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Wild Consort's Revenge

Wild Consort's Revenge



  She was well-known to be a proud daughter of heaven, and had peerlessly powerful strength. Her zither skills were renowned throughout the world, but she was surrounded by the jealousy of others within the sect. In the end, she was forced to use a secret technique to escape. Nirvana Rebirth, the genius who had transformed into the bullied young miss of the general's household was actually a piece of trash … Trash? She sneered, concealing her once-in-a-century dual-attribute physique, concealing her amazing talent in alchemy, using her jade flute to bully everyone. She was determined to avenge her previous life, overturn her current life, and step onto the peak of the strong! But why were there more and more men around her? Didn't you see how the face of the proud, delicate, and beastly Lai Pi Wang beside you has turned black?
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The vast earth was as far as the eye could see. It was a deep blue, a clear blue!

In the depths of the forest, beast roars could be heard constantly. In the middle of the beast roars was a group of people. From their stance, it was obvious that they were surrounding a woman.

"Su Zixi, the proud daughter of the heavens of the Heavenly Note Sect and a peerless expert in zither arts. I didn't think that you would have such a day, right?" A middle—aged woman dressed in gorgeous clothes stood out from the crowd and sneered as she looked at the surrounded woman.

The woman who was called Su Zixi was leaning against a tree trunk and breathing rapidly.

Looking at Su Zixi's expression, the seductive middle—aged woman could not help but sneer: "Hey, what's wrong? Why aren't you continuing to act cool? Aren't you the so—called cultivation genius? Why can't he tolerate this little bit of Charm Poison? Or is it your nature to be so unruly? No wonder the young master was able to seduce you! "

"Heh …"

He lowered his eyes and looked at the gorgeous middle—aged woman. Because he had been poisoned, her usually cold and beautiful eyes were now rippling with light, and only her wrinkled brows and tightly clenched fists showed his incomparable anger.

"Lady Han, I didn't expect that you, a member of the Heavenly Note Sect, would actually do such a thing!" I always thought that you were just a petty person who sold meat for honor and to stir up trouble, but I didn't expect that I would still underestimate you! "What? It's not enough to have tried so hard to become the Heavenly Note Sect's Sect Master's lover, and now you want to fall into the arms of the Heavenly Note Sect's Young Master?"

Hearing Su Zixi's sneer, Lady Han clenched her fist and her face darkened. Su Zixi was right, she had taken a fancy to that peerless genius young master. Although the Heavenly Note Sect Leader's power and authority were monstrous, how could a person's love satisfy her?

Not only did she have her eyes on the young master, she also wanted to control all the men of the Heavenly Note Sect so that everyone could prostrate themselves at her feet! With her beauty and methods, this was not a difficult matter! However, the existence of Su Zixi completely destroyed her beautiful dream.

In the Heavenly Note Sect, Su Zixi was one of the most talented cultivators like the young master, one of the three great geniuses of the Heavenly Note Sect, and also the only woman. This made Su Zixi enjoy the honor of being a pampered within the sect.

The Young Master Tianyin was one of those people. To produce Su Zixi's Su Ziqin, he had expended three years of effort and only wanted a smile from Su Zixi. This made her jealous of him because he was someone who was extremely cold—blooded and difficult to get close to, because she had never seen him take the initiative to talk to anyone, except for Su Zixi.

Su Zixi's existence was like a thorn in her side. She couldn't wait to get rid of him. So what if she was a proud daughter of heaven? She definitely wouldn't allow any other girl to stand on her head!

However, just a few days ago, Su Zixi had agreed to the marriage with Young Master Tian Yin. Thus, he had spent a great deal of effort to lure Su Zixi into the deep forest and used the secret medicine that she had been hiding all this time …

"So what if I am? That's why I have to get rid of you! But seeing how the Young Lord dotes on you, I will be merciful and bring your corpse back, and show you the traces of lust in front of the Young Lord, so that he can have a good look at you! " Lady Han smiled sinisterly.

Hearing Lady Han's words, Su Zixi's expression became even more vicious. His pitch—black pupils seemed to have turned into a dark red color, which could cause a person's soul to tremble.

"Angry?" Looking at Su Zixi's face, Lady Han was even more amused, "Hmm, not bad, just get angry. Because the more angry you are, the faster the poison will spread and the earlier you will be free from it, the better."

Hearing this, Su Zixi's eyes darkened. Although she loathed Lady Han, she was not lying when she heard her words, and when she felt the enchanting poison spreading faster, she immediately tried to calm down, but the effect of the enchanting poison shocked her. She used all of her spirit energy to suppress the spread of the enchanting poison, but she still could not suppress it.

Yet he was killed by the person in front of him whom he despised in every way? Insulted by these dirty men?

Absolutely not!

From the start till now, no one had been able to decide her life!

Su Zixi quietly raised his head and looked at the men surrounding her like hungry wolves. He looked at the smile on Lady Han's face, then lowered his head to look at Su Ziqin, who was specially made by Young Master Tianyin for her. She let out a sigh of relief.

The bewitching poison was spreading, his spirit energy was almost exhausted, his zither was rotten, and his spirit pet was not by his side. This situation didn't seem to be too good …

Normally, even if she was given a leaf, she would still be able to kill people without them noticing. However, at this moment, she was unable to use the slightest bit of spiritual energy because she knew that if she were to relax her suppression of the bewitching poison in the slightest, the bewitching poison would crazily sweep over and devour her last bit of rationality!

Am I really going to lose to this inferior poison? Was this how she, Su Zixi, would end up?

Thinking of this, Su Zixi actually wanted to laugh. She also laughed out loud.

"What are you laughing at?" Lady Han saw that Su Zixi had lowered his head and laughed in an abnormal manner, and she could not help but shout out in anger. However, her heart became even more cautious.

"It's nothing. I just wanted to say that I really don't have any way of escaping anymore. This poison is really strong. I think after ten more breaths, this seductive poison will explode." Su Zixi laughed, but his voice sounded abnormally calm.

"At least you're smart. Being able to endure till now due to this bewitching poison, you're worthy of your pride." Lady Han harrumphed coldly.

Sensing the reaction from the men and looking at their bloodshot eyes, Su Zixi clenched her fists tightly. She turned to look at Lady Han and gave a strange smile, then said softly: "To be able to force me, Su Zixi, to this extent, you are still the first. No matter what method you used, I really fell into your hands. But, no one can control my, Su Zixi's, life, even now. "

Let her be humiliated? Carry her body back? It was simply a dream!

Su Zixi smiled again and his hands formed a strange posture. The Spiritual Energy in his body instantly circulated and gathered towards his Dantian.