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Hot Mummy and Six Genius Kids

Hot Mummy and Six Genius Kids


Su Tao accidentally found that her boyfriend betrayed her. In a fit of anger, she went alone to the bar to get drunk. In order to take revenge on her boyfriend, she took out a stack of bills and had an erotic night with a male model. She took a fancy to this man, not expecting that he was Gu Sihan, the most powerful man in this city. Later on, Su Tao gave a birth to sextuplets. To raise her babies up, she had no choice but to work as a journalist. And her boss happened to be Gu Sihan. Gu Sihan thought Su Tao was just an ordinary one-night-stand until one day, he saw these cute sextuplets. "God, they look alike me. Are these all my babies?"
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"Sleep with me tonight, and these will be yours!"

In the bar, Su Tao, who was drunk, blushed and pulled the man next to her.

The man was tall and straight in a suit. He had a handsome and indifferent face with a bit of pride.

Su Tao reluctantly opened her eyes and tried to look at the man's face. "Hey hey, you are really good looking."

After that, she grabbed the man's collar and pulled him out of the bar.

The process was, of course, messy.

Su Tao was still a virgin. When she arrived at the hotel, she looked at the man's strong body but did not know where to start.

Finally, the man pressed her under him and brought her joy mixed with pain...

The next day, Su Tao woke up in the sunshine. The discomfort of being drunk and the indescribable pain sobered her up in an instant!

Her face turned pale, and she turned her head tremblingly.

What she saw was a handsome face.

He had deep eyes, a tall nose, and a thin and cold mouth.

There was no doubt that this man was the most handsome man Su Tao had ever seen.

But she actually slept with him?

Yesterday, she accidentally found that her boyfriend betrayed her. In a fit of anger, she went alone to the bar to get drunk. Later, she got angrier and angrier. In order to take revenge on her boyfriend, she took out a stack of bills and looked for a male model in the bar.

Then, she took a fancy to this man...

Looking at the handsome side face of the man, she frowned.

Although he was good looking, she regretted having drunken sex with him.

She lost her virginity to a male model...

Feeling depressed, Su Tao covered her face and wailed, got out of bed and dressed herself. Before she left, she took out a stack of bills from her wallet, put them on the bedside table, and then left.

After she left, the man on the bed slowly opened his eyes.

His cold eyes fell on the stack of bills. He frowned slightly, and an unfathomable light flashed in his eyes...

Three years later.

At the entrance of a kindergarten.

Su Tao stood at the gate, wearing a well-cut dress, and her shoulder-length hair gently fell over her shoulders.

She had a sweet and lovely face, big almond-shaped eyes, a small nose, and petal-like lips.

With her snow-white skin, she looked as delicate and cute as a doll.

"Su Tao, are you here to pick up the kids?"

"Yes." Su Tao answered with a smile.

"Su Tao, every time I see you, I get jealous. You have so many children at once, but you still have the body of a 16-year-old girl..."

Before she could finish her words, six kids rushed out of the kindergarten.





Six cute kids with schoolbags on their backs strode towards Su Tao happily.

When Su Tao saw them, she immediately smiled and squatted down to welcome them.

"Dongdong, did you take good care of your siblings today?"

"Mommy, Dongdong is very competent!" Pingping said with a childish voice, "Our teacher praised him!"

"What about Pingping?" Su Tao touched his head gently. " Pingping got praised too, right?"

"Yes, but Jingjing didn't!" Pingping said naughtily, "Jingjing knocked over her deskmate's cup today and made her cry!"

Jingjing lowered her head guiltily. "Mommy, I didn't do it on purpose..."

Su Tao smiled and touched her cheek. "Mommy knows that. It doesn't matter. Why don't you take the candy and go apologize to your deskmate tomorrow?"

"Okay!" Jingjing took a deep breath and nodded hard.

Xiaomeng took Su Tao's hand and said, "Mommy, I got a red flower from the teacher. A boy said he liked me, so I sent the flower to him..."

Su Tao was shocked. Her daughter was really a boy magnet.

"Mommy, I didn't get a red flower... "Taobao said. He pulled Su Tao's dress and was about to cry.

"It's okay, it's okay. Everyone is the best!"

Su Tao held the hands of Xiaomeng and Taobao, and let the other four cute babies hold each other's hands. "Okay, let's go home!"

Su Tao was waiting for a taxi. With six adorable kids, she attracted the attention of many passers-by.

Just then, a black Maybach passed by.

In the car, the driver glanced at Su Tao and couldn't help saying to the man in the back seat, "Mr. Gu, it's really rare. That woman has six kids!"

In the back seat of the car, the elegant-looking man slowly opened his eyes and looked out of the window coldly.