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Dream-able Forbidden Love

Dream-able Forbidden Love


For the sake of maintaining her sister’s marriage, Rose was schemed by her mother and sister having slept with her sister’s husband, Vincent. “Vincent’s drunk now. Come to his place.” They naively thought they had Vincent fooled so easily. However, who would have thought Vincent had already known their scheme at the very beginning. And he didn’t immediately expose their scheme. Instead, he just cooperated with them to complete their show. One night, Vincent caught the drunk Rose at the bar and brought her to a hotel. “I’m so hot. Can you help me with the heat?” “Sure. But don’t regret it.” “I love you, only you. Not a substitute for your sister.” Vincent gently whispered in her ear and his lips curved in a smile.
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"It's so hot..." The woman in his arms whined, and her slender hand was going to tear her collar. Her face was charming red, and her red lips were even more attractive because of the dryness.

Her blushing face rubbed against the man's strong chest, making a sound of feeling comfortable.

Vincent Leng pulled the baffle in front of them to isolate the driver's seat.

Brian Zuo, who is sitting in the front row, raised his eyebrows. He really wanted to be invisible.

Because the emptiness of her body was becoming stronger, Rose Wen instinctively wanted to do something when she was in this drunken moment.

She spread her legs and sat on Vincent Leng's legs. She slightly raised her head, and her pink tender face was covered with a layer of lovely flush, like a blooming rose, which was so beautiful.

Her half-squinted watery eyes with a bit of unmatured charm in the tip of her eyebrows, and her delicate face, was enough to keep people looking at her.

Rose Wen's beautiful hair fell on Vincent Leng's slightly open collar. It tickled him.

Vincent Leng's eyes darkened. He reached out and grabbed her hand, which was moving on his chest: "Woman, do you know what you're doing?"

"It's so uncomfortable... Can you help me?" Rose Wen didn't know what she was talking about. She just wanted to be free and to extinguish the fire in her heart.

"How do you want me to help you?" Vincent Leng said it in a low voice and enjoyed her charm.

"How?" Rose Wen had no idea at all.

Vincent Leng suddenly reached out and grabbed her slender waist. "Is that so?"

She immediately let out a comfortable cry, but then she pushed his hand away angrily. "Don't... touch me..."

"Aren't you comfortable? How can I help you if you don't want me to touch?" Vincent Leng jokingly teased her.

"Go away!" After Rose Wen finished, her body slipped down, she fell down and sitting between Vincent Leng's legs.

In an instant, her hot face was only a few centimeters away from Vincent Leng's legs. As she was dizzy and confused,she took his legs as a couch, and buried her face between them.

Vincent Leng frowned and couldn't help but snorted joyfully. His deep eyes were blurred for a few seconds.

Then he reached out and pulled her up. If it went on like this, he would lose control.

"If you want me to save you, then don't regret it." Vincent Leng finished, and his hot breath all fell on her face.

His movement made Rose Wen's heart pounding wildly.

Rose Wen looked at Vincent Leng's handsome face dazedly and felt that his lips were about to kiss her. Her eyelashes trembled slightly and she slowly closed her eyes.

When he held her tightly, an electric current ran through her whole body.

She couldn't help but tremble and then became weak. She could only lean in his arms.

Vincent Leng hooked her chin with his long finger, bent his head, and kissed her hard with his thin lips.

The unique masculine aura overwhelmed her, and Rose Wen's mind suddenly went blank.

A warning bell rang in her confused mind. She tried to push him away, but she could do nothing when she pressed her hands on his shoulders.

His tongue reached into her mouth and moved nimbly across every inch of the ground in it to get her sweetness.

Vincent Leng kissed her so hard that he felt hot all over. He had long forgotten how many women he had kissed. However, at this moment, he was easily turned on by this woman's breath and shyness in front of him.

He unconsciously kissed her lips harder as if he attempted to suck her soul out.

But the kiss like this was far from enough to satisfy him.

Vincent Leng's palms went all the way up.

"Oh..." Rose Wen snorted out with confusion. She didn't know what happened to her. The feeling of emptiness and numbness in her body was really strange.

She tried to push him away, but she seemed to want more.

At the moment, Rose Wen was as beautiful as a blooming rose.

The blush on her face made her skin look pinker and pinker, and her eyelashes trembled like butterfly wings, looking very fragile.

Vincent Leng snorted and felt uncomfortable as if his body was going to explode. He bit her lips and whispered, "You naughty girl."


Rose Wen blinked her eyes in a warm and fascinating way, which made him feel more excited.

