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One Night Stand with My Boss

One Night Stand with My Boss

Author:Ela Osaretin


Alcohol and heartbreak are definitely not a good combo.Too bad I learnt that a little too late. I’m Tessa Beckett and I painfully got dumped by my boyfriend of three years.That led me to getting drunk at a bar and having a one-night stand with a stranger.Before he would see me as a slut the next day,I paid him for the sex and deeply insulted his ability to please me. But this stranger turned out to be my new boss!
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“I’m never falling in love again.”I murmured to myself as I downed a glass of vodka.

I winced slightly as it burnt its way down my throat.

I shouldn’t be drinking.

I know I shouldn’t be drinking.

I don’t even have the head for alcohol but I just want to try and forget about how bad my heart was aching.

Still..the alcohol wasn’t helping.

Three years…it took Marcus three years to tell me that I wasn’t gentle,considerate and sexy.

How could he say that to me when he had always adored me?

What went wrong?

And just few hours ago…I saw pictures of him online.

Apparently,he had traveled to England with a girl.

She had looked so classy…so sophisticated in the pictures.

We just broke up like three days ago and he’s already with someone else?

That made me curious to know when he met her…

Was it before we broke up?

Had he been cheating on me?

Had I really become less gentle and sexy and considerate?

Oh God.

It was as if someone was repeatedly piercing my chest with a knife.

How could it be so easy for him to end what we had?

Am I supposed to move on like that?

How can I move on from him?

I filled up my glass again and drank everything on it.

Someone sat beside me and l suddenly felt uncomfortable.

I didn’t want anyone to see me at my lowest.

With every intention of leaving,I turned to slid off the stool but before I realized it,I had turned towards the direction of the person.

It was a man.

I became aware of a pregnant taut silence.

Feeling absurdly compelled…I looked up and came face to face….eyeball to eyeball with a fallen angel who was looking right at me.

A dark fallen angel.

With eyes that seemed to glow green and gold under long back lashes and black brows…high cheekbones and a very enchanting lips.

It drew my eyes and made me stop and linger.

I had the most bizarre and urgent desire to press my lips against his mouth..to feel and taste its texture.

This was all within a nanosecond.

“Hey,pretty lady.”He began.

I couldn’t understand the hot feeling in my belly,the sizzling in my blood for what seemed like aeons.

My breath hitched and I felt dizzy.

I was still sitting down!

Pull yourself,Tessa.

This has to be the alcohol.

I shakily stood up.

“Oh please don’t leave on my account.”

“I was…I was about leaving…”

“Am I too late to ask if you would share a drink with me?”He asked.

I should decline but his hot and deep voice hit me like a wrecking ball.

I sat back down as I stared at him…a burning hit reaction spread through me…lighting a fire through every vein and every bit of pulsing blood in my body.

And when he smiled faintly…the room seemed to tilt.

“I…”I let out with pathetic ineffectiveness.

He took off his coat and jacket revealing the thin silk of his shirt and the body I had suspected existed was now heart-stoppingly evident.

What is wrong with me?

It has to be the break up and the alcohol.


The sound of running water woke me up.

I blinked slowly and opened my eyes.

My head was aching but my eyes dilated when I realized that I wasn’t in my bedroom.

Oh my God!

This room looked so exquisite…

The curtains were opened and I sat up to see some clothes on the floor.

I shakily laid back down and held the duvet to myself.

What the hell?

I mentally assessed myself.

Oh my God!

I’m naked!

Unable to believe it…I moved the duvet aside and the shock of my state made me cover myself up again.


And I felt so tender…

So tender between my legs.

Like flash…the memories of last night came crashing down on me…Drinking to stupor and meeting that strange man…it seems we had a little conversation of a sort and then we ended up in a hotel room.

My cheeks felt so hot as I grabbed my long hair and recalled him rising above me…sliding inside and repeatedly stroking me.

Oh…he had done it so good.

Oh no!

This wasn’t the time to think about how good he was.

I just had a one night stand with a stranger.

I’ve never slept with a stranger before.

How am I supposed to face him?

What am I to say?

I have to run before he comes out of the bathroom.

I hurriedly got up from the bed and quickly put on my clothes and grabbed my bag,

As I walked up to the door…

The bathroom door opened.

And then he walked out…

I was almost floored by how handsome he looked.

He was on a bathroom but I couldn’t fail to notice his manly features…

His broad shoulders and powerful thighs.

My heartbeat was out of control.

Marcus wouldn’t hold a candle to this man.

Memories of our sex last night invaded my mind again…

The way he hugged me…kissed me…thrust into me…

I felt hot all over.

Shaking my head,I forced myself to stop thinking about it.

I fanned myself with my hands but it was useless…

While I looked all restless…he was as calm as a cucumber.

And then I caught his gaze…

He was staring at me as if I was an object.

He cocked an eyebrow and stared at me with disdain.

Why is he staring at me like that?

I saw him reach for the bedside and picked up his wallet.

I could see it was loaded with money.

My eyes widened.

Does he think I’m a prostitute?

I felt deeply insulted so I decided to act fast.

I took out two hundred dollars from my bag and threw them on the bed before he could offer me any money.

I put on a calm attitude and crossed my arms.

Looking up at him straight in the eyes,I let out:

“Though you’re good looking but you skills are bad…so bad and it’s only worth a little money!”

I wanted to humiliate him before he does that to me.

“What did you just say?”The man asked,furiously.

By all means…I hid how embarrassed I was and in order to show him that I was serious…I moved closer to him and patted him on the shoulder.

“Well,you could try giving a discount first and once you’ve learned how to satisfy a woman…you can definitely raise the price!”With that,I spun and walked off as fast as I could.

While I was fleeing,I could hear him roar…”Fuck!”

I’ve deeply annoyed that man!