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The Peerless Genius in West Continent

The Peerless Genius in West Continent



  In the West Yin Continent, where spirit arts were revered, the rampage of demons in recent years and the powerful spirit masters had become the last hope for saving the continent. In order to dominate her own destiny, she cultivated the divine refining pellet, cultivated the five spirits, controlled the soul treasure, and dual martial arts and medicine. She was omnipotent, and when she used her heaven-defying talent to blind everyone and become an all-powerful, all-powerful, heaven-defying genius in the history of the continent, because of a "fire", her appearance was completely destroyed, her spirit veins were crippled, and she lost all her power. That she was a cripple and had come to trample on others to provoke them? With the seven elements of celestial spiritual energy in hand, I want you to have a taste of being crushed within a second. You know that being crippled is all an act, you can't afford to offend me? It was too late. When she no longer hid her true strength, she would just start to destroy demons like ants, a path that was invincible in this world. However, why did this ultimate unrivalled boss monster, who was said to be even more heaven defying, always fall limply in her arms?
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Dark night. Dark clouds rolled about.

In the inner courtyard of purple spirit, two girls dressed in snow Spirit Robe were carrying a bag of items that was constantly squirming.

One of them stuck his head out and looked around, then asked the lady beside him anxiously: "Sister Chang Ying, do you think that cripple really lives here?"

"Nonsense, if we don't live here, why are we here?" Chang Ying scolded him, "Stop dawdling, hurry up and open the bag. As long as you throw these Fire Thunder Snakes into the wall of the building, this trash will definitely die!"

"Haha, that's right. A cripple who goes berserk, has his spirit veins destroyed, and even possesses the most concentrated spiritual energy in the world. This is simply a waste of a treasure. We should have long since let him cultivate." Su Yao, who was nervous just a moment ago, remembered the benefits that the cripple's death brought them. She could not help but snicker, and spoke with a venomous look in his eyes.

Chang Ying's eyes were also filled with evil intent, "Once this cripple dies, purple spirit, who is the sect master who is sick to death, will definitely die from this grievous blow. As long as this Immortal Martial Realm old man does not die, the rest of the trash will just be a pile of sand, and they won't have much of a climate. At that time, Shen Xi will swallow the purple spirit, and with father's authority in Shen Xi, splitting this Teiqian to me would be as easy as flipping over."

After they finished speaking, the sack was opened, and spirit snakes slithered inside as they entered through the walls in a line. Ring—ying and Su Yao looked at the flower tower in darkness with disdain, then left full of malice and victories.

Hmph, an abandoned baby picked up, wanting to become a peerless genius of the Spiritualism Sect, is simply a pipe dream! In any case, going berserk and turning into a ghost so that one couldn't see others was still a pain in the ass. It was better to die early than to reincarnate...


Inside the brightly lit room, Feng Tian Yue lied on the ground in pain with a face full of scars and disheveled hair. The fire in her heart was unbearable, like a waterfall of sweat soaking her clothes, she dug her fingers into the ground and bled from her broken nails.

She had just recuperated from her internal injuries. Spiritual energy rushed into her meridians, causing the blood flow to become chaotic. The Soul Gu in her blood was frightened, and every inch of her blood vessels were bitten by countless insects.

Even with such unbearable pain, she stubbornly clenched her teeth and refused to let out a single sound.

Suddenly, a rustling sound came from the ground. She looked towards the source of the sound and saw a few scarlet red fire snakes opening their bloody mouths, baring their sharp fangs as they ferociously pounced towards her.

How could there be such a violent Slaughter Soul Snake in the Teiqian? Furthermore, these berserk Spirit Snakes, the Spirit Rest on their bodies were completely different from those in the Teiqian, it was obvious that they were outsiders.

Someone deliberately set the snake loose!

Even though she was infuriated, the situation in front of her didn't allow her to think too much. She focused her cold eyes and struck out in a flash of lightning, releasing seven types of extremely powerful spiritual energy that instantly turned the incoming Fire Thunder Snake into dust.

He actually wanted to use a mere Profound Rank spirit serpent to harm her; it was simply like an ant trying to shake a tree; he overestimated himself! She had already recorded down the fate of these Fire Thunder Snakes!

How preposterous! They actually dared to use such a malicious and despicable method in the purple spirit. Once she found out who was the spy, she would definitely make them wish they were dead!

Dark clouds gathered as a thunderbolt struck down, splitting the sky and shattering the earth. The light of the thunder seeped through the windows of the building, shining in those bloodthirsty and murderous eyes of his. He looked like an Asura from hell, terrifying and ferocious.