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Babe, You Are Mine

Babe, You Are Mine



  Blocked his car overnight, blocked his people, got into his bed, and had to buy his bill to become the richest woman in the world. Xiao Yichen! "I want a divorce!" "Yes. I'll ask the marriage certificate if it agrees. If it agrees, I don't mind making it up again." Xiao Yichen! "I'm going to give you a green hat!" Yes! Before I let you touch it, the man was ruined. What I don't lack the most is money. What do you want to do? I'll play with the money. " Pei Luoluo was so angry that her teeth were itching … He pointed at the man who had given her a charming smile and roared, "Xiao Yi Chen, I will wipe your mouth clean without wiping your mouth!" This is good! Then do you want to try it now? I guarantee that you won't eat it. " One farce after another, one after another, the lovers were all put on. In the end, Pei Luoluo had to admit that this man who looted people's hearts was not even able to vent his anger. He had to tear even his bones apart to prevent them from dying!
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At a quarter past one in the morning, a taxi came to a screeching halt just after it turned the corner on North Beach Road, the furthest from the airport.

A woman wearing a long white down jacket staggered out of the car with her eyebrows knitted together.

"Miss, do you really want to get out of the car?"

The driver noticed that she smelled of alcohol, and the road was speeding, so the section of the road was not safe. He asked worriedly as he was out in the dark.

"... "Waiting for someone."

Pei Luo Luo squatted on the ground, clutching his stomach and said this in a soft voice. I drank a little too much tonight.

The driver didn't ask any further, he just bent down to pour something into the car, then got out of the car and stuffed something in front of Pei Luo Luo, giving it to her.

"Hey, girl, this place is a little out of the way, and cars rarely go this way. You'd better call your friend and confirm it. Remember to make this call if there's anything else you need help with."

"Thank you …" The voice was very soft, but the driver still heard it. He sneezed and turned around to smile at her. Before he left, he didn't forget to remind her to be careful.

After the car had gone far, Pei Luo Luo slowly opened his palm. It was a crumpled piece of paper with a string of numbers written on it.

He took out his phone and checked the time. It was 1: 23 in the morning. Ten minutes had passed since the plane from the United States arrived at the airport.

At tonight's reunion, everyone was so happy that they drank two cups more. Unexpectedly, he found out that Xiao Yi Chen was about to return home.

At that time, Pei Luo Luo's brain suddenly buzzed for a few seconds and then broke into pieces. "Go find him!"

The road ahead was still dark, and the winter night wind hurt her face. Pei Luo Luo rubbed his beautiful eyebrows together and started to wonder if his guess was right.

The rugged terrain of the mountain roads was very remote, and really suited Xiao Yi Chen's hobbies. It's just that I haven't seen his for three years, is his habit the same as before?

Just as he was thinking, a low engine sound came from afar, Pei Luo Luo leaned out to take a look, and only heard the sound but could not see the car.

Suddenly, her heart became anxious, her lips pursed into a line, and following the sound of the carriage, Pei Luo Luo took a deep breath.

— —

"Swish …" An emergency brake cut through the cold, still night. On the originally empty high speed road, a white figure suddenly rushed out towards Xiao Yi Chen's field of vision.

He quickly stepped on the brake and spun around. Luckily, the turning speed would slow down so he barely managed to distance himself from the other party.

~ All around him was silence, Pei Luo Luo could only hear the sound of his heart beating rapidly. Xiao Yi Chen who was inside the carriage stared at the lady outside, his arms stretched out, as though he was blocking the road. Clearly, this woman was here for him.

With a bang, the headlight lit up again, and the wheels spun around her.

Seeing that Xiao Yi Chen was about to leave, Pei Luo Luo staggered a few steps forward with his hands on the front of the car, and anxiously shouted out:

"Senior Xiao!"

The light from the headlights formed a golden halo around her, her hair falling vertically on one side of her white down jacket, the zipper of the jacket resting just below her collarbone, revealing a pale yellow V—neck knit dress.

'Is it her? ' Xiao Yi Chen narrowed his cold eyes and the expression on his face darkened.

'Dong! 'The sound of the car door could be heard. Pei Luo Luo smiled at the person who walked over, revealing the beautiful pear vortex.

"Senior Xiao, long time no see."

The light in front of his eyes was completely blocked by him. Pei Luo Luo could smell a faint aroma of coffee, it was the smell of Xiao Yi Chen's favorite Cuban cigar. Raising his eyes, he looked at that peerlessly handsome face. His pitch—black and deep eyes were filled with an unfathomable coldness.

"I don't want to see you at all."

"I know."

"If you know, then die a little further!"

"Xiao Yi Chen, do you lack arms or legs to say something nice?"


Xiao Yi Chen's cold eyes flashed with a moment of shock, which was quickly buried in the depths of his eyes. A hint of novelty appeared in his raised eyebrows. Was this woman really the depressed woman who saw him as someone who was neither humble nor arrogant three years ago?

"Pei Luo Luo, don't you understand my personality the best? "My good, can you bear it?"

Laughing lightly, Xiao Yi Chen put his hands into his pockets, and took a step back. Lowering his waist, he coldly looked at Pei Luo Luo.

Seeing her drunk red face turn ugly little by little, his heart did not have much emotion in it. Perhaps it was as Han Xuan Lin had said back then, he was not heartless.

"I like you, Xiao Yi Chen."

Pei Luo Luo's voice suddenly became very soft. She lowered her head to look at the shadows under his feet intersecting with Xiao Yi Chen's, and a faint trace of loneliness passed between his lips.

"Can you step aside now?"

Xiao Yi Chen acted as if he did not hear the confession from before, and stayed silent for a few seconds. His calm and magnetic voice lingered between the two of them, as if he was asking if someone was sending her out.

Pei Luo Luo did not reply, he quietly stood at the side, and raised his head to look at the familiar figure who became a blur, in the end turning into two red taillights, and gradually disappearing bit by bit into the darkness.

Letting out a light breath, Pei Luo Luo slumped onto the ground. As he tightly pursed his lips, her face was covered in white as tears rolled down her face and fell onto his hands.

She raised her eyes and took a deep breath, the pear vortex hanging on her lips tinged with self—mockery. She knew it was going to end like this, but when it really happened right in front of her eyes, her heart still felt as if it was being torn apart.

Xiao Yi Chen peeked through the mirror and saw that Pei Luo Luo was sitting on the ground and encircling himself. As the distance between them increased, his figure was becoming smaller and smaller.

His index finger tapped on the steering wheel, intentionally or unintentionally. While he was thinking about whether the car assigned to him after leaving the airport had followed him, two more spots appeared in the rearview mirror.

As the engine's sound mixed with the low pitched cannon, even though there was some distance between the two cars, he could clearly hear the sound of the car moving slowly and clearly.

Narrowing his eyes, Xiao Yi Chen realized that the car did not follow him. It seemed to have stopped near Pei Luo Luo. Coughing lightly, Xiao Yi Chen habitually rubbed the center of his brows, then took out a cigar from his pocket and took two puffs.

Glancing at the dots that had become two sesame seeds, he pressed his cigarette and sped up.

Roughly ten kilometers away, Xiao Yi Chen suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the emergency lane. The handsome brow frowned, and after pondering for a while, it picked up the phone to call a string of familiar numbers.

The other side quickly picked up the phone after it had rung twice. They respectfully shouted:

"Young Master!"

"What's the situation like?"

"As you might expect, several cars have been followed and are now circling him."

Xiao Yi Chen pondered for a moment, then exhaled lightly, held onto the cigarette between his eyebrows, and waved it in front of his eyes.

"Li Jie, the car that was following me just now, is that one of yours?"