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Dark Night Pricess

Dark Night Pricess



  Once transmigrated, the golden female assassin of the 21st century became the Chosen Yan Miss. Her father didn't care about her and her mother didn't love her. Her biological sister hated her for going to Hades to report too late! The pressure from swords and daggers, as well as the treatment of poisons, were all easily neutralized by her seemingly crazed! If people don't offend me, I won't offend them. If they offend me, I'll definitely kill you! From then on, he would fight with his mother, his sister, his father, and his daughter. He would turn into a phoenix of the nine heavens! But why did rotten peach blossoms come one after another?
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"Tsk, tsk, this Xiao family's young miss is really shameful. She is the daughter of the Prime Minister family after all, yet she dared to act so rashly in front of everyone. If this were to spread to the ears of the Prime Minister, wouldn't it anger her to death …?"

"That's right, such an ugly face and such a delicate and unruly temperament. If I gave birth to such a daughter, it would be a shame for me to look down on the ancestors …"

"That's right..."

A splitting headache came upon him.

Gu Ying woke up from her coma, the intense pain all over her body caused her to frown slightly. This time, only with so many injuries could the pain be so severe, looks like that group of people really heard that they had put in a lot of effort.

His ears were buzzing, as though he was in a market, his surroundings were filled with noise, but it was not hard to tell that they were discussing something, as he gently propped himself up, only then did Gu Ying realize that the person being discussed was her, and what surprised her even more was that it was noon now.

A pair of slender white hands were raised before her eyes, turning over and over, reaching up to the blue sky above her head. The sunlight, oh, how long had it been since she had seen the light of day …

"Hey, look at what this ugly woman is doing. Has he gone stupid or gone mad?" A small ruffian on the side of the street said to the person in the middle of the street with a mocking expression on his face.

After Gu Ying heard this, she gently glanced over and the man immediately went silent. Then, he glared at Gu Ying fiercely.

"What are you staring at, you're just an ugly woman …"

With a touch of his face, Gu Ying realized that she was injured. Fresh blood was flowing between his fingers, but he no longer had that desire in his heart, so he lightly licked his lips and rolled the blood into his throat with his tongue. The smell of blood assaulted his nose, but it was no longer there.

She wasn't bloodthirsty nor was she afraid of the sun?

Ecstasy welled up in her heart. Although she didn't know what was going on, her long suffering had finally come to an end.

Ignoring the contemptuous stares from the surroundings, Gu Ying got up and patted the dust on her body. The long dress that entered her eyes startled her a little, as if she had just remembered that the people around were all dressed in ancient clothes?

Looking into the distance, there were many small shops, inns, and streets. There was not a single ancient looking shop, nor was there a tall building in Da Xia. This was definitely not the United States. She came back to China?

Holding back the pain in his entire body, he quickly walked out of the city gate. Outside the city gate, he saw a vast expanse of countryside and lakes, and a few horse carriages. Taking a deep breath, Gu Ying walked to the lakeside and squatted down, an ugly face with dirty blood stains reflected on the clear lake water.

It wasn't her!

She had felt that something was amiss ever since she had woken up. Actually, based on her alertness, she should have long since sensed that something was amiss. However, the sunlight that she hadn't seen for a long time had made her absent—minded, to the point that she had forgotten such an important matter … She was already dead, and at this moment, she was no longer where she was before. This place … Forget it, she was just living in a foreign land. There was no need for her to be unsatisfied with being a human again.

Since he had taken her body, he might as well live well and not waste her life. When he thought about his original body, Gu Ying couldn't help but feel pity for this little girl. She was indeed the one who had experienced the blooming of spring, yet had died young and had such a beautiful face.

Suddenly, Gu Ying's soul seemed to have received some kind of fluctuation, and her entire body started to surge, the pain emitted from her bones immediately engulfing her entire body.

Rewind, rewind.

She seemed to be watching the lives of others, but also seemed to be personally experiencing all of this. The pain made her enraptured and sober up, and in this sort of memory and reality, she was pulled by her nerves, tortured, but unable to escape this unbearable pain.

His heart felt like it was about to be torn apart, and a moist sensation slipped into his mouth. Blood was flowing out from his broken lips, and the person on the ground turned deathly pale.

"Yo, I was wondering where this dog crawled on the ground and actually rolled on the ground. So it's the famous ugly bastard in the entire city!" When he forced open his eyes, he saw that there were five or six little rascals in tattered clothing. The one leading them was the oldest, but he was not more than fifteen or sixteen years old, and the expression on his face was extremely sophisticated.

Gu Ying's mind shook and she forcefully suppressed the turmoil in her heart. She propped herself up and sat down, and looked coldly at the few people who were provoking him.

"F * ck off." With a bloodthirsty and cold intent, he looked at the few ruffians who were slowly walking in, and a faint killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Immediately, those people subconsciously shrunk. This woman was just a piece of trash. How could he have such a look!

