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Don't Be So Hard on Me

Don't Be So Hard on Me



  "CEO, the media is spreading rumors and Miss Xia is being shameless!" "He directly bought this media company to sell to the boss!" "CEO, someone spilled red wine on Miss Xia during the Mu Rong family's banquet." Transfer red wine from a manor and have Miss Xia pour it back. " He was the youngest CEO in the city. It was said that he was cold-blooded and arrogant. "From the age of fourteen until she turned eighteen, her coming of age ceremony had been completely wiped clean by him." "Bo Yan, I hate you!" "Be good, don't lie, just now you were clearly shouting that you loved me!" Everyone in the city knew that she was a person whose heart was put at the top by Young Master Bo. "Whoever dares to touch her will die without a burial ground!" Bo Yan, why are you so childish? Isn't your life important? " She touched his wound. However, he bullied her, "I'm willing to spend so much money, so what can I do if I lose my life for you?"
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In the darkness of the night, torrential rain poured down. The strong wind swept up the rain droplets and continuously fell on Xia Song En's face.

There were people chasing after her from behind. Their footsteps were messy, and the faint smell of blood lingered around the tip of their noses. Xia Song En ran forward with his life on the line, this road, seemed to never end!

"Don't... "No way …"

Waking up from the dream, a slim girl was sitting on Simmons' soft bed.

The girl was wearing a white jumpsuit with her black hair flowing behind her head. Her thin face had a pair of eyes that were like black grapes, and even in the dark, her eyes still shone faintly.

"It's this dream again!" Xia Song En bit her lips, got off the bed, put on her slippers and prepared to pour herself a cup of water.

"Bada!" There was a strange noise outside the door.

Xia Song En was startled, then quickly slowed down, slowly approaching the door.

The voice was gone again.

Xia Song En blinked her eyes, and just as she was about to leave, she heard a sound that was like someone vomiting.

"Ugh …"

The next moment, the door was knocked.

Xia Song En carefully asked, "Who is it?"

No one answered, but the sounds of vomiting continued.

"Big Brother Yan? Is that you? "

Xia Song En tried to sound out, when she suddenly heard Bao Yan's suppressed roar from outside the door.

"Why aren't you opening the door when you know who it is?"

Xia Song En was speechless and could only step forward to open the door. The moment it opened, Bao Yan's huge body pressed down.

"Ugh …" Xia Song En was shocked, and her body fell backwards uncontrollably. Her weak body couldn't bear Bao Yan's weight.

The two of them fell onto the expensive wool carpet together. The only difference was that Xia Song En made Bao Yan's human meat cushion.

"Big Brother Yan..."

Xia Song En frowned slightly. She was drunk again.

"Brother? Shut your stinky mouth! Who the fuck is your brother? "

Bao Yan carelessly reached out and grabbed his short, jet—black hair, then impatiently loosened his tie and ripped off two buttons on his shirt.

"I'm sorry..." Xia Song En bit her lips and said softly.

"Stop acting weak for me! You, someone with the surname Xia, even have a brother in our Bo Family? If you ever dare to call me big brother again, I'll throw you out! "

Bao Yan said arrogantly, as a strong smell of alcohol and tobacco permeated through his body.

"Got it …" "Eldest Young Master." Xia Song En compromised, she did not want to anger Bao Yan.

"Get out, I want to sleep!"

As Bao Yan said that, he used his hands to prop himself up from the bed, and in the next moment he was on top of the bed.

Xia Song En frowned, walked up to Bao Yan and took off his shoes, then took them out and quietly started to clean up Bao Yan's vomit.

She didn't feel wronged at all throughout the whole process. This was something she should have endured. In other words, she was already used to it.

After tidying up the mess left behind by Bao Yan, Xia Song En raised her head and looked at her watch. Three in the morning.

Sighing helplessly, Xia Song En sat down in a corner, trying her best to shrink herself into a small ball before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

The next morning.

The result of the hangover made Bao Yan even angrier, and the moment he opened his eyes, he immediately roared out.

