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Step Into The Breach

Step Into The Breach

Author:Ruthie lee


*Yes I do* Were the only words that would bring the day to an end, were the only words that could grant an entitlement. Getting married to a complete stranger and out of the blue was the last thing in Violet Dalton's Journal. And falling in love again was the last thing Adam Norman wanted to do. Violet and Adam thought having a fake wedding and getting away with what they would get from it was the only thing life would be offering to them. But what happens when these two strangers get drunk on their fake wedding night, leading them to spend the night together… opening a shocking not so perfect door for the both of them.
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"Dammit Dammit!" Violet cussed as her resume slowly slipped out of her hand and slowly fall into the muddy puddle right in front of her.

"No…" She whined, as she bent down to pick up the sheet of paper to see half of the sheet, soaked and dirty.

"Well thanks for being considerate, at least you're proving to me that I can never ever get a job till I die." Violet sighed and slowly let go of the paper letting it fall back into the puddle.

The sky gave a grumbling sound making violet sigh in anger.

"How does the world hate me so much?" Violet mumbled to herself as she tightened the folder in her hand and started to walk away angrily.

Violet Dalton had just been to a job interview and it did not go well for her, she has been to thousands of interviews and they all never went well.

Violet, being an orphan, lost her parents at age three and lived with her aunt all her life, that is, until she turned twenty four and started to live with her best friend Julia in a small but comfortable apartment. All her life she had wanted nothing but a perfect life, she got good grades in school besides being the School's most strong headed and obstinate student, her grades scores were impeccably high.

Violet had decided to get a job and save up for college, but it seemed like the word job wasn't in her dictionary, because for five years now she seemed to be in the same unemployed position and she might just give up anytime soon.

Since the weather was looking as gloomy as violet's mood, violet decided to stop at her favorite coffee shop, in case it suddenly starts to rain.

Seated alone at the corner of the coffee shop, violet stared out the window and enjoyed the scenery of a man trying to convince his lazy dog to start walking.

Suddenly her ringing phone startled her and she breathed out tiredly before picking the phone and placing it on her ear.

"Hello" Violet said.

"How was it? how was the interview, please tell me you're starting--

"I didn't get the job," Violet sighed, interrupting her best friend.

"Well at least you tried.!" Julia gave a sigh.

"Shouldn't you be working right now?" Violet asked looking down at her wrist watch.

"I should but I got a small cramp today and made it a big deal my boss had to give me the break pass" Julia stated letting out a cunning giggle.

"You fraudster, anyways, I envy you, you're so lucky, you have the best job in the world, the best man, and a nice boss, you are living the life I would beg for right now" Violet said taking the teaspoon beside her and making a twirl in her coffee.

"Oh please, I just feel like it's not your time now, everything comes with patience, nature has its way with people and what to offer them" Julia blurted.

"Nature?" Violet scoffed. "Nature left my vocabulary five years ago" Violet rolled her eyes.

"Oh don't say that you silly girl, when your time comes you'll see how big nature might owe you!" Julia added.

"Well I don't care anyways, I just need money, I have a lot I want to do in my life right now, I've been living off you for some time now, I owe you a lot Julia" Violet sighed.

"You don't owe me anything! And now that you failed the interview this time, I'm stepping In, I know you don't want me to help you out with your job hunting, but violet I'm just trying to be considerate and you're just tossing me aside, I know a lot of people who can get you a job with a snap from their fingers" Julia whined.

Violet breathed out. "Look Julia you've helped me a lot and I am grateful but I do-

"No" Julia cut violet off.

"I'm not going to sit here and hear you blab about how you don't want my help, I'm helping and that is final!" Julia concluded.

"Well then, thank you Julia" Violet sighed, she couldn't keep up with Julia.

"You're welcome and one more thing violet" Julia added with a breathy voice.

"What is it?" Violet asked.

"I'm craving Mac and cheese, so would you please-

"Prepare that for dinner.?" Violet interrupted.

"You're the best," Julia giggled happily.

"You're predictable," Violet said before hanging up.

Violet stood up after emptying her mug of coffee and grabbed her folder that has been laying on the table, she dropped her bills beside the mug and was about to turn when she bumped into someone and lets out a yelp when she felt something hot on her chest.

"Dammit, I'm so sorry!" A deep low and bass-like kind of voice said and violet looked up to see who the bumper was.

He was tall and dressed in all black, he wore a black face mask and a cap with his hood over his cap, so violet could barely see his face.

'is he some kind of criminal?' she thought.

"I am extremely sorry! How can I pay for what I've done?" The gentleman asked.

Violet looked down at her white and perfectly ironed shirt, it was now stained with a brown and yellowish colour.

"How can you pay for this?" Violet asked motioning her hand around her chest "Even if you pay for this? I can't walk out there looking like this, it's going to look like I puked on my own shirt".

"I'm sorry!" The young man added again.

"You being sorry won't help get the stain off, even if i try to wipe it off with a wet towel, I'll just look worse walking down the streets" Violet continued.

"Then" The man uttered, dropping his now empty cup of coffee on the table, and unzipped his hoodie.

He adjusted his face cap and pushed the hoodie towards violet.

"Here you can put this on and not feel uncomfortable because of the stain, I'm beyond sorry" The young man added.

Violet glanced at his eyes which were his only visible features he wasn't covering.

