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Born to Lose

Born to Lose


In the dock, facing the accusation, Stella couldn't help recalling her past ten years. Ten years ago, she met Steven and fell in love with him. Ten years of love and care from Steven made Stella thought that she was the happiest woman in the world. But it took only a second to ruin all her fantasy. When his mask was torn apart, she realized that all he did was for revenge. "Steven, from now on, we are even! The past is just an empty dream!" However, after he lost her, not a single day passed that he didn't miss her. He gradually found out the hidden truth and realized how much Stella had done for him. She gave her kidney to him but kept it as a secret to not let him worry. She even gave birth to their baby in prison! "Where is Stella! Please tell me!"
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'Don't... don't do it in front of my dad! Please don't!"

They used to do it in so many places: the bathroom, the office, the corridor, and even the wild. Every time, Stella Song moaned as loud as she could and asked Steven Gu for more.

But this time when she was trapped by Steven Gu, she but was crying desperately, 'NO!'

Steven's hands, which used to touch the body of the woman under him with such affection, was now getting more brutal with each move as if there was no romantic history between them at all.

'No? Hah! Don't you remember that time you brought coffee? You undid two buttons of your shirt in front of me and rubbed your body against me like a slut. '

'Or have you forgotten when you came to my office early, you would pull up your skirt and sit on my legs for a treat? '

'Why say no now? Are you trying to play an innocent little girl in front of your living d*mn daddy in the wheelchair?'

Saying this, Steven dragged Stella, naked and hands bound with a tie, to the desk where the old man was sitting. The old man in the wheelchair tilted his head, trembling and his eyes widened!

The old man's face turned as red as blood. He tried to yell but all he could do was to make a weak moan.

Stella tried to run. But Steven pressed her body on the desk and entered her body before she could do anything.

Stella was so embarrassed that she wished she could die instantly!

How could he do this In front of her dad?

Steven looked at the old man in the wheelchair. 'Are you watching this, Evan Song? Look, your daughter, your one and only daughter, is being f**ked by me now. Not only that, she has become my mistress since her first year in college. Whenever I felt like it, all I needed was a call and she would rush over, all prepared to be f**ked by me!'

Evan Song barely managed to make a crying sound.

Stella's throat was already hoarse. This was the same man who pressed her into the bed and called her baby last night. How could he become like this today?

She just couldn't accept it.

'Steven! You can't do this to me!'

'Why can't I?' Steven held her breast, pinched it hard, and continued to bang the woman under him. 'Evan Song, you lied to my mother. She abandoned her husband and children for you. But how did you treat her in the end? You called her a b*tch. You pushed her into the sea and lied that she killed herself because she was heartbroken by you!'

'But it is your precious daughter who is the real b*tch. I crushed your company. I never promised to marry her. But she just kept riding on me as if she wished she could come until she's dead. Haha, if I want her to use her mouth, she would use her mouth. She is really the best b*tch in the world!'

Tears welled up in Evan Song's eyes. He tried to lift himself but fell to the ground.

Stella never knew there was such a history of grudge between Steven and her father!

So what did exactly the past ten years mean?

Song's family business began to go downhill and went bankrupt when she was in the third year of middle school. In the first year of high school, she met Steven Gu. He was four years older than her and had always been taking care of her.

She gave herself to him when she was a freshman. Since then, he had been treating her like a princess. She even did her internship in Gu's company. But he never said that he would marry her.

She always knew as the Song's business went bankrupt, she had no support from her family. If she wanted to be Steven Gu's wife, she must be outstanding herself. So she constantly learned to be stronger, hoping that one day she could be worthy of him.

She had been in love with him for ten years! Ten years!

Stella's heart was trembling. 'Steven! Why did you lie to me? Why!'

The crying was too wretched and heartbreaking.

'Why? Because that b*stard Evan Song has only one little girl and that's you. He pushed my mother into the sea, and I make his daughter's life more miserable than hell. Isn't it fair?'

Stella's tears turned to a laugh.

She had been in love with this man for ten years. In the end, all he gave her was the tearing pain of a broken heart.

It was worse than living hell. The pain hurt more than burns.

Stella never thought that the minute her father was sent to ICU because of the shock, she received the summons from the court.

Leaking trade secrets!