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My Housekeeper Lover

My Housekeeper Lover



He was a wealthy and mysterious financial backer who had appeared before her when she needed money the most. After the courtship, she took the money and left. When they meet again, he is a big business emperor, and she is a small manager at a five-star hotel. With a single command, she was forced to become his personal housekeeper, managing his meals, drinking, sleeping … "Butler Luo, the CEO's appetite is not good. Go and accompany him to eat something." "The assistant informed her." "Butler Luo, the CEO is not in a good mood. Go and play with him." Butler Luo, the CEO doesn't sleep well, go accompany him … " Luo Qingyun could not bear it any longer, "I am just a housekeeper, not a companion!" The assistant had an innocent look, "The CEO said that if Butler Luo is unwilling, then let her see a little bit more powerful. Does Butler Luo want to test the CEO's power?" I'll give it a try, I'm not a coward!
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"Don't you dare move."

"Please be away from me. Don't…AHHHHHH…"

Inside the luxurious presidential suite, clothes were all over the floor.

The night was terrifyingly quiet.

Adeline Miller quietly laid on the bed. Her clear black eyes stared fixedly at the bathroom door, and her small hands were hidden under the quilt, rubbing the bed sheets tightly.

With a "clatter" sound, the bathroom door opened and a well—built man walked out with the fragrance of shower gel.

He didn't even look at the person on the bed. He bent over and picked up the clothes on the floor. Then, he walked to the mirror and slowly put them on one by one.

"Sir …" Adeline called the man in a low voice as she looked at his broad and sturdy back.

"Yes." The man didn't turn his head. He only replied with an indifferent voice.

"I... Next time … I won't do it. I am able to pay my brother's medical fees now." She said in a low voice. Her long eyelashes drooped, her eyes being full of shyness.

Hearing that, the man paused for a moment when tying his tie, then lightly cursed his thin lips.

"Alright!" He said with no facial emotion.

He grabbed the suit jacket and quickly put it on. "Take the medicine."

His words reminded Adeline who was on the bed. She subconsciously turned her head to look at the bedside table, where the acyeterion was placed.

She was already used to this kind of arrangement.

After sex, she would obediently take medicine. She never needed him to remind, and he rarely mentioned it on purpose.

But today, after she had said goodbye to him, he had actually brought it up. This surprised her a little.

But when she thought about it again, she felt relieved.

He probably thought that they would never meet again, that she might secretly conceive his child and come back to him in the future.

After all, no one would decline to get entangled with an important figure like him.

Lifting her head, she wanted to tell him that she would obediently take the medicine. So he didn't have to worry. However, she found that he had already left the bedroom and disappeared from her sight.

Two years later.

At the conference room of Star Hotel in City X.

"Adeline, have you checked the presidential suite? Nothing wrong with that, right? The guests will arrive at three o'clock this afternoon." The General Manager Damon Pope tapped the pen in his hand, and asked with a serious expression.

Adeline nodded, "Yes, there's no problem. It's just that..."

"What?" Seeing her hesitation, Damon asked.

"The identity of the customer … We don't know about the guest's information. How can we send someone to pick them up?" Adeline said.

Damon waved his hand, "There's no need for you to pick them up, because the guest's trip is a secret this time, so the information we get is very limited. However, what we can tell is that this person is an important figure that no one dares to offend. All of you should be alert and serve him well. Do you hear me? "

"Get it." Everyone replied in unison.

"After the meeting, housekeeping department and catering department confirm the menu for the presidential suite that night. We must ensure that this reception is complete and flawless." After Damon finished instructing, he threw the pen in his hand and was about to leave. Someone anxiously rushed into the meeting room.

"General Manager Damon, the distinguished guest has arrived early. He is currently at the entrance, preparing to alight." Bob from the Protocol Department was panting heavily as he reported.