She let's out a sigh and nabbed the hoodie from him.

"Thank you" The man nodded and bowed slightly.

Violet walked out of the coffee shop after putting on the hoodie and she couldn't help but wonder how good it smelled.

Today hasn't been the best day for her and going home to take a nap was the next thing on her mind, not until it started raining on her way home.

"Oh god no" Violet cried when droplets of water dropped on the black hoodie.

"No…." she almost screamed when the rain came down at full blast.

Violet got home after getting drenched by the rain. Her wet body left trails of water droplets on the concrete floor as she walked to the bathroom.

The apartment she and Julia lived in was not so big, but it was comfortable and cozy, with a small kitchen space and a bathroom wide enough for three people.

The living room, which was Violet's favourite place, had just two leather couches, a plasma TV against the wall and opposite the couch, a fine wooden table was placed at the centre of the living room, and a crimson colored paint that went from the room to the ground solidified the wall. A roof to floor window was at the side of the living room leaving the house in it's brightest when it's sunny, and a small balcony was right after the window.

After taking a warm bath and changing into a pair of black shorts and a white t-shirt, Violet placed her wet clothes and the hoodie in the laundry before going to make dinner.

Stuffing her face in Mac and cheese and watching her favourite TV show, Violet heard the door open and Julia's daily routine of her voice saying "I'm home."

"welcome home" Violet smiled at Julia, as Julia stepped into the living room taking off her heels and throwing them in a corner.

"Goodness, I'm so exhausted" Julia sighed as she plopped down on the couch right beside Violet.

"Does being exhausted count as taking a cramp break?" Violet raised her eyebrows at Julia and Julia let out a laugh.

"My boss doesn't joke with women's pains." Julia added.

"Still not forgetting that you have a nice boss," Violet scoffed.

"Oh that reminds me!" Julia uttered, taking her phone from her bag.

"What?" Violet turned to her.

"I got you a job," Julia announced.

"What.?" Violet snapped, almost spitting the food out of her mouth.

Julia lets out a nervous laugh "Well I didn't really… well you see I just found someone, look he's very trusting, he helps a lot of people when it comes to job hunting and I told him about you, he's a very good friend of Marcus' '.

"Just because your boyfriend is friends with this guy doesn't mean he's ours too and what kind of 'job' is this, that you or should I say this Marcus friend, found within a day?" Violet seethe, putting air quotes around 'Marcus friend'.

"I don't know, he just said it's a decent job and the pay is really nice, and he said that he just also found out about this Job about two days ago, I think." Julia shrugged, demonstrating with her hand.

"And you just trust him?" Violet questioned.

"Yes, because he has done a lot for other people too, and look I took my time to talk to Ben about this, I questioned him a lot too!" Julia stated.

"Then what's the Job about? Is it a company job?" Violet asked.

"I guess," Julia shrugged.

"You guess?" Violet scoffed.

"Look, you will go absolutely nowhere if you don't try to do things or take risks!" Julia ranted.

"Oh em Gee..! Take risks, seriously? Now you're making me scared" Violet hollered.

"No, I'm not trying to say the job is risky or anything, at least try, I can give you Ben's phone number right now and you can talk to him if you want" Julia shrugged.

Violet hesitated for a while before dropping her dinner and letting out a sigh.

"Fine, I'll like his number please!" Violet stated.

"Great" Julia beamed.

Locked up in her room and cuddled up in her bed. Violet grabbed her phone and decided to call Ben. And immediately he picked up at the first ring. She was desperate for a job.

"Uhm hello?" Violet was nervous.

"Hello? Who is this please?" The deep voice from the other line startled violet a little.

"Hi, Ben!" Violet stated. "My name is Violet, violet Dalton."

"Oh… wait! Are you a friend of Julia fox?" Ben asked.

"Yes… Yes I am!" Violet rushed her words and rolled her eyes at how embarrassing she was.

"That's great, your friend actually talked about you to me and it's a good thing you called, you know just to be sure you're up for the job." Ben stated.

"Well I'd like to know what this 'job' is about!" Violet cleared her throat.

"You see violet, this is kind of a secret job and don't misunderstand, it's nothing to be afraid of and you'll be fed with the details if you come for an interview tomorrow, I'm afraid I can't disclose any information to you right now!" Ben added.

"What? Am I supposed to be a spy or what? Why does it have to be a secret?" Violet questioned.

"It's just the way it is, the only information I can disclose to you is that, you'll be paid four hundred thousand dollars on your first day" Ben stated and violet almost screamed on the inside.

"What? Am I going to kill anybody? Four hundred thousand dollars?" Violet screamed.

Ben lets out a small laugh. "Yes, and I assure you, this is nothing illegal."

"On a scale of one to ten how sure are you?" Violet asked, biting her bottom lip.

"Ten," Ben replied. "So in case you're up for the interview tomorrow, it's at 34p Soyway Street building 002, and just so you know tomorrow is the last day of the interview." Ben explained, leaving Violet worried.

"I don't know, I'll think about it," Violet sighed.

"Okay please do, try not to miss any opportunities in life miss violet, thanks for reaching out, good night" Ben stated.

"Good night," Violet added before they both hung up.

Violet fell back on her bed and lets out a sigh staring at the ceiling.

What kind of job offers four hundred thousand dollars a day, and was she up for it?