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Marry Me

Marry Me



  Lu Nan City was Hai City's most noble, most elegant, and most powerful cold-hearted man. After an accident and a contract, she had become a woman in Southern Lu City. During the day, he would go to class and sleep with them at night. Ugh! He even wanted to give birth to a baby! Marry me, let him call you little aunt, eh? However, in the end, she was still not a match for the love in Lu Nan City. Five years later — she returned with her son. Lu Nan City had cut off her peach blossoms and entangled her: Divorce with him, I'll marry you! She smiled sweetly: CEO Lu, how can military marriages be a joke?
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No One Had The Guts To Provoke Me Face To Face


Toronto, theautumn was slightly cold.

On the busiest South City Road andin front of a neither too big nor small Japanese restaurant, were several black cars parkingin a row. The most eye—catching one was the Bentley Continental in the middle.

Several men in black suits stood respectfully at the entrance of the Japanese restaurant, waiting for the tall man who came down from the Continental.

He wore a well—cut black suit and a sapphire blue shirt. Twobuttons on the shirt had been unbuttoned randomly, revealing his muscular chest. However, it did not affect the rigidity of the collar in the slightest.

His slender and straight legs were wrapped in a suit and pants. He didn't need to intentionally modify himself. His strong aura was enough to make the atmosphere quiet down.

"Mr. Lewis." The man in black spoke respectfully.

Charles' eyes were cold as he raised a single hand. His cold yet seemingly emotionless voice rose up: "Clear the area."


There was an uproar in the Japanese restaurant. Everyone had fear all over their faces. They quickly left even before the bodyguards chased them away.

"This is Mr. Lewis's compensation." Mike handed over a cheque.

The boss was stunned for a long time. He was so scared that he did not even dare to take the cheque. He nodded and immediately left the Japanese restaurant with his employees.

Charles was a person whose power can cover everything in Toronto. Let alone a nameless daily ingredients store like his, he could even buy all the food and beverages in the whole of Toronto without batting an eyelid.

How would he dare take Charles' money!

"There's no one else in,Mr. Lewis." The bodyguard answered respectfully, "Except for the Miss Tyler that you want."

Charles raised his eyebrows, and the bodyguard immediately followed up: ”Miss Tyler is in the private room, the people who will meet hertonight have already been stopped, it's the Poundfamily's Ed Pound.”

With another wave of his hand, the bodyguard immediately retreated.

Charles walked towards the private box with steady steps.

… ….

The soundproofing in that room was not very good, so naturally, Winnie could also hear the commotion outside. Just as she was about to open the door, she saw Charles standing right in front of her.

Winnie was startled, but she remained calm: "Mr. Lewis."

"Winnie, it's really been a long time since someone has had the guts to provoke me face to face." Charles' tone was overcast, "You came here to make a deal with me three days ago, butdared to meet with anotherprivately here now?"


"Winnie, do you think I'm someone you can play around with?"

"No, you misunderstand."

Winnie was a little nervous, but her voice was still calm, looking at the approaching Charles, she had already slowly retreated to the corner of the wall.

Caught off guard, Winnie staggered, and directly fell onto the tatami.

Subconsciously, she struggled to get up, but before she could even make a move, Charles had already taken off his suit jacket, and casually threw it to the side, then crouch down to stare at Winnie.

"Charles, what are you doing!" Winnie's beautiful face paled, but she suppressed her voice, not wanting to let such panic show.

"Fuck you." Charles said gloomily.

Winnie looked at the man in front of her with astonishment. In front of her, he slowly took off his shirt, and his strong chest was slowly exposed to the air.

Charles had never been a joking person. In Toronto, Charles' words were like an imperial decree, and no one can disobey.

"You're crazy!" Winnie shouted in alarm, and without thinking she ran towards the entrance of the private box.

Charles did not stop Winnie, nor did he stop his hands.

Winnie ran to the entrance of the private room, but realized that she couldn't open the closed door. She was like a frightened bird, staring at the man who just stood there, unmoving.