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How To Murder A Murderer

How To Murder A Murderer

Author:Em Jay


Lex is an assassin who lives to find people strong enough to kill him. Cora is a no-nonsense former government agent. The two end up living together after a mission which ended in Cora abandoning her post. Cora expresses interest in Lex right away, but Lex struggles to accept or even recognize affection. As Lex begins to feel new feelings he struggles to express them properly.
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  Lex frowned, watching Cora wash Amara's hair.

  "Is she drowning?" He asked, shuffling on his feet.

  Cora looked back at him. "Yes," she said in a dead pan. "I'm drowning the child. The child is drowning."

  Amara giggled.

  Lex looked away. "Well you don't have to be a dick about it," he murmured. "This is irritating. I'm gonna go take a piss."

  Cora waved him away. She'd come to the Vitale Estate about three months ago with Lex. He was...interesting.

  A hottie for sure. She wanted him immediately.

  Cora helped Amara out of the bath, wrapping her hair in a towel.

  "There it's much better isn't it?" Cora asked.

  Amara wasn't Lex's biological daughter, but he took care of her. As best he could anyway. Apparently he hadn't washed her hair since he got her.

  Cora let her run out of the bathroom. "Your turn Lex. Get in here."

  He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Geez, I know how to wash my hair, Cor."

  "And yet you don't."

  "It's hair. It's fine. As long as no blood or anything in it, doesn't it maintain itself?"

  She shook her head. "Head in the tub."

  He sighed, getting in position. "I really don't like this, Cora." Cora started washing his hair, and his ears warmed as breasts pressed against his back.

  "Well maybe I don't hate it." He murmured.

  Cora rolled her eyes.

  "Got a mission," he said, as she finished up his hair. "I'll be gone a little while."

  Cora put her hands on her hips, letting him towel dry his hair.

  "How long is a little while?" She asked.

  He shrugged. "Depends on how long it takes me to locate, execute and clean up," Lex narrowed his eyes. "I estimate it at...maybe two weeks. He's across the border, so it'll take time to get there. Kill time is estimated at about 4 hours, and clean up should take me a day."

  She sighed. "You didn't have to debrief me, solider."

  "But... you asked how long," he cocked his head. She took his face in her hands.

  His ears went red. He looked away. "Uh...my hairs still a bit wet."

  "You're so cute yknow that? Cute and dumb. Just how I like em!"

  He looked at her. "Why don't you go with me? I'd love to see you in action."

  She let him go. "Who would watch Amara?"

  "Boss can. He's not doing anything."

  Cora chuckled. "Don't let him hear you say that."

  "So you'll come with me?" He urged.

  She glanced away. "I dunno—"

  "I want you to come," he demanded. "I haven't seen you hold a knife in a long time."

  "Now who said I would be working? It's your mission. I'm just a guest."

  He just stared at her, blue eyes clear and full of excitement. "You'll come with me," he said finally. "I'll even change to your favorite knife. It'll be fun. Maybe you can even cut me up a little too."

  Cora looked up at him. "Lex..."

  He cocked his head, taking her hands. "It's settled," his eyes raked her form. "You'll come with me. We'll make quick work of him, shave down half the time anyway."

  "Do not demand," she scolding him, smacking his head.

  He winced. "Ow."

  "You need to ask," she explained.

  "I did ask. Remember? I said, come with me. It was few minutes ago so you may not remember bu—"

  "You didn't wait for my answer which means you didn't really ask a question."

  Lex smiled. "But it wasn't really a question, because I know the answer. Because you belong to me. So I know you're going to go."

  She rubbed her brow. And they were back to this again.

  "So, again, I don't belong to you."

  He frowned. "Don't say that. That's very rude."

  "It isn't rude," she flicked his forehead. He touched the spot tenderly. "It's rude to say I belong to you."

  "But I belong to you too, I don't know why you don't like it so much, but it's already decided, so you really shouldn't waste your energy," he explained.

  Cora stood, silently taking her knife out.

  Lex grinned.

  "What did I say?" she asked.

  He bounced slightly. "I don't remember because I'm very excited. Will you stab me with it? Just a little. I won't die I promise."

  Cora sighed again. Liking him was very complicated.

  Lex cocked his head. "You're not gonna stab me? That's a bummer. Oh well, can we do the flirty threaten thing you do?" He asked.

  She shook her head. "No, Lex. I just resort to violence when I'm frustrated. You don't seem to understand that no one belongs to anyone."

  "I do understand," he grinned. "I just don't agree."

  She raised a brow. Huh.

  "I see. Well, that's not really acceptable to me, Lex. I don't belong to anyone."

  She opened the door. Lex shut it harshly. "Where are you going?" He asked. "My hair isn't dry. And you seem angry at me. Are you leaving the estate? Where are you going?"

  "I am leaving the bathroom," she grit her teeth. "I don't know who you think you ar—"

  "You're not leaving though right? Because you're frustrated at me. Are leaving me because you're frustrated or because you just have other things to do?"

  She sighed. "It doesn't matter. I don't owe you an explanation for my actions, Lex."

  He cocked his head. "I'm a little confused. It seems like you're trying to get rid of me. Do you have a boyfriend again? Do I need to kill him? I will. I know it's hard to pay attention to me when there's other men who are stupid and hot. I'll kill him."

  Hot, dumb and damaged. She sighed. What a type.

  "You're threatening me," she explained.

  "I'm not. I just want to know what's happening. You know I'm dumb, you have to explain things very clearly to me," he smiled.

  He watched her muscles flex. She wanted to hit him. Maybe he was being threatening. He'd never done that by accident before. No that wasn't exactly true.

  He stepped back, giving her space. Her muscles relaxed.

  "I didn't mean to be rude," he explained. "I just want to know why you're angry, so I can fix it. If you tell me to fix something, I'll fix it. Really."

  Cora sighed. "Some things are just damaged, Lex."

  "Like me?"

  She looked at him. "Yeah."

  He looked down. "Can you keep me anyway? You're the only one who can kill me. I really like you. Even if I am a bit damaged I still have my uses you know," he smiled.