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Rebirth for Loving You Once More

Rebirth for Loving You Once More


Sophia ended her life in a tragedy.  Her heart was poached by her boyfriend and transplanted to her half-sis. Then she died alone. Until then, she knew that her boyfriend pretended to love her, only to get her heart. However, after she died miserably, her soul got freedom. Floating into the air, she saw Najeh, the man she hated most, hugged her body in his arms, as if he was holding the most precious treasure in the world. It never occurred to Sophia that the man she hated most loved her deeply. Now the God gives her the chance to reborn, at the turning point of her life. It's time for revenge! And it's also the time to love you once more!
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In her previous life, Sophia Williams ended up in a tragic death. 

Her heart was poached and transplanted to another woman when she was still alive, and then her body was dumped into a mass grave. 

Her soul had nowhere to go but was trapped in her decaying body under the dark and damp underground for days. 

One day, a pair of cold hands dug Sophia's putrescent corpse out, so her soul got freedom once again.

Floating into the air, Sophia's soul saw the man shaking with her body in his arms.

In a black suit, Najeh Leonard, the man, knelt on the ground, and Sophia seemed to be a treasure under his tenderness and caution. 

Thanks to the chilly winter, Sophia's body was not completely rotten, but livor mortis were everywhere, forming a terrible scene!

The putrefactive odor filled the air. 

Najeh seemed blind and had no smell at all. With Sophia in his arms, he struggled to stand up.

"Sophia..." He lowered his head, and his throat was trembling violently. A drop of tear rolled down his face and landed on the pale lips of the corpse.  

"Najeh..." Sophia, the soul, whispered in sadness. 

However, Najeh could hear nothing. 

Burying his head in the corpse's neck, he whined hoarsely like a desperate beast.

Sophia was stunned.

It never occurred to her that this man she hated most loved her deeply. 

She had been so stupid to mistake that Najeh hated her. 

Now, it was too late for her to know this. 

Sophia looked at Najeh complexly. She got close and intended to hug him, but her arms passed through his body. Now, this reminded her that she was already dead but a soul now. 

She could do nothing, even if only a hug. 

"Sophia..." Najeh carried the body of Sophia back to the car and put a string of beads, shining strangely, on her hand, "Let's go home."

As an antique enthusiast, Sophia recognized at one glance that those beads could protect her body from decaying.

When she was still in a trance, Najeh asked the driver to start off.

Then, Sophia followed up immediately.


In the next three months, Sophia's soul followed Najeh everywhere he was. 

So, she saw how Najeh lived with her corpse. Every day Najeh washed it up, dressed it up, and kept it accompany to wander in the villa in which they had once lived together. Sometimes, he talked to it the way like a lover. 

There was no response for what he did, but he seemed to enjoy it. 

Sophia felt sure that Najeh was already insane. 

He was crazy the moment he saw her body in that grave. 

This frantic love was truly beyond imagination. 

This madness went on until one day. That day, Najeh carried Sophia's body to his bedroom. 

He put on a white tuxedo and then helped Sophia get changed into a white wedding dress.

It was the first time for Sophia to see Najeh in a white suit.

He had such a beautiful face that even women would envy him. His sharp eyes showed aggressiveness. 

It was a perfect face for a womanizer, but he chose to be devoted to Sophia.

"Sophia, don't be afraid, as we'll meet soon." Lowering his head, Najeh left a kiss on those pale lips of the corpse. 

These words took Sophia by surprise, and she didn't dare to linger about when Najeh pushed her body with a wheelchair to a room.

There were several people in the parlor, and they were tied up. 

The sight of Sophia's corpse on the wheelchair frightened them into a dumbfounded state.

Those were the murders who killed Sophia. But Sophia's rage for those enemies was replaced by an alarm when Najeh produced a mini bomb trigger from his pocket. 


Sophia's heart-wrenching scream didn't stop Najeh from pressing down the trigger.


In a flash, the whole house was in ruins.

Sophia's soul returned to the endless darkness...