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The Awakening of a Young God Emperor

The Awakening of a Young God Emperor

Author:Qingyi Wushuang


He could decide the fate of the world with his power! A spar from a mysterious place completely changed the fate of a down-and-out teenager. Starting from Luoshan Sect, he gained a significant reputation step by step. He overcame all difficulties and courageously marched forward, finally challenging the Door of the Supreme Realm that no one could open.
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Kingdom Dingchuan was a prosperous country with hundreds of millions of people and thousands of cities.

Luoyun City was a border city in the northwest of Kingdom Dingchuan.

In the mountain forest outside the city, a young man was running fast, while several young men were chasing him with murderous intent in their eyes.


These teenagers had great strength and they were as athletic as small fierce beasts in human form. Thorns and bushes along the way could not hinder their pace at all. Even young trees were smashed by their punches.

"Su Xing, you can't run away. Today you are doomed to die."

Bai Kai's eyes fell on the figure of the man running for his life in front, and his face looked extremely gloomy. The so-called Su Xing, although his cultivation base was not high, he was so cunning that he could repeatedly escape their chases, by skillfully taking advantage of the terrain,.

However, Bai Kai's eyes soon showed a ferocious smile. After running away for more than two hours continuously, the man in front was obviously running out of his strength and slowing down gradually.

Su Xing frowned slightly and felt his body was getting heavier and heavier and his legs were getting weaker and weaker. If he went on like this, he would be overtaken by Bai Kai and others sooner or later.

Even so, Su Xing did not get impatient. His handsome face was full of calmness. Although he was only 15 years old, he could keep calm when things went wrong. He kept looking around in an attempt to find favorable terrain.

Suddenly, the terrain ahead became bright open, and a lake caught his eyes.

The water in this lake looked deep and dark, divulging coldness and seriousness. This nameless lake was notorious. It was said that there were not only turbulent undercurrents but also horrible monsters at the bottom of the lake which would devour people directly without spitting out bones.

This lake near Luoyun City was the most dangerous forbidden area.

"Fight with them!"

A flicker of maliciousness came into Su Xing’s eyes, and then he gritted his teeth and quickly jumped out of the woods.

When catching up Su Xing by the lake, Bai Kai sneered, "Su Xing, aren't you very good at running? You can continue to run now!"

"Haha! Look at his wheezing, can he still run?" Bai Kai's companions taunted.

"What is there you could be proud of? You are just a group of playboys who only know about bullying all day."

Su Xing seemed calm, neither overbearingly nor servilely, stared at Bai Kai and others who were full of murderous intents. He had a mixed feeling of anger and helplessness.

This was obviously an unreasonable attempt by them but to force him to death. If you dug into the reason, it was only because his own cultivation base was too poor and his power was not as strong as that of others.

The cultivation of martial arts started from body refining with nine levels. Each level of improvement increased not only the physical quality but also the strength by one thousand pounds.

Bai Kai's cultivation base was in the Third Level of body refining. His companions had also reached the Second Level. But due to Su Xing’s super poor aptitude in martial arts, in spite of hard working for many years, he was still stuck in the Third Level.

Between Su Xing and Bai Kai, there was a gap of two thousand pounds in strength. Even if Bai Kai did not have a companion on his side, his one punch was powerful enough to shatter Su Xing’s internal organs and kill him instantly.

"What’s wrong with playboys? Playboys are still better than you, a loser." Bai Kai seemed unscrupulous and complacent.

The Bai Family was the second largest family after the Castellan Palace, and it was related to the Castellan Palace by marriage. The two families colluded with each other and became dominatingly powerful in Luoyun City.

As the second son of Bai Family, Bai Kai's status was naturally extremely high. He was not only bullying at ordinary times but also liked to commit some criminal acts of rape and plunder.

"You are an overreached person, why did you dare to stop me? Your fourth sister is doomed not to escape from my palm."

When Bai Kai thought of the woman, his eyes immediately shone with lust. He said with an evil smile. "The first beauty of Luoyun City? She will become my plaything sooner or later."

Su Xing’s eyes were full of chill. Although his fourth sister Su Ke was adopted by his father, she treated him very well. The two of them had been close and affectionate since childhood.

However, he did not expect Bai Kai to act against Su Ke today in the restaurant because of his sister's beauty. If Su Xing hadn't come up and arrived in time, Bai Kai would almost have succeeded.

In order to get Su Ke out of danger, he led away Bai Kai and others who were flustered and fled all the way here. The most hateful thing was that his cultivation base was so poor that he could not personally kill the wicked such as Bai Kai.

"God was really unfair. I've practiced hard for so many years! Why am I still weaker than Bai Kai and others who are playing all day? This is really disgusting!"Su Xing felt extremely angry.

