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The Phoenix Throne

The Phoenix Throne



  In her previous life, she was framed by everyone, kicked out of the family in the name of a bastard. On the way, her brother was killed, her mother was humiliated to death, and she herself was sold as a concubine. Once again, she wouldn't repeat the same mistakes in her rebirth. In her previous life, those people who forced her into such dire straits, step by step, were all unearthed and returned ten thousand times back to her! In this life, her intelligence had spread far and wide, but she had never expected to meet a person who was even smarter than her. What? You want to propose for the first time? I, Luo Mingshi, will never be a small child, I only want one person to die! What? The first time we talked, he stole my first kiss? You hypocrite hypocrite! What? The wedding night is so hard, aren't you weak and sick and weak? What happened to those eight abs!? Wife, let's talk about this later. It's a long night, how about we make a baby first …
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The sky turned blue, and scattered starlight adorned the night sky. The moon shone with a pale light, making the scene below even more terrifying.

When waves of pain struck, Luo Ming Shi's vision turned black, and his four limbs became numb, he no longer had any intuition.

"Save me!"

In the darkness, countless sharp teeth were constantly tearing at her flesh. However, she didn't even have the strength to struggle. A weak voice crawled out of her throat, but it was drowned out by the sounds of the wild wolves tearing her body apart.

"Save me!"

The wolf glared with its dark green eyes. It tore apart the flesh and revealed traces of blood. It bit down on the bone and tore it apart. His stomach and spirit were both satisfied. He could not help but let out a long howl, "Wuuuuuuuuu ~ ~ ~"

Luo Ming Shi's body was covered in filth, his four limbs were already incomplete, and his eyes were still unfocused. However, when the wild wolf bit him, pain assaulted his face, clearing his mind. Her bones were bitten until they creaked loudly. Cold sweat dripped off his body and it was as if blood was mixed with filth. She could not move at all.

She clearly felt that she was in a state of disintegration.

It was almost as if because the end of his life was approaching, his mind would never be able to forget it for the rest of his life.

Luo Ming Shi remembered that when she was eight years old, she had accompanied his mother to offer incense and asked for a lot of money for his.

At that time, she was proud and arrogant, but at the age of nine, she already had bright and beautiful teeth, and she had always been smarter than others. Her father liked her, so when he saw his nervous mother Lee's, he comforted her, "My son doesn't speak, but instead has a strange power. If his will failed, then his evil will become the master. Dao arts and divine abilities were, in the end, only by—products of the process of gaining insights into the Dao. Lord Buddha once said that the person who pursued divine abilities was not my disciple. Such a request to sign and calculate the fate of others is just a matter of heartfelt consolation. How can you wholeheartedly place your trust in me? "

Luo Ming Shi stood modestly and modestly with a nod of his head. The small blue flower in his hair made her look like a fairy.

Cigarettes curled in the main hall, golden buddhist hands, benevolent eyes.

Master Hui Ling sat under the Buddha, and behind the table, he only clasped his hands together, "Although the sky rain is wide, it does not moisten the rootless grass;

He did not look like a monk, but Luo Ming Shi felt that this monk was truly petty. It was because there was a gate link on the two sides of the door of the White Horse Temple, although it was wet with rain, it looked like it was made by a monk.

She was so proud that she pulled her mother away and said word by word, "The one who burns incense to the Buddha will always have a guilty conscience. Since we are both worthy of our hearts, why do we need to do this?"

At that time, she was her father's most beloved daughter. Even if she was born out of a concubine, she was still thousands of times stronger than her sister. With a brother under her, she was smart and would have to marry in the future with people supporting her.

Unfortunately, everything stopped at the age of ten. That was a nightmare that would never wake up.

He was like a vine that was constantly wrapping around every part of his heart. Every time he thought about it, he would shrink and hold on to himself until his liver was broken and his intestines were full of holes.

That year, she was severely ill, but when she woke up, she was chased out of the house by Lee's. It was only from Lee's's intermittent narration that she understood that her mother was framed of stealing people, and her father believed it.

First, his second uncle wanted to molest his mother, then his younger brother died miserably. In the end, he was sold by his concubine and was thrown into the wilderness by the main chamber, where he was kissed by a wolf.

Luo Ming Shi's mind was a little unfocused. He was in a trance, and could not see anything, and even the buzzing sound was in his ears. She thought that she was about to die, and that was what Master Hui Ling had said.

His life had been rough.

After it was broken?

She shook for a moment, then suddenly woke up with a flip of her body.

Wang Chun, who was initially guarding the tent, heard the sound of something shattering. She picked up the Cloud Ganoderma Lucidum, and as she walked, the dim light illuminated the colorful cherry fruits. The bright red candle was gently lifted, revealing an eight to nine year old girl inside.

Under the dim light, her face was pale and covered in sweat, and her fine hair was frozen in front of her forehead. The rose and purple brocade dress that should have been covered over her body was pushed to the side, and she was wearing a pink brocade dress.

When Wang Chun heard the quarreling sounds, she felt uneasy as well. However, she still asked with a smile: "Did young miss wake up? Would you like some water? "

Luo Ming Shi's eyes instantly grew wide, and his entire person became speechless from shock. The girl in front of him looked sixteen to seventeen years old. She had a pair of bun on her head, and her eyebrows were thick and big. She was dressed in a green and blue horse—face skirt that first—rate servant girls usually wore.

This was something her father had personally instructed her to do. When she and her mother were kicked out of the Luo Fu, she was beaten to death due to taking care of the Master. It was only when the Lee's had settled down with her brother in the mountains and plains that she saw that she died with grievance.

Yet now, he who should have died, saw her who should have died … Luo Ming Shi was stupefied. He drooped his eyes and looked at his young and tender hands, making his even more speechless.

Seeing that she did not speak for a long time, Wang Chun thought that she was frightened, and immediately consoled her: "Miss, do not be afraid, Master will definitely return this concubine's innocence." Then, he caressed Luo Ming Shi's head and heaved a sigh of relief, "May the heavens bless you, Miss has finally lost her fever."

The warmth from her fingertips brought the dazed her back to the world. She couldn't believe that she was still alive. Was it the Zhou Zhuang Dream Butterfly or the Butterfly Dream Zhou Zhuang?

However, all of these were not important, because she could faintly hear a harsh voice coming from outside: "Master, let's search the place. If we don't let some unknown people stay in the manor, I would be afraid."

Luo Ming Shi's pupils constricted. The sharp and harsh female voice sounded exceptionally familiar. It was the Aunt Cui who framed her mother for stealing people in her previous life.

She did not have time to think too much, and immediately crawled back up. Seeing her action, Wang Chun was surprised, but his hand was already blocking her, "Miss, what are you doing?"

Luo Ming Shi looked at her, and enunciated each word clearly: "Under the cover of the nest, laid a perfect egg. "Aunt is such a dumb person, it is very easy for her to be pushed around by those scumbags until she can't speak. This will cause a great disaster and change my clothes. I want to personally go see father."

Wang Chun knew that her young miss was intelligent, and tried to console her that she should not be too eye—catching. Unfortunately, her young miss kept ignoring her, and after being disappointed, she started to distance herself. But Luo Ming Shi's words today carried a different kind of charm and bearing, making her subconsciously obey.

After changing into a simple Jadeite Spreading Flowers Leather Dress and combing her hair, Wang Chun took a deep breath in as he opened the beaded curtain and walked out.

She knew that whether or not she could break away from the fate of her past life all depended on this battle.