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Bittersweet Love

Bittersweet Love


Nancy and Matt were used to be sweet couples, but went their separate ways. He used to be very kind to her, but when Nancy was found cheating on Mutt with his brother Jace, who was a kind and warm gentleman, and finally got engaged to him, Matt was totally becoming another person. To revenge his brother, Matt decided to do something evil, like took Nancy’s virginity on her engagement party. And he really did it, twice. People thought that she loved Matt but betrayed him. From the moment she got engaged to Jace, Matt became her brother-in-law. How did things come to this? But Nancy didn’t expect that she would be pregnant with Matt’s child. This child seemed to be a trouble for her, and when Matt and Jace knew it, what sort of reaction would they have…
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"Matt Lu, let me go... What are you doing? "

"My good sister in law, of course, what I want is to taste of you!"

The bottles and jars on the dresser were swung roughly down by the man. He held up the woman's buttocks and pressed her against the stage. Then he rudely ripped the stockings under her dress with his big hands.

Nancy Yuan was horrified, her face faded into pale instantly, "Matt Lu, you b*stard! You know I'm your sister in law and you dare... "

Before she finished speaking, the man held her waist and pushed hard, and broke into her body.

"Ah!" Nancy Yuan screamed tears were filling her eyes in dismay and fear. "Matt, please, don't make a mess...It's my engagement day with your brother, Jace, and so many people outside there... "

"Of course I know what day it is!"Matt Lu, with a sneer of evil in his mouth, said, "Unfortunately, my blind older brother can't do it by himself, so as the younger brother-in-law of yours, naturally I have to help my brother to take an inspection!"

Nancy Yuan shuddered. She gaped at him with bloody clenched teeth. "You're not afraid I'll call someone in? Take a look at what you beast have done to your sister in law! "

"Good!" Matt Lu laughed, looking at the intertwined hatred and fear in this women's eyes."It's more exciting after all everyone knows you're marrying a blind and impotent man for money! "

"I'm not, I'm not..." Nancy Yuan shook her head subconsciously.

"Shut up!" Matt Lu stopped for a while, then raised his hand to hold her jaw, squinting his eyes and said coldly, "Nancy Yuan, you are disgusted that I am an illegitimate child of Lu's family, and I am not eligible to inherit the shares of Lu's family, so you just to seduce Jace Lu? Am I right, En? "

Nancy Yuan stared at the burning rage in the man's eyes, her heart was like pressed by a huge rock, couldn't even breathing.

Matt, you really think...

She smiled and stared at him with a look of disdain and compassion. "I looked down on you because of your identification indeed, but I'm not seducing him because Jace Lu is the successor of the Lu's family! I chose to be with him because I love him. "

After hearing this, this furious and violent Matt Lu, the whole body of him emitted a terrible murderous, the anger in his eyes would like to burn her to ash!

The fingers that held in her jaw was suddenly tightened, the man clenched his teeth and said with hate. "Jace Lu is blind and crippled. Do you love someone like that?"

Nancy Yuan was in a cold sweat of pain, but still did not struggle, and she nodded without hesitation."Yes! I love him, I love him no matter what he likes! "

"Good! Good! Nancy Yuan, You've got it! "Matt Lu was laughing because of the extremely furious, his movements were even more violent full of hatred, and he would not to stop until she can't hold on anymore!

"The cheap woman!" He scolded.

"Ah..." Even if Nancy Yuan bit her lips hard, the shameful voice still can not stop to overflow from the lips.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open then closed immediately, Jace Lu's voice of concern had come from outside, "Nancy, are you there? Did you have a good rest? "

The guide rod was knocking on the carpet. With the closing fine sound, the two inside who on the dresser were frozen at that moment.

Nancy Yuan shut her mouth in terror, covering her mouth with her hands, shaking her head as hard as she could, and begged Matt Lu in silence with her panic eyes.

But Matt Lu smiled evilly.

Jace Lu had reached the door, he stopped and reached out for groping.

The sound of "crackling", in a quiet space, was particularly abrupt.

"Nancy? Is that you? What was the sound like that? Are you okay? "Jace Lu frowned, facing the direction that the sound had come from.

Nancy Yuan did not dare to say, either did not know how to say. Tears were fell down from her face, she was so ashamed to die.

Jace Lu frowned hesitantly, rose his foot, and approached closer." Don't prank me, it is not funny to bully a blind man."

"Older brother! It's me! " Suddenly the sound of Matt Lu broke out the silence, with a provocative evil laugh on his handsome face.

Nancy Yuan stared at the man who said abruptly with horror. She had no idea what he was playing!

Jace Lu was confused, "Matt? What are you doing here? Have you seen your sister in law Nancy? "

"Yes!" Matt Lu lifted his hand and pinched Nancy Yuan's chin. With a sudden force of his private parts, then he said,"Sister in law, why you didn't make a sound? Tell my older brother what we're doing now. "