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His Gifted Wife and Smart Twins

His Gifted Wife and Smart Twins


Cristabella was a beautiful and innocent girl, whose mother passed away when she was born. Her father regarded her as a business bargain chip. One day, her father's business partner took a fancy to Cristabella, then her father sent her to the tycoon's bed. However, she went to the wrong bed and slept with the man she hated most, Terrence. Terrence was the most eligible bachelor in this country. He often bullied Cristabella in school. After that crazy night, Cristabella went abroad and two months later, she found she was pregnant. She didn't want to have something to do with Terrence, so she secretly gave birth to a pair of adorable and genius twins. Five years passed soon, when Terrence was about to get married, Cristabella's smart kids happened to know that. They thought their mommy was dumped by their jerk daddy, so they decided to ruin Terrence's wedding ceremony as revenge...
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Cristabella Anson got up from bed in a daze.

Her head felt like it was stuffed full of cotton, and her throat was extremely dry. Water! She had to drink some water. Slowly, she eased herself off the bed. However, her eyes snapped open when she felt the unfamiliar carpet tickle her feet. She looked around to take in her surroundings.

There were luxuriously soft silk sheets under her palms and... was that a gorgeous crystal chandelier overhead? And... there were fresh kiss marks on her wrist, clear as day...

Turning her head slightly, she realized with dawning horror that the handsome man sleeping behind her was Terrence Sherman, her arch-enemy!

What on earth did she do after she ran out of the hotel the night before?

Cristabella covered her mouth to stifle the urge to scream. Carefully, trying not to make a sound, she lifted the quilt, got out of bed, and looked for her clothes that were haphazardly scattered around the room. Quickly, she got dressed. She needed to get out of there immediately.

However, a hand shot out and grabbed her as she scrambled past the bed...

"Let me go!" Cristabella struggled to get free.

She was so close to freedom, yet the next moment, a large hand had grabbed her neck, and she was dragged back to bed.

Bouncing on the bed, Cristabella glared up at the man who dared to touch her, but only to see his equally furious expression at her. In fact, his usual cold indifference was nowhere to be found at this moment. What she saw frightened her.

"Cristabella, what did you do to me last night?!" Terrence spat out angrily.

The woman he hated the most, actually took advantage of him the night before while he was drunk...

Terrence glowered at Cristabella. A small part of him noticed the way her huge eyes stared back at him, thoughts running through her mind.

"Terrence, what are you angry about? I am the one who should be upset right now! Of all the people on earth, I had to lose my virginity to you. You're angry? I'm furious!" Rage clouded her vision. She had been drugged by her own family and was manipulated into sleeping with her arch-enemy. What right did he have to be angry with her?

"Besides, your skill was less than satisfactory! How dare you unleash your anger on me! I have not even asked you to pay!"

Pay? Terrence's back stiffened and his face darkened further, His dark eyes flashed as he stared down at the messy-haired, infuriating, stubborn woman in front of him.

A part of him couldn't help but notice the arch of her collarbone and found satisfaction in seeing his marks on her. They looked like plum blossoms on the branches.

Memories of the night before flashed through Terrence's mind and he felt himself grow hot, desire surging through him again.

He looked away from her face.

What did this evil woman drug him with? It must have been a strong dose.

Cristabella stared at Terrence uncomprehendingly for a brief moment, and then, with one big push, shoved him off her with all her might. Quickly, she cleared the bed and ran to the door.

"Cristabella Anson!"

Cristabella grimaced at his calling her full name. She turned to face him with a thunderous expression. "What do you want? This was a mistake. Anyway, your technique needs work. I wasn't even satisfied at all. I don't want to see you ever again!"

"You!" Terrence clenched his fists and fully intended to go after Cristabella, but the shrill ring of a phone stopped him.

Cristabella made her escape, feeling heartsick as she recalled what had happened the night before. She couldn't believe that her own father would drug her and send her to the wolves.

She didn't expect such a mercenary move from the family she cared about so much. It boggled the mind the lengths they went to sell her off.

Cristabella clenched her teeth. Her phone rang as she left the hotel.

"Bella, where are you? Come home quick. Dad is so angry with you. He even said that he will chase you out of the house! Quickly come back and apologize." It was Cristabella's older sister, Yoella Anson, who seemed to be the kindest, most polite angel that anyone could meet.