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Sir, Your Wife Escape Again

Sir, Your Wife Escape Again



The young marshal said, “my wife is only a country girl, she doesn’t know about fashion, please don’t laugh at her!” Then, those ladies from rich families who were shocked by his wife and also admired her, felt speechless and depressed: are you kidding me? The young marshal said.” my wife is only a tender and quiet country girl, for the traditional Chinese medicine and shooting, she should have no interests.” Then, the patient cured by his wife as well as the enemy shot by her complained: what’s wrong with you? The young marshal said when “proudly” standing on his knees, “my wife is only a timid country girl. Everything she will listen to me, and she definitely would not defend my orders!” Then, all the adjutants of the general office rolled their eyes: come on! What nonsense you are talking about! Face the reality, okay?
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It was Gu Qingzhou's birthday, and she was sixteen years old today.

She took the train from the small town and headed to City Yue.

City Yue was the capital of the province. Her father was an official in City Yue and was the deputy chief of the Customs Department's yamen.

When she was two, her mother died, her father married another woman, and she became superfluous at home.

His mother's loyal servant brought Gu Qingzhou back to her hometown in the countryside, staying there for 14 years.

In these fourteen years, her father had never cared for her, but now, he wanted to bring her to City Yue in the cold winter. There was only one reason.

The Family Si wanted her to break off the engagement!

City Yue's surname was Si and his influence was illustrious.

Miss Qingzhou, at that time, Madam and General's wife were close friends, so you have been engaged to General's Mansion's Second Young Marshal since you were young. The manager who came to pick up Gu Qingzhou, Wang Zhenhua, told her the whole story.

Supervisor Wang was not afraid that Gu Qingzhou would not be able to accept it.

"Young Marshal is twenty this year. He wants to build a family. You have been in the countryside for so many years. Let alone Master, even you yourself would be embarrassed to marry into the illustrious General's Mansion, right? " Manager Wang said again.

Think of her everywhere.

"But Madam General is a woman who kept her word. Back then, she had exchanged the keepsake with your mother, and that was the jade you were carrying on your body. Madam General wishes for you to return the jade pendant personally and withdraw from this marriage. " Manager Wang said again.

The so—called transaction of rights and of money was extremely beautiful. Even if it was done openly, it had to be done behind the ears.

The corner of Gu Qingzhou's mouth rose slightly.

She wasn't stupid, Madam General was truly so faithful, she should have taken her back to get married and not break the engagement.

Of course, Gu Qingzhou didn't mind annulling the engagement.

She had never seen Young Marshal Si before.

Compared to the Madam General's contempt, Gu Qingzhou was even more unwilling to fill in her love with her elders and her relatives.

"Since this marriage has made things difficult for the Gu family and my Abba, then I'll withdraw it." Gu Qingzhou replied obediently.

Just like this, Gu Qingzhou followed Manager Wang and took the train to City Yue .

Looking at Manager Wang's satisfied expression, the corner of Gu Qingzhou's lips unconsciously curled up into a sneer.

"What a lucky strike! I had originally planned to go to the city after the new year, and was still thinking of an excuse when I didn't expect that Madam General would give me such a ready—made excuse. Gu Qingzhou thought.

Going to break off the engagement gave her the opportunity to enter the city, so she really should thank the Si Clan.

Gu Qingzhou had grown up, and could not hide in the countryside forever. The things that her mother had left for her were all in the city, so she had to take them back when she entered the city!

The grudge between her and the Gu family should have been resolved!

Withdrawal of the marriage was a small matter, returning to the Gu family in the city was Gu Qingzhou's goal.

There was a dark red rope around Gu Qingzhou's neck and a half Green Hornless Jade pendant hung around her neck. It was something that Mrs. found the craftsman to cut when they were betting on their child.

The wound had already been polished. It was round and clear and could be worn on a person's body.

"The jade artifact has the most spiritual energy, and splitting it into two is destined to fail at this marriage. My mother was also a bit ignorant." Gu Qingzhou chuckled.

She put the other half of the jade pendant back into her pocket.

In her train compartment, there was only herself, the manager, Wang Zhenhua, sleeping in the sleeping berth outside.

After closing the door, Gu Qingzhou slowly woke up from the shaking of the carriage.

She fell asleep.

Suddenly, a slight gust of cold wind rushed in, causing Gu Qingzhou to open her eyes abruptly.

She smelled blood.

In the next moment, the people with the cold and bloody smell quickly entered her carriage and closed the door.

"Hide away!" His voice was clear and cold, carrying a sense of majesty, not allowing Gu Qingzhou to say anything.

Without waiting for Gu Qingzhou's reply, he quickly took off her shirt, put on her wet and ice—cold pants, and crawled into her bed.

The bed on the train was too narrow for two, and he fell on top of her.

"You ..." Gu Qingzhou still had not reacted to what happened as the man pressed down on her.