Finally, Vincent Leng ran out of patience. He growled to his assistant in front of him, "We still haven't arrived at the hotel yet?"

At this time, the car suddenly stopped, and Brian Zuo answered "Just arrived" with a dry voice.

Vincent Leng couldn't bear it any more. He took Rose Wen out of the car with his strong arms and walked all the way through the hotel lobby to the elevator. This was his hotel, he could come freely as he wanted. Moreover, no one dared to gossip.

As soon as they entered into the presidential suite, Vincent Leng threw Rose Wen to the round bed. The next moment, he buried his head in her body. "Oh..." Rose Wen felt as if she was hit by an electric current. Her whole body trembled fiercely, and her eyes were covered with tears.

"Let go... b*stard... go away..."

Her soft voice sounded more like an invitation. Vincent Leng sneered. "Are you sure?"

"Yes..." Rose Wen said.

The next second, Vincent Leng whispered hoarsely, "It's too late."


In the morning, a scream passed through the bedroom.

Rose Wen ran out of the hotel in a mess. She didn't even have the strength to cry. What happened last night?

Why was she in the hotel? Which man did she meet last night?

Oh my god! Why was she so unlucky?

For two consecutive days of nightmares, she was going crazy.

When she was back home, she walked into the bathroom with shame and rubbed her body. Looking at those loving marks on her body, she was very shameful.

What happened last night? She just drank a glass of juice in the bar. Why didn't she remember what happened later? She only vaguely knew that she met a man, but she couldn't remember his appearance.

After a shower, she returned to the sofa. Her phone rang at this moment. She picked it up. It was her boyfriend, Dylan Duan. She was struggling in her heart and thought of breaking up with him.

She was no longer qualified to match him.

"Hello." She answered the phone softly.

"Rose, why don't you answer my phone? Do you know how worried I am?" Dylan Duan's angry voice came from the other end.

Rose Wen smiled. "I'm fine. How long will you stay in the US?"

"I can come back probably next week. Do you miss me? Rose, do you remember what you promised me last time?"

Rose Wen's face was a little pale. She bit her lip and said, "Dylan, I..."

"Don't go back on your word. We have been together for three years. We are not children anymore. I swear to marry you, but I can't help it. I want you." Dylan Duan's voice was hoarse and raspy, revealing an obvious desire.

Rose Wen bit her lip with a painful face and didn't know how to break up.

A few days ago, she was framed by her sister, Wendy Xia, and slept with her brother-in-law, Vincent Leng.

Today, she slept with a strange man who she met in the bar. She didn't even see the man's face clearly!

Since she was no longer a virgin anymore, she was too ashamed to face her boyfriend!


"Ok, I'm happy you are safe and sound. Wait for me to come back, Rose, I miss you so much." Dylan Duan was afraid that she would refuse, so he stopped her.

"Let's talk about it when you come back!" Rose Wen sighed slightly. That's right. She couldn't say anything about breaking up with him on the phone.

Hanging up the phone, she was surrounded by extreme silence and couldn't sleep until dawn.

For three consecutive days, she stayed at home and didn't want to do anything, let alone move.

At about ten o'clock on the fourth night, her cell phone rang. She picked it up and found it was Wendy Xia. She must have gotten no good things when she called at this time.

She didn't answer the phone, a text message came. "Rose Wen, I know you are at home. My driver is going to pick you up. Go downstairs."

Rose Wen bit her lip and hung up.

Rose Wen's sister, Wendy Xia, can't have children. She tricked Rose Wen into sleeping with her brother-in-law and wanted Rose Wen to have children for her. Even Rose Wen's mother forced her.

She was about to collapse.

After a while, her mother called her. She finally closed her eyes in despair and answered, "Hello."

"Rose, are you at home?"

"I am." Rose Wen replied.

"Vincent is drunk tonight. This is a good chance. Go to Wendy's villa!"

Rose Wen's head went a little blank. She wanted to refuse, but she knew that even if she refused tonight, there would still have another chance in the future.

It was better to finish the pregnant plan as soon as possible so that she could live her own life.

Rose Wen went downstairs. The driver waited patiently for her and drove all the way to Wendy Xia's villa. It was an independent villa, which located in the rich area.

Wendy Xia came out in a pajamas robe, like a purple violet in the night sky.

"Here you are. Have you had a shower?" Wendy Xia's voice was emotionless.

Looking at her, Rose Wen suddenly felt a little pity for her. She must felt uncomfortable for giving her beloved man to another woman!

"Yes." she answered.

"He is in the guest room on the third floor. You can go!" Wendy Xia urged in a hoarse voice, suppressing an unspeakable pain.