"Why am I here?"

Xia Song En woke up from her shock and found that Bao Yan was already sitting on his bed with his hands behind his head.

Frowning, he said, "Xia Song En, it's you again, are you trying to seduce me? "You said that you tricked me into your bed, are you trying to seduce me?"

If you don't get drunk, you'll be fine!

Xia Song En silently cursed, and slightly frowned, as she stood up in silence. Young Master, you were drunk last night. "

"Of course I know I'm drunk, and I'm unconscious, so you took advantage of me?"

Bao Yan raised his eyebrows and glared at him. His upper body was bare, revealing a well—muscled and strong chest.

Xia Song En shook her head, "I didn't... "It's you …"

"Alright, alright!" "Look at you, you're so upset that I can't even say a single word to you!"

Bao Yan frowned, but his gaze stayed on Xia Song En for a moment.

Xia Song En was wearing the white pyjamas that she had worn the night before.

Her round white shoulders looked very attractive. Looking down, one could see that half of her white calves had an attractive curve to it.

Bao Yan felt his mouth going dry.

"Stupid and playing dead? Go down and cook breakfast for me. "

Xia Song En bit her lips, "Yes."

With that, he turned and left.

Watching as Xia Song En's figure disappeared from the room, Bao Yan scratched her thick jet—black hair in annoyance, and released a low growl.


After putting on the shoes, he got off the bed, and Bao Yan could not help but take a sniff.

Why was the smell in this room so strange? Different from his own room?

It seemed to be the smell of candy.

No, that's not right. It was clearly not a proper smell. Perhaps he was attracted by this smell last night.

Xia Song En, oh Xia Song En, you sure played a good game!

Bao Yan kicked off his shoes and walked downstairs barefooted.

"Eldest Young Master …"

When the maid at the corridor saw Bao Xi, she immediately lowered her head and greeted him.

"Scram!" Bao Yan said indifferently, and did not pause at all as he walked down the stairs.

He was bare—chested and was wearing only a pair of suit pants. Although his short hair was messy, it had a messy and sexy charm to it. Wherever he went, the maid would blush and feel her heart palpitate.

Xia Song En heated up the milk, made some fried eggs, and baked some bread, placing it on the table little by little.

Bao Yan went downstairs and sat on the leather sofa, he then turned on the television with the remote control.

"Eldest Young Master, it's time to eat." Xia Song En warned her softly.

"Xia Song En, are you blind? I'm sitting here to eat, of course. Is your hand broken or is your leg crippled?

Bao Yan did not raise his head, but stared at the television screen.

Xia Song En bit her lips, and brought the breakfast over to the table.

"SHIT!" Bao Yan frowned, and extended his hand to hold the plate as he looked at Xia Song En.

"Did you make me a pile of pig food? Xia Song En, you are getting bolder and bolder, are you not afraid that I will throw you out? "

"But... Didn't you say yesterday that you wanted to eat fried eggs? "

Xia Song En whispered.

"That was yesterday! I don't want to eat anymore today! " Bao Yan casually threw the omelet into the trash can.

"You …" Xia Song En looked at the fried eggs that had been poured into the trash can, and felt especially uncomfortable in her heart.

"What is it? You still want to talk back? Xia Song En, please clarify your own identity! This is the Bo Family, I am the young master of the Bo Family, do you want to talk back? "Hmm?"

The corner of Bao Yan's mouth curled into a faint smile. He liked to anger Xia Song En, he just wanted to see how long Xia Song En could keep up such a fake face.

"Then what do you want to eat? I'll do it for you. "

Xia Song En tightly clenched his fist, and then slowly loosened it as she let out a long sigh of relief.

Bao Yan was right, this was the Bo Family, she was just an orphan girl, or at least a maid. If that was the case, what qualifications did he have to negotiate with Bao Xi?

"What do you want to eat?" Bao Yan scratched his head, "Wait a moment, I'll tell you once I've thought about it."