His speed was extremely fast.

The man's entire body was suffused with a murderous aura. The smell of blood lingered within the carriage.

His hand quickly tore open her top, revealing her snow—white skin.

"Shout loudly!" he ordered, his voice hoarse.

Gu Qingzhou understood.

At the same time, the man pressed a cold knife against her neck and said, "Shout loudlier, or I'll cut your throat!"

Gu Qingzhou's blood froze and her face turned pale.

The man's cold upper body was pressed against her warm body.

At this moment, the train stopped.

The orderly sound of footsteps woke the sleeping passengers, and the carriage became noisy.

An army was coming to inspect the car.

"Shout!" The man's voice was hurried. He imitated the performance on the bed, "If you don't scream, I'll do it!"

His arms were strong and his voice was fierce. Moreover, his blade was on Gu Qingzhou's neck.

Gu Qingzhou had lost the initiative when she met with a fugitive.

She wasn't sure if she could subdue this man, so she made a prompt decision and lightly hummed.

Like a woman being loved.

When Gu Qingzhou's carriage's door was violently pulled open, she stopped, as if she was shocked by the scene outside.

The light from the flashlight shone onto their bodies, revealing half of Gu Qingzhou's white chest, snow—white skin, and a head of thick green hair.

She screamed and put her arms around the man.

The military officer shone his light and saw the beauty of the room. The young military officer felt embarrassed, and Gu Qingzhou's anxious gaze on him made him feel at a loss, causing him to leave the room embarrassedly. His heart was beating wildly, he even forgot to look at her husband's face.

Then the patrolling officer at the door said, "No."

The footsteps were far away.

The whole train was checked out and it was only after an hour of ruckus did it start again.

The man on Gu Qingzhou's body also removed the blade on her neck.

"Thank you very much." He got up and dressed in the dark.

Gu Qingzhou buttoned her cardigan without saying a word.

The train rocked gently and moved forward at a steady pace.

There was silence in the carriage.

The man felt that it was very strange. A sixteen year old girl, after experiencing such a soul—stirring scene, calmly buttoned her clothes and didn't cry. It was rather unusual.

He lit a match.

In the faint yellow light, he could clearly see the young girl's face, and she could also see his face.

"What's your name?" He reached out and pinched her delicate chin, and a face the size of a palm fell into his large, rough palm.

Her eyes were like black gems as they shone with light. They were vigilant, and perhaps a little wronged, but she was not afraid.

"Li Juan." Gu Qingzhou made up a lie.

Li Juan was the Nanny Li who had raised her.

No one would be stupid enough to tell a fugitive his real name.

She did not struggle, but kept her eyes fixed on the dagger the man had placed at his feet.

Her eyes moved slightly, wondering if the next instant of the dagger was resting on her neck.

Within the faint light of the lamp, her eyes were clear and beautiful, exuding a billowing light. She was especially charming.

The man said coldly, "Alright, Li Juan. You saved my life today, so I will give you a reward."

A whistle sounded from outside the carriage.

It was a signal.

The man threw the bloodstained jacket out the window. Only then did Gu Qingzhou realize that the blood on his body was not his own.

He was tired, but unhurt.

The person who had helped him had already arrived.

The match in his hand went out.

"Where are you from? Where am I supposed to find you?" The man couldn't stay any longer, so he continued.

Gu Qingzhou bit her lips and did not answer.

The man thought that she was shy and didn't have the time to press her further. He went up to get the keepsake and saw the half of the jade pendant on her neck.

He tore it off and held it in his arms, then said to her: "This train will arrive at City Yue in three days, I'll send someone to pick you up at the train station! I still have something to take care of, so it's inconvenient for me to take you with me.

With that, he put away Gu Qingzhou's jade pendant and quickly disappeared at the end of the walkway.

After the man left, Gu Qingzhou reached out her hand from the bed.

She had a gun in her hand, the latest Browning.

Looking at the gun, her eyes were bloodthirsty, her lips curled up in a proud smile.

She didn't care about the jade pendant that the man took away. She had never wanted the marriage brought by the jade pendant, nor did she want to use this jade pendant to protect the marriage.

The jade pendant was not her bargaining chip.

But the gun she stole was worth a lot of money!

It was worth it!

"This new Browning can only be bought on the black market. He's from the Military Government." Gu Qingzhou judged.

When the man climbed onto her bed, he reacted quickly with a sharp dagger. Gu Qingzhou had lost the chance to subdue him, but at the same time, she touched the handgun in his pants pocket.

Gu Qingzhou had always wanted her own spear.

She was afraid that the man would think that he had lost his gun, so Gu Qingzhou didn't make a sound and succeeded in diverting the man's attention.

She didn't know who the man was, but he looked no more than twenty—four or twenty—five.

He said that he would pick her up from the train station because she had some influence in City Yue .

Gu Qingzhou would not walk right into his trap.