"Su Xing, it's your honor to die in my hands. When I catch your fourth sister, you will take your dead soul and enjoy your fourth sister's lewd appearance!"

With it, he showed a ferocious face, approaching Su Xing step by step.

"You are a joke!"

Su Xing's eyes flashed with determination, he turned around and jumped into the lake.

"I hope my fourth sister can be more careful while going out after this incident."Su Xing said in silence.

With the splash, Su Xing's body completely disappeared before the eyes of all.

"Is he crazy? Does he dare to jump in this lake?" Bai Kai's companions looked shocked.

"He is forced. He still has a chance to survive by jumping into the lake, or I will kill him alive. "The expression of Bai Kai was bleak. The good thing he wanted to do today was interrupted by Su Xing. Furthermore, he could not kill Su Xing with his own hands, which made him feel bitter.

"What should we do now?" Bai Kai's companions seemed at a loss. The madman Su Xing dared to jump into the lake, but they did not have the courage.

"We separate, and each of us keeps a distance to surround the lake."

Bai Kai looked very unwilling and said maliciously. "Even if that guy is lucky, he can't stay in the water all the time. He will come ashore sooner or later."

Falling into the water, Su Xing opened his eyes and looked at the deep dark green lake below. His uneasiness grew stronger and stronger.

After arriving in the middle of the lake, Su Xing looked up and around to find a breakthrough out of here. The ferocious name of this lake was well known, and he did not want to stay here any longer. Although Bai Kai and others surrounded the lake, they were far away from each other. As long as Su Xing grasped the opportunity, he still had a chance to break through.

All of a sudden, the surge of water made a strong pulling force, coming from under his body.

"Undercurrent at the bottom of the lake?"

Su Xing felt that things were not good, but he just had time to take a deep breath before his body began to go down involuntarily.

The closer to the bottom of the lake, the stronger the undercurrent was. Su Xing seemed to be gripped by countless tentacles of a magic octopus and dragged into its mouth step by step.

Bad things happened one after another. Before Su Xing could break away from the undercurrent, a ferocious beast appeared in his sight and swam towards him like a sharp arrow.

This was a ghost head fish, whose length was 10 feet, with hard scales covering the head and only one eye. Its two fish whiskers were waving like whips, and its big mouth opened wide filled with sharp teeth, which was quite scary.

The oncoming fierce breath made him feel cold and chilly all over. The strength of this ghost head fish was equivalent to that of a martial arts practitioner in the Sixth Level of body refining, which was not a rival he could resist.

Its two fish whiskers broke the current and instantly got Su Xing entangled. And then a terrible force was pressed on his body, and the fish tightened its tough grip on Su Xing, making it difficult for him to breathe.

The ghost head fish was swinging its huge body extremely flexibly and approaching Su Xing quickly. It opened its mouth wide, revealing sharp serrations.

At the critical moment of life and death, Su Xing looked cool and kept extremely calm in his heart. The dagger he had placed at his waist was already in his hand. Even if his chances of survival were slim, he would never sit still and die.

Su Xing silently calculated the distance between himself and the ghost head fish and was ready to fight to the death. All of a sudden, a glimmer of light emerged from the source of the undercurrent below and rose slowly.

That ray of light was not very dazzling, but very spiritual. What was more terrific was that it contained some extremely horrible power.

An unspeakable smell spread out, making the whole space vibrate slightly, which caused numerous tiny bubbles to appear in the nearby waters.

For an instant, the undercurrent stopped, and the current also stopped turning. Even the body of the ghost head fish was stopped.

"This is..."

Su Xing was horrified that his body was unable to move either. That glimmer appeared between him and the ghost head fish. Su Xing looked at it carefully and it was an egg-sized multicolored spar, of which the other four colors were dim, only sky-blue was bright, sending out faint lights.

All of a sudden, the multicolored spar vibrated gently. With a "whoop", the spar instantly penetrated the ghost head fish at a speed invisible to naked eyes and then suspended quietly not far away.

In his eyes, numerous cracks appeared on the body of the ghost head fish, and then it smashed with a loud bang. Even its flesh and blood were turned into dust and gone with nothing left as if it had never existed before.

Su Xing felt cold all over his body. The method of erasing traces of life was even more desperate than death.

"It seems that I am dead this time."

As expected, after wiping out the ghost head fish, the multicolored spar soon fixed its attention on Su Xing.

No matter whether his body had been imprisoned, even if he was free to move, in the face of the multicolored spar with such unspeakable speed, Su Xing still had no confidence to escape.

However, his eyes were particularly bright. Even if it was death, he must grasp every detail clearly. In this way, if he still had a chance, he would definitely not miss it.


The multicolored spar vibrated again and came to him instantly before Su Xing even had time to prepare for it.

Only this time, the multicolored Spar did not penetrate his body, but entered his body and never appeared again.