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Taste Of You

Taste Of You

Author:Cess bliss


"Mummy! Uncle Austin says his my daddy!". Catherine froze on hearing those words. She looked at Austin and his facial expressions gave nothing away. What had he meant by that? Is he suddenly realising or what? She was confused, but one thing she knew for sure was, even if he told her he was her father, Ariel would always remain with her - forever! Catherine is a 22 years old lady. She lives in New York City. While trying to help a guy, she gets forced and raped by him. He then leaves the country afterwards. Cathy becomes a single mother taking care of her daughter ariel they live peacefully until Austin comes back to new York. She had grown to love Ariel so much! What happens when he asks her for the child??
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Catherine shook her head vigorously. She turned and twirled on the bed. She had drank hot milk couple of times, but there was still no effect. Geez! Her fucking insomnia . she put on her slippers and strode out of her bedroom, down the stairs and out in the streets.


     She looked around. The streets were empty. Not that she was surprised anyway, cause the streets of New York were always so quiet during the evenings. She walked slowly, suddenly she heard footsteps. It came close and closer until......she turned swiftly and someone leaned on her.

“hey!",she shrieked. He breathed on her face, and she realised he was drunk.

“Ta...take....me.....here".he said, in his drunken state and handed a paper to her. It seemed to be his address.

     Cathy contemplated helping. She looked at his face. He seemed familiar.

“where do I know him from?".she thought.

Oh yeah! He was the one who pulled her out of the way when a car was about to hit her...actually, when she planned on commuting suicide. She was still grateful to him for that!

She noticed his house was not too far from where they were. She placed one of his arm around her shoulders.

She struggled to walk with him, since he kept staggering . Finally, after a whole lot of struggle, she got to his penthouse.

She took the elevator to the 15th floor and finally got to where he scripted.

“he really wrote everything down. Did he intend to get drunk or something?".she couldn't help but wonder, as she swiped the card across and the door automatically opened.

          The house was a real beauty. So luxurious; houses she only saw on TV. She stared in awe, then remembered why she was here; to help him. She took off his shoes. She saw he would be rather uncomfortable wearing the Eisenhower jacket, so she leaned forward. He was still in his drunken state: eyes hazy.

           She unzipped the jacket carefully, as it was real difficult to do since he kept pushing her and rolling away. As she pulled out one of his hand from the jacket, he held her arm. She flinched! Shocked. She jerked his hands off.

“ya....you...you're beautiful". He blurted, as he touched her cheeks. She stared at him in irritation.

“shut up! You're drunk".she replied, as she quickly pulled out the second arm off the jacket. Her phone buzzed from inside her pocket. She reached in, pulling it out. “oh, its already twelve. Great!".she muttered and looked back at him. He was stuttering; words she couldn't hear nor understand.

       As she was about to leave, someone suddenly pulled her. It couldn't possibly have been a ghost, hehe! But seriously....she looked at him furiously, as he snuggled against her arm.

“whats wrong with you?".she tried pulling her arm away, but he held it firmer than before.  “stop it!".she sighed as she realised she was only fooling herself. He wasn't in his right state of mind.

Suddenly, he pulled her closer, crashing her lips unto his. He sucked on her mouth. She struggled to break loose, but his grip was firm. He pulled her light dress off, tearing it apart as he made his way..........