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His Hired Wife

His Hired Wife



Meet Xander Reynolds, 28 and CEO of Reynolds builders. Your typical ruthless and arrogant billionaire. He loves only his money and his sister. He'd do anything to win and get his money. He even went ad far as getting married to his new personal assistant or the sake of a contract. Also meet nichole Winston, 24, and a really beautiful woman , who doesn't even know it. Aside from beautiful, she is also nice and caring. She loves her father so much that she agreed to a marriage of convenience just to get him treated. What happens when this two individual are joined in holy matrimony that's to last for six months? Will the saying opposite attract work with them or will they find love from different individuals.
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  "Nichole baby, please. Just one round. I'll leave after that," he said, pouting cutely.

  I kissed him and nodded, giving him permission to continue. He nibbled on my earlobe, eliciting a moan of pleasure.

  "Pull it up." I hurriedly pulled it up, but some force kept pulling it down again.

  A voice in the background kept shouting 'Get up!'

  I tried to push the voice out of my head in order to continue with what I was doing, but then I heard a loud 'boom'.I woke up, startled by the noise and it's to no surprise that it's my annoying roommate: Claire.

  Ugh! Why didn't she let me complete my fantasy of getting to the 'Promised Land'?I've been having these dreams for three weeks now. Ever since, I saw that hunk at the club, I've been fantasizing about him. He's too hot for his own good!

  Ironically, my dream ends at the same point, with Claire waking me up, just as my dream was about to be fulfilled. Every day.

  "What now?" I said ask sleepily, slightly irritated. She pulled my cover down and lightly squeezed my cheeks.

  "Hey cutie pie, wake up baby."

  I gave her a lazy smile and yawned, stretching my hands up in the air. I held my hand out and she passed me a mug of coffee. This is why I love her.

  "Oh bestie, I love you so much," I wrap her in a hug.

  She pulled away immediately. Trust Claire to ruin the moment. She absolutely hates cheesiness, romance, and love.

  You're right, she's boring but I love her nonetheless. Hopefully, she meets her match someday, helping her believe her in love and romance.

  "Enough with the drama, drama queen, now get up quickly otherwise you won't get the job."

  Holy shit! I totally forget about the interview. This is why I love her so much. My personal alarm person.

  "Oh my world, I totally forgot," I jump off my bed.

  "Come on lazy bones, be ready on time. It's almost seven and your interview is at eight. Be quick. Your toast is ready," she said shouts while retreating to the kitchen.

  I internally roll my eyes. She's right though. I have an interview at Reynolds Builders Inc. for the position of an assistant to the new CEO and I need to get this job. I sip of my coffee contemplatively.

  I took my clothes out hurriedly. The perfect outfit: a peach button up blouse tucked into a pencil skirt, with wedges. Simple but elegant, while also being formal enough for a job interview.

  I turned around to see that it's already 6:53. I had better be fast. I can't lose this chance!


  "We're here ma'am." The driver looks at me through the rear view mirror. Phew! Finally!

  I practiced my smile in the mirror before handing the fare to the driver. I checked my watch and it's 7:50am. I thanked him and got out of the car.

  Here we go, Nichole Winston.


  I entered the building and looked around. I saw a receptionist post so I headed over.

  "Good morning," I said politely

  "Good morning to you too," she responded with a smile.

  I returned her smile. "I'm here for the interview, and I was wondering where I need to go?"

  "Head to your right, you'll see the elevator. Go to the 10th floor. You will meet his secretary there. She'll meet you up there."

  I nodded thankfully and made my way towards the elevator but she stopped me. "I'm Jenna, by the way." She stretched her hand towards me.

  "I'm Nichole. I said, returning the handshake.

  "All the best for the interview, Nichole," she said, releasing her grip on my hand.

  I thanked her and headed to the elevator. When we reached the 10th floor, the elevator stopped. I went over to the desk and the kind secretary told me to sit.

  There are lots of people, male and female, who are also here for the interview. Some seemed confident, some nervous just like me, and some girls look like they are here for a masquerade ball.

  The secretary with the unwavering smile gave me a tag with number thirty printed on it.

  Ugh! It's going to be a long day.


  I have been waiting for about half an hour now. The twenty fifth person just walked in, and I couldn't help but be more nervous as each person leaves.

  People have been going in and out of the CEO's office with several looks on their faces.

  Virtually all of them expressed utter disappointment, some looked ashamed and dejected.

  One lady even came out crying. I have heard that the CEO is a very harsh man. I feel bad for them though. I wonder if I'll get the job.

  A lady's expression when she came out was priceless. She looked like she had been disgraced.

  Before she went in earlier, she baked her face for a long time, and at the end she ended up looking like someone going for a masquerade.

  At the end of it all, I guess she got rejected, guessing from the look on her face. She even muttered some curse words under her breath. Looks like the boss gave her a tough time. Poor lady!

  "Excuse me; I said it's your turn," I turned to look at a woman who looked clearly irritated. It looks like she has been calling me for some time. Freaking Nichole!

  I stood up quickly and breathed deeply, before turning the door knob to enter the office.

  The sight that welcomed me was so beautiful. The office looks so beautifully designed. Good taste Mr CEO. The main theme was black and white. It's so...

  "Do you need an entourage to walk you down here?" An annoyed yet sexy voice interrupted my thoughts.

  I turned around to look at the voice's owner, only to see that devilishly handsome stranger from the club.

  The same man who's been in my dreams.


  How do you react when your crush is in front of you?

  Especially when they have been invading your dreams.

  I suddenly lost my confidence. I'm short of words. I hope I succeed in this interview. I can't lose this chance. I need the money... for him.

  I quickly composed myself and walked towards him, and in turn he gestured for me to have a seat across from him.

  "Introduce yourself," he said without looking up from his paper.

  "I'm Nichole Winston. I'm a graduate from New York State University. I studied business administration and I-"

  "I've already seen all of that. Which position have you come to apply for?" He said, interrupting me as if saying 'you talk too much'.

  "A personal assistant."

  "What's the job of an assistant?"

  "Um... they assist in every aspect of official duties." I said, trying to sound confident.

  "What are your past qualifications - where have you worked?"

  "I've worked as a clerk at a firm and I also worked as a waitress for about two years. "

  "And do you think I'll be giving the job to you, I mean this isn't just some food company."

  Being honest with myself, I feel offended. What does he mean by calling me a waitress? He's probably trying to get a reaction from me.

  I breathed deeply and said "Sir, I have the business sense, charisma, and intelligence to do this job. That's why I applied, Sir."

  "Well, you've got the job."Really, that was so easy but then again, I got the job!

  I'm so happy! Claire will be elated for me.

  "Thank you so much, Sir! God bless you. I really appreciate it and I promise that you won't regret this decision." I said, almost jumping with joy.

  He gave me a stern nod and continued "You start tomorrow, Ms. Winston. Be aware, I won't stand for tardiness. Be here at eight." He said, with serious tone.

  "Yes, Sir. Thank you again!" As with before, he gave a stern nod.

  I walked out of the building with a big smile on my face