The leading one was startled, then looked at Gu Ying fiercely. She was just a trash, so what if her eyes were fierce? Could she defeat so many people? He felt that even if any of them came out here, she wouldn't be able to bear the consequences!

"Yo, you're still acting cocky. Brothers, show her some colors. Otherwise, you don't even know what you are worth!" The corner of the leader's mouth widened into a smile as he spat out the grass roots hanging from his mouth.

Gu Ying was still sitting at her original position, her entire body was almost falling apart. Adding to the large amount of information she had received, she was unwilling to waste even a little of her strength, she had raised her right leg, and with the power of a few people charging at her, she swept them away. The toes that she raised were directly kicked towards the kneecaps, and all of their calves were crippled just like that.

This scene directly frightened everyone. Those who rushed up and those who didn't immediately froze on the spot. Those who had crippled legs directly fell to the ground, and it took them a while before they were awoken by the intense pain on their legs.

"You bitch!" The leader of the thugs rushed forward, his eyes red, but he was immediately stomped onto the ground by Gu Ying. She stood up using the momentum of the impact, her toes pressing directly against the spine of the person below her.

"What? If you have the guts to provoke others, you must at least be mentally prepared to suffer!" Looking at the few people who were sweating so much that they almost peed their pants, Gu Ying laughed in disdain.

His original body had truly been humiliated.

"Scram. Don't let me see you next time. Also, go back and inform your employer that I will be visiting him soon!" Putting down his ankle, Gu Ying swept his gaze across the entire arena.

The leader of the rascals quickly stood up, his eyes filled with fear and surprise. How could she possibly know? He stared at Gu Ying for a long time before turning and leaving.

Okay, we will accept this favor from Eldest Miss Xiao, An Hu will definitely not offend you again, goodbye! Brothers, let's go! " The few people on the ground supported each other as they followed behind An Hu.

Gu Ying did not notice what he said at the moment, when the few of them had disappeared outside of the city gate, her originally upright body fell down, her pale white face revealed a bit of pain, her closed almond eyes and bloody cherry lips made her entire body reveal a sense of defeat, that only a person who was about to die would have such a defeated aura.

After she passed out, a figure appeared in the forest not far away. He wore a black robe and wore a silver half—face mask, revealing a sharp angle and a pair of eyes as bright as the stars.

Tsk tsk, he met an interesting little fellow.

He stretched out his hand to pick up the unconscious little girl, and the black shadow disappeared in a flash. The person on the ground also disappeared, leaving only specks of blood under the green grass.

When Gu Ying woke up again, she found herself in a completely different place. Inside the dilapidated wooden hut, she was lying on the creaking wooden bed. The worn—out quilt propped up her weak body.

This time, she was no longer that Gu Ying.

The huge impact was from the fusion of the original owner's memories into her head. The sudden appearance of more than ten years of memories made it impossible for her to endure. However, how did she come back?

This was the place where his original body had lived for more than ten years. Even though he was the daughter of a direct daughter, he lived in such an unbearable place.

He waved his slender arm, which still had traces of blood on it, and went to the water jar outside the door to get some water. After familiarizing himself with it and changing into a set of white cotton clothes, Gu Ying started to plan his current actions.

No, it should be said that it was Xiao Tian Luo now.

Right now, she was not the assassin Gu Ying who had resounded throughout the world in the twenty—first century, but the ugly daughter of the Prime Minister of the Purple Profound Continent, Xiao Tian Luo. She had even lost her indestructible body. Of course, to her, this was something to be happy about.

Looking at his surroundings, Xiao Tian Luo frowned. In such a poor environment, although she had lived in worse conditions in her previous life, it was easy for her to go from frugal to extravagant, and from extravagant to difficult. Furthermore, it wasn't as though she didn't have the ability to obtain them.

Perhaps other people would have swallowed their anger, but she would not feel wronged. Just those bastards were not worthy for her to be angry!

Hehe, there are a lot of scheming, but now that the people in the shell have changed, who knows if they still have the ability to play with her?

Xiao Tian Mei, Xiao Tianzhi, Xiao Xiao Tian, as well as her father's "true love" Auntie Shu, had quite a few ants to deal with …

He went through the memories in his head again and again as he analyzed the relationships between each of them.

The strongest memories were undoubtedly the hypocritical and barbarian sisters, the seemingly gentle and insidious stepmother, as well as the cheap father. These few memories penetrated all the memories of the original owner, but unfortunately, they didn't leave behind any happy memories. Aside from the time when the original milkmaid was still alive, the original owner received love and protection. Ever since that person left, the original owner's childhood could be considered to have been tormented by grievances and grievances. In fact, he even lost his life later on …

Looking at the smiling face of the child in his memories, a flower of vengeance bloomed in Xiao Tian Luo's heart.