous snake and scorpion woman.

The world's number one seductress to bewitch the Emperor.

Number one Demon Empress in the world.

The most lecherous woman in the world.


Qin Jun Lie, you are ruthless!

A breeze blew by, bringing with it the faint fragrance of orchids. The air was filled with the insects and snakes of the cold palace, and was extremely eerie.

However, in the dry well, a woman with disheveled hair was planted in the earth like a flower.

His eyes were blind, his ears were deaf, he could not speak, and all his limbs were cut off.

Only by smelling the familiar scent of orchids in the air would one know the date and date of the event.

It had only been a few days, but to Wu—Shuang, it had been a few hundred years.

At this moment, the only light at the bottom of the well was blocked by someone. Unrivaled Super Hottie instinctively raised his head, his bloody eyes already unable to see the person who had come to the well.

But she knew, that the person was Qin Jun Lie.

Although she could not see nor hear clearly, she could clearly see that Qin Jun Lie was standing by the well, looking at her.

She really wanted to ask Qin Jun Lie, it had been three years, did you ever speak the truth? That fake smile, that kind of caring and warm smile, had it ever held a shred of sincerity?


Underneath the well, Shi Wushuang just quietly looked at Qin Jun Lie.

Beside the well, a handsome man dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe was similarly looking at the unparalleled man below the well.

"Wushuang, I have said that you are like a flower in my world of darkness."

Looking at the ferocious and dirty woman below, Qin Jun Lie smiled like a spring breeze. However, the previous gentleness and elegance in her smile had all disappeared, leaving behind a sinister and bloodthirsty killing intent.

"Your existence is a humiliation and a threat to me. There is also the son you gave birth to through an affair with my uncle."

Lifting her index finger, a graceful woman in a long red robe walked forward. She held the infant that was barely a month old.

The baby's wails kept echoing in the huge cold palace, making it even more eerie and eerie.

"Your Majesty, this child is after all of the Qin family's bloodline. Please spare Big Sister and Lin Er."

Tears welled up in Shi Qing Cheng's beautiful eyes as he hugged the baby tightly. His delicate and touching look made people feel pity for his.

"Qing Cheng, you're just too kind!"

Qin Jun Lie's index finger hooked onto Shi Qing Cheng's lower jaw as a slight trace of gentleness appeared in his deep and vicious eyes. But in the next second, Qin Jun Lie grabbed the infant in Shi Qing Cheng's embrace with her large hand, and threw it fiercely into the dry well.

The well was ten meters away from the bottom of the well. The baby wrapped in blue silk fell to the side of Wushuang. As the baby crashed into the cold well, the crying sounds were intermittent.

The mother and child's heart were linked. The moment the baby was thrown down by Qin Jun Lie, the world's peerless heart tightened and felt that something important was about to leave her.

The baby's crying face turned purple, but the world's Wushuang couldn't see or hear it, but she could feel what was around her waiting for her to protect.

Was Lin Er her Lin Er?

"Woo woo woo …"

As if she had gone mad, Wu Shuang used her decayed arms to search everywhere, but the baby was still an inch away from her.

"Wuuuuuu ~ ~ ~"

Now that her tongue had been gouged out, Unrivaled Super Hottie could only let out a wuwu sound.

Lin Er, your mother is here, don't be afraid!

Blood—red tears gushed out. At this moment, the world was like a ghost.

If she were to shout out now, she would definitely curse the eighteen generations of Qin Jun Lie's ancestors.

Those are your children, your own flesh and blood, why must they be so cruel? Qin Jun Lie, aren't you afraid of suffering the wrath of heaven?!

Beside the well, Qin Jun Lie saw a bloodthirsty and gentle look in the crazy Shi Wu Shuang's eyes.

"Wushuang, are you blaming me?"

In this world, the only person who understood the world the most was Qin Jun Lie.

Even if Unrivaled Super Hottie's tongue had been cut off, he still understood the meaning behind those words.

"I hate it, I hate it." "This is the only way I can resolve the hatred in my heart. In this world, I will make those who betray me wish they were dead."

His sinister smile was like a sharp blade that stung people's hearts. Qin Jun Lie coldly looked at the peerless person who was trying to find evil beings.

"Your majesty."

With a plop, the enchanting red—clothed Shi Qing Cheng knelt in front of Qin Jun Lie, and his tears could not stop flowing.

"Qing Cheng begs the Emperor not to punish Big Sister anymore. Even if Big Sister's mistake was to begin with, she still received the punishment that she deserved. Your Majesty, Qing Cheng is willing to die in place of elder sister. "

Shi Qing Cheng knelt on the ground and kowtowed, but the instant he lowered his head, the viciousness in his eyes was actually so strong.


Unparalleled in life, unparalleled in life.

So what if you are the Venerable Daughter? You have still lost miserably, losing so badly that your son was killed by the Emperor personally.

No matter how smart you were, no matter how noble your status was, no matter how illustrious your reputation was, so what?

She was still in her current state, unable to die, unable to do anything.

"Qing Cheng, how can This Emperor bear to see you die?"

Qin Jun Lie took a step forward and hugged Shi Qing Cheng, kissing him tenderly.

"Since Qing Cheng is kind, then we shall spare mother and son."

Qin Jun Lie casually waved her hand, and a few guards pushed a wooden carriage to the side of the dried up well.

The guard tilted the wooden cart, which was filled with dirt. The mud on the cart continued to fall into the well.

One car after another.

Under the well, the cries of the babies were almost completely silent. Unrivaled Super Hottie was finding it harder and harder to breathe.

Qin Jun Lie!

In the end, you still won't believe it!

In the end, you still killed him!

A bitter smile appeared on his face as the feeling of suffocation invaded his mind.

Pity that she had just been born and hadn't had the time to take a look at her child!

What a pity for the foster mother who had been abused to death by Shi Qing Cheng!

Qin Jun Lie, Shi Qing Cheng!

I, Wu—Shuang, hereby swear that if there is an afterlife, I will flay the skin of you two and make you two beg for death.

The last load of earth filled the dry well, burying everything at the bottom.

At this moment, a few pieces of orchid petals floated along with the wind down the well, as if the two innocent lives lost to the song of mourning!

… ….

As the end of the year approached, the goose—like snow engulfed the entire Qin Du.

In the courtyard of Mansion, a young girl wearing a white cloak stood in the snow blankly, allowing the cold wind that was like a blade to cut at her small face.

A pair of jet black eyes looked at the drifting snow in the sky.

Snowflakes fell on his face. It was ice—cold and also the most real.

"Am I dreaming?"

As she murmured these words, Wu—Shuang stretched out her hands and looked at the two hands that were much smaller. Her brows furrowed even deeper.

Was all this a dream or a reality?