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Her Smiles Lights Him

Her Smiles Lights Him



He was Long Tian International's leader, the most respected CEO Satan of the business world! Enchanted by the night, she charmingly sat on his leg … "Tonight, I'm your …" The teacher actually provoked a man who had been spying on his prey in the dark for a long time. He treated her like a cicada and whispered in her ear, "Follow me, I'll pamper you …" The ex-boyfriend looked back affectionately, and behind her, he feigned confusion, "Little thing, following me is the biggest revenge against him." She was the illegitimate daughter of the Gu family. Her father's betrayal, her boyfriend's love, she tightly clenched her heart, but he had slowly attacked the city step by step. He had given her the most unruly and passionate love and she had eventually fallen. When each step she took was like a lotus flower, becoming the number one renowned figure in the Wealthy world, the scheme of this berserk controlled man had also come to the surface … He used all the powers in the world to bring her back, smiled and threw away the report of the examination sent from the hospital, "Now, please take responsibility for me and the baby, right? " "Darling, are we getting married?"
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As the night wind blew, Gu Wan An's alcohol was slightly sobered up, and she opened her blurry eyes to look up.

Long Tian Nightless City.

Too high and a little dizzy.

An hour ago, the Mrs. Rong was afraid that she would pester Rong Xi Ze and said some harsh words to her.

"Miss Gu, if you are still a sensible person, then stop pestering my son."

"You are only an illegitimate daughter of the Gu family that cannot be exposed. An existence that is not acknowledged by the public, what qualifications do you have to be together with Xi Ze? Don't be so shameless!"

"Xi Ze and your sister Man Zhu are getting engaged right now, what qualifications does an illegitimate daughter like you have to compare with the young miss of the Gu family? If you're still willing to do good for Xi Ze, then scram a little further away … "

Before she slammed the door, Gu Wan An pursed her pale lips, unwilling to be humiliated, "Mrs. Rong, what do you mean by I'm pestering your son? It was your son who pursued me! "

While the Mrs. Rong behind him was filled with anger and resentment, Gu Wan An turned around and left the Rongjia.

Walking on the busy streets of the night market, the cool night wind blew, tears gently flowed.

Rong Xi Ze had known her since high school and they had been lovers for five years.

After graduation, the two went to UK to study. After Rong Xi Ze returned last year, they agreed to wait for her to return this year to get married.

By the time she returned, Rong Xi Ze had already become her half—sister's boyfriend …

No matter how much of a tragedy he suffered, he would never be able to laugh.

He drank a few glasses of fruit wine in a bar on the street.

He walked dizzily to the 'Dragon Sky City'.

The 'Long Tian Nightless City' was an entertainment industry under the Long Tian International.

The Long Tian International, one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, was created by the Empire's Wealthy Long Family!

Looking at this completely drunk place, Gu Wan An laughed, "Xi Ze, since you don't want to see me, then don't blame me in the future … …"

Her weak body swayed as she called father Gu and promised to go on a blind date tomorrow.

It was unknown if it was due to the wine or what other things, but her body started to feel hot and dry.

Gu Wan An supported herself on the side of the carriage weakly and sent a message to that person, "Uncle, I've decided to listen to you. There are fine herbs in the world, but since Xi Ze chose my sister, then I will give up … …"

As always, he rarely replied to messages.

Except when she was in trouble, his people would appear at an incredible speed.

The mysterious man didn't usually answer her calls or meet her, only occasionally replying to her messages, like a guardian in the dark.

Regardless of whether he was studying abroad or at home, the person who called him would immediately appear when something happened to her. It seemed as if there were people abroad as well.

In addition, when she called him 'Uncle', he didn't correct her.

"Uncle, can I see you?" She sent another message.

After sending the message, Gu Wan An began to violently vomit on the side.

This Nightless City was the most famous and biggest gold selling place in the city. Rich people loved to have fun.

A hand reached out from behind her shoulder, and a man stared at her with a narrow gaze. "Beautiful girl, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Can I take you to rest? "

Gu Wan An's mind was in a mess, and she subconsciously slapped away the hand on Xiang Xiang's shoulder.

"Let go of me …"

"You drank too much. Let's go. Uncle will take you to wake up from your drunken stupor."

The man happily held her weak body, his smile was vulgar and disgusting.

Uncle your head!

Gu Wan An knew that the situation was bad, and just as she was about to scream in fear, she suddenly heard this man's miserable scream.

The man's broken hand loosened, and Gu Wan An fell to the ground.

In her blurry vision, she saw many familiar black figures walking out from the hotel.

The leader, dressed in black with his hands behind his back, looked at Gu Wan An and said, "Bring Miss Gu up. As for this man, he crippled his hand … "

"Uncle, you're finally here …"

Gu Wan An revealed a sweet smile, the comfort had replaced the fear.

That man was like a giant beast invisible in the darkness, gently holding her in his palm. Anyone who offended her would be smashed to smithereens!

In front of the Long Tian Hotel under the night sky, the man's blood—curdling howls could be heard once again, but within a few seconds, they were wiped clean!

A street reporter with a keen intuition spent money to get information, but the hotel staff clearly didn't dare to say a word.

Everyone quickly understood that there was only one person who could make the entire Dragon City fall into panic.

Business Emperor, Long Mo Shen.

In this country of business, the imperial Long family alone could cover the sky.

And Young Master Long Long Mo Shen was the inheritor of the Long family, a multinational group — the current leader of the Long Tian International, a man whose name shook the entire business world of Country D.

There were even rumors that the terrifying man was in control of all the hidden forces in the country!

The top floor of the Long Tian Hotel Building overlooked the entire Nightless City District.

A mysterious man sat in front of the french windows on a retro European sofa, overlooking everything below.

He wore a white shirt, suit and trousers, his legs were crossed, and he had a cigar in his mouth. His deep eyes reflected the twinkling lights of the night market outside.

But from the back, all that could be seen was his upright, handsome posture, and the noble, shiny shoes he was wearing on the floor.

It was a young man.

"Sir, Miss Gu has arrived."

His men placed the drunken girl beside him.

Gu Wan An was already unconscious, her body went soft and she fell beside the man's feet.

"Uncle." Under the alcohol, her consciousness blurred as she crawled over and snuggled up against his knee, like a meek kitten.

Smiling, she rubbed her face against his high—end trousers, smelling the faint scent of men's perfume like CoolWater's, low—key and luxurious.

"I finally... I see you. " Gu Wan An raised his flushed face, and looked at the outline of his face vaguely. "Who are you? Why are you so good to me? "

"Eh? "You don't seem that old..."

She reached out and touched his face, puzzled.

He could feel the coldness coming from the skin on his face, and it felt a little tight.

Although he could not see it, his face was definitely not an ordinary handsome face. His facial features were three—dimensional, as if it was a gift from the gods.

It felt soft to the touch, and there was a fine outline to it that reminded her of the art statues displayed in the gallery.

At the side, the leader of the bodyguards saw her rude actions, and he was filled with fear, "Miss Gu, you …" He wanted to stop them.

However, seeing that the man in the shadows did not express anything, he restrained himself, closed the door, and left the room.

"You want to see me to go crazy with me?"

The man's voice, low and clear as a cello, floated down from above.

Gu Wan An blinked her blurry eyes. In the darkness, she tried her best to see his face, but in the end, it was all in vain.

"You remember." His slender fingers pinched her delicate chin. "Your heart, your person does not belong to anyone, because you are mine to raise, do you understand?"

His voice was magnetic and charming. His tone was overbearing, yet it was filled with the unique grace of an authoritative man.