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Cursed Wife, Unruly Husband

Cursed Wife, Unruly Husband



  He had clearly said half a month ago that he didn't want to see her again, but today he had secretly snuck into her bed. "It's not that he doesn't want to see me anymore, right? "What if you fart when you speak?" It's not that I want to see you, it's that my body wants you. " He turned into a wolf and ate her dry. The next day, he left while patting his butt. F * ck, if my wife doesn't show off, I'll treat her like a soft bun! He left the divorce agreement behind and left in a carefree manner. He searched the world for her. "Wife, come home with me. "I think you've lost all your hair." "Let me go home. Alright, let me run around naked first!" As soon as he finished his words, he threw himself onto the ground, "Naked * ss, just watch how I'll deal with you!" After a long time, a certain someone repeatedly begged for mercy, "Hubby, please let me go..." Not letting go, not letting go for the rest of his life!
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Xie Wang Qiao sat on the sofa in the living room and looked at her own mother.

It was true that there was a stepfather whenever people said there was a stepmother. Ever since her stepmother entered the house, she had been acting like a servant girl, and her biological father didn't care about her at all. He was forcing her to marry him.

"Wang Qiao, if you don't help daddy, dad's company will go bankrupt. Did you just watch our business run out of shit overnight? As long as you marry Qiao Li Jin, our company can revive the dead. As for you, you are the young mistress of a Wealthy Class that many people admire. Wouldn't it be killing two birds with one stone? "

Xie Wang Qiao rolled his eyes, "Such a good thing, why don't you let me go. She's prettier than I am, and she's happier than I am. "If she goes, our company will be even more saved."

The stepmother, Lin Yue, frowned, "Your sister is only 18 years old. Your father and I have already agreed to go there, and you have to go there whether you want to or not. "

"Then I would rather die than go! Who doesn't know that marrying into the Qiao Family is a curse? A married woman will die without a care for her children? Wang Qiao saw that his stepmother and father had turned green, "I won't go anyway!"

Xie Hai Kun began to pretend to be pitiful, and begged, "Wang Qiao, I was the one who founded this company. Do you really have the heart to see your father suffer such a blow in his later years? "If I go bankrupt, then I won't be able to live any longer, so I'll have to beg you …"

Begging his daughter to die? This father was quite a deranged person. Xie Wang Qiao said with both reluctance and unwillingness, "But … Fine, you can ask me to go, but you have to agree to two conditions! "

Xie Hai Kun heard that there was hope, and anxiously said: "What condition, speak. I promise you everything! "

"I want 10% of the company's shares. Also, let Lin Yue kowtow in front of my mother's tombstone ten times. "Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone even if I were beaten to death." After Xie Wang Qiao finished speaking, Lin Yue was enraged, "Stupid girl, what are you saying? I'll kowtow, on what basis? "

Xie Hai Kun pulled his wife who was beside him, telling her not to spoil the big matter. Without any hesitation, he said, "Okay, I agree."

"Alright. "Then we have a deal." Xie Wang Qiao stood up, her eyes filled with craftiness. "You have to do what you promised as soon as possible, otherwise I will go back on my word."

In order to achieve his goal, Xie Hai Kun quickly transferred 10% of the shares to Wang Qiao, and Lin Yue unwillingly kowtowed in front of Wang Qiao's mother's grave.

On the second day after everything was settled, Wang Qiao was brought to the Qiao Family.

Qiao Family was indeed the richest man in the city, living in a villa on the Golden Coast of T City. A large part of the villa was a private property and was not for sale.

Upon entering the villa area, they saw bodyguards in black suits and servants in uniform everywhere. This place was so extravagant that it made people speechless.

After entering the main building, Xie Wang Qiao saw a lot of people in the living room. A handsome man in his fifties, two men in overalls. There was also a very handsome man. He was probably less than thirty years old, but his eyes were filled with cynicism and arrogance.

That is the eldest young master, Qiao Li Jin. He glanced at Wang Qiao and revealed a mocking and slightly naughty smile, "Yo, now that I'm a minor, can I get married? This hasn't developed yet, has it? At night, you should hold on tight. "

The young master was obviously not satisfied with Xie Wang Qiao. The man's eyes were slanted, right? Although Xie Wang Qiao was not some beauty, she had a pretty face and her figure was exquisite.