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The Dote on Her

The Dote on Her



  After a night of amnesia, she had no intention of offending the dignified CEO Xiao, and was even forced into marriage. Her heart felt like it was about to collapse! Shuangqing: "Let's forget about what happened that night, there's no need for you to take responsibility!" But I need you to take responsibility. " Xiao Yi raised his eyebrows in dissatisfaction, "You want to run after you've slept?" Shuangqing: "..." How much did Xiao Yi love Qing Qing? He said that even the stars beside the moon would be plucked from the sky! " However, a certain someone was still restless. Xiao Yi had no choice but to capture her and force her away. He wanted to see how she would run with the ball!
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"Lil 'Ye, are we really going in?" Qian Qing weakly looked at the exceptionally splendid hotel, her heart feeling even more uneasy.

Ye Yue raised her eyebrows, and her eyes could not hide her happiness: "Of course I went in! "It took me so long to finally get a room with that trash of a man. If I don't get some evidence, how can I be sorry for myself?"

Qian Qing looked at the girl in front of him speechlessly. She was still so happy that her fiance had cheated … "But I can see that the security of this hotel is doing quite well …"

Would they really not be invited to coffee if they made trouble here?

Ye Yue rolled her eyes at her: "Who said I'm causing trouble? We gentle people use our brains. "

Seeing that Qian Qing was still confused, she explained: "I already asked around and found out that the guy already booked Floor 502 for Floor 15. Now, let's go up and secretly install the video recorder.

"But we don't have a room card." Qian Qing asked straightforwardly.

Ye Yue laughed coldly: "On the other hand, this problem is easily solved, I have already investigated it beforehand, I don't know if that trash of a man has obsessive—compulsive disorder, but only opened this room every time he went out to get a room, and he never went out with those women in order to avoid trouble. The people at the front desk at the hotel already know his rules, so whenever a beauty came to the front desk to announce his name, someone would gift him a room card."

After saying that, Ye Yue smiled brightly and said to Front Desk Miss flirtatiously, "Hello, I have an appointment at 502 with Young Master An."

When the Front Desk Miss saw the blazing flames on Ye Yue's lips and enchanting eyes, she thought that she was An Shaoqing's new pet. Her eyes revealed disdain and ridicule, but she still respectfully gave the room card to her.

"Thank you, but I hope you can keep my secret so that I can surprise you. Don't tell him I'm in my room."

There were probably too many women playing this game, so the front desk did not suspect him. He nodded and said, "Alright."

"Thank you." Ye Yue nodded happily and dragged the dumbstruck Qian Qing up the elevator.

The front desk looked at the elegant and gentle Qian Qing and then looked at the bright and beautiful Ye Yue. It was a little strange.

"Help me watch at the door later, I'll be out soon." Ye Yue took off his sunglasses: "Remember, there are security guards on every floor, and since the people living on the 15th floor are all rich people, the security measures will be even tighter. I guess that scumbag will be here soon.

"Mhmm!" Qian Qing nodded heavily.

The two of them successfully went up to the fifteenth floor and ran straight to room 502. They swiped their cards and opened the door in one go.

After Ye Yue installed the video recorder, the two of them sat in the resting area at the side. Sure enough, in a short while, An Shaoqing and a beauty had entered the room.

Ye Yue's eyes shone, she pulled Qian Qing's hand and laughed: "I'll treat you to a meal after everything is settled."

"Alright." Seeing her happy appearance, Qian Qing also felt happy for her.

Although Ye Yue's family was rich and was one of the Four Great Families of A City, without any need to worry about food and drinks, with money that many people envied, life seemed to be filled with wealth, but the sadness in their hearts was unknown, and for the benefit of their family, they were forced to marry a trash of a man. That An Shaoqing was the next Patriarch of the An family, and appeared to be gentle and refined, but in reality, he was a lecherous person, so in order to end this marriage, Ye Yue could only personally expose the dark side of An Shaoqing.

Ye Yue loved Qian Qing's obedient look. She caressed her head and laughed: "I wonder who will have the luck to marry my Little Qing."