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My Delicious Boss

My Delicious Boss


Two years ago, her first boyfriend and her sister conspired to send her to a stranger's bed. Two years later, she became a degraded aristocrat, while the stranger was the president handing all the power of the whole business empire. The stranger was also her child's father. She equipped herself with a determined attitude and a stubborn looking face, asking for her baby back. He smiled softly with a mellow voice, "the child would not be able to leave me. If you really need him, okay, as long as you marry me." She accepted the offer. The marriage with Christian Xie was not suffering. Instead, it was actually a romantic journey.
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The Presidential Suite on the 36th floor of the Nancheng City Huada Hotel

The room is the most concise Nordic style with delicate details. The faint rays of moonlight landed on the king-sized bed from the landing window.

Two figures entwined together on the messy bed sheet.

There was only tantalizing gasp heard in the large room.

Anna Xi clenched her lower lip painfully, but her mind was blank, without any consciousness.

The battle between man and woman lasted almost the whole night.

The smell of strong liquor and cigars from that man mixed with his strong male hormones almost drove Anna Xi crazy and made her become the slave of desire.

She knew the man's name, Christian Xie…… ... but he didn't know me.

After drinking the drugged soda, she heard that her half-sister said to her ear, "Sister, help me conceive Christian Xie's child."

After that, she was confused and woke up in Christian Xie's bed.

She vaguely remembered the smell of his body, and his deep and cold eyes like eagles', full of dignity and ruthlessness.

He didn't look at her face in the whole process.

When she woke up the next morning, the man was still asleep. She endured the pain from her body and got out of the bed. Hastily putting on some clothes, she fled from the presidential suite.

Several strong men stood in the doorway when she tried to leave.

The fierce battle last night left her with no strength at all and she could do nothing but cry out.

"Help! Help!

The large hotel corridor was empty. A man reached forward and covered her nose and mouth with a towel. The next second, she collapsed to the ground and had no consciousness at all ...

The pain was all over her body...

When Anna Xi woke up, she felt her temples thump and her heartbeat violently.

The tingling sensation between her legs was especially strong. She didn't even have time to clean her body ...

She opened her eyes and looked around. She was in a room with curtains tightly covered. It was dark.

She tried to get up when she saw a familiar figure, Misa Xi, sitting on the chair opposite the bed.

"Anna, are you all right?" Billy Lu was standing next to Misa Xi, and when he saw her wake up, he immediately came up and tried to help her up.

But the next second Anna Xi pushed Billy Lu away as if he were a monster.

"Don't touch me!" She gritted her teeth and stared at Billy Lu with rage.

She had chased Billy Lu for many years. When he promised her to be her boyfriend, she felt she was the happiest woman in the world.

But then she discovered that Billy Lu promised to be with her just to get closer to her sister Misa Xi.

Billy Lu loved Misa Xi so much that he would not hesitate to send her to another man's bed to win Misa Xi's favor!

Anna Xi bowed her head and tried to hold her body, but when her finger touched her skin, it hurt badly.

The man was crazy last night.

"Sister, it was your ovulation period last night, and there should be no problem to conceive Christian Xie's baby. In the next ten months, you should stay in this villa and prepare for the baby. There will be special doctors and nannies here to take care of you. "

In the dark, Misa Xi's makeup was still delicate.

Anna Xi gritted her teeth and stared at Misa Xi with wide eyes, "Do you think you can hide the fact that you can't have children all your life? Christian Xie will know sooner or later! "

Misaxi raised her eyebrows, walked calmly to Anna Xi and smiled faintly, "It's not the problem you should worry about. As long as this child is born to the Xi’s and the Xie’s, it will make me Mrs. Xie. "

Anna Xi gasped and clenched her lower lip, which was torn.

"Billy Lu, is this the woman you have been loving so long?" Anna Xi looked coldly at Billy Lu.

Billy Lu seemed very guilty, but he was more longing for Misa Xi.

"Anna Xi, your brother is in a suburban nursing home. If you disobey us to escape or hurt yourself, I can guarantee that your brother will suffer the same pain as you." Misa Xi smiled sarcastically.

"Misa Xi, you are a monster!" Jason Xi was Anna Xi's soft rib. She had never been allowing anyone to hurt her younger brother. Now Misa Xi said so, which alerted her instantly.

"Be smart and stay here."

Misa Xi and Billy Lu turned to leave and shut the door tightly.

Anna Xi sat alone on the bed with tears falling down, but she could do nothing.