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Extraordinry Psychic Lady

Extraordinry Psychic Lady



When they first met, he was peerlessly beautiful, and his body was entangled by ghosts and devils. She smiled and said, "Does Your Highness wish to take a wife? If you break off the engagement, I guarantee that you will be able to embrace each other and win every night! " He dangerously frowned and forced her into a corner. "This King's abilities are limited. One person is enough!" The next day. She held onto her waist, which had almost broken into two halves. Her heart was filled with emotions – her P ability was limited. She was a 21st century mage, with a pair of psychic eyes, able to see ghosts and solve suspense cases. Once she transmigrated, she became the young mistress of the Xiao family who had eloped with someone. She even gave away a free fiancé who had taken countless wives. The two paper talismans disappeared completely. "He took the opportunity to hook her into his embrace, and entangled her in a bone-eroding manner." "F * ck!" What happened to the silver taels?
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Twenty—eight Years of Emperor Qiankun , spring.

The afternoon sun brought with it a tinge of warmth that made one drowsy.

Dressed in a white robe, the slim girl lay on the rocking chair. She casually threw a clean grape into her mouth and slowly chewed it.

"Crying for more than two hours, aren't you tired?" As she spoke, he threw another grape into his mouth.

"I died unjustly!"

"In the past three days, you've said the same thing a hundred times. Is it interesting?" Xiao Moxin sneered, she turned and looked at the empty spot on the right side: "Still the same words, if don't do futile work, you will not be able to return to this body, and even more so, will not be able to revive from the dead, so listen to my advice, you should go and reincarnate earlier!"

"But I can't accept this! I can't accept dying like this!" As her voice fell, she once again burst into tears.

Xiao Moxin felt a headache coming on, she really wanted to put a talisman paper on her and send her to her reincarnation.

But it was in vain, she possessed her body now, so she felt too embarrassed to be too swift and decisive towards her.

Three days ago, she was still living a carefree life in the twenty—first century. Who knew that after an avalanche, she once again opened her eyes.She has arrived in the Northern Shang Dynasty and became the daughter of Xiao Mansion. She eloped with a man and was caught back.

To be exact, she was not caught, but fished out of the river.

"Your eyes are bad after all. It's one thing to find a man who's not in the right place, but he's still a bad guy. Who can you blame ?" Xiao Moxin retorted.

Although she have never had any desire in her previous life and not interested in men.But she had to despise her sight.

"He was very kind to me at the beginning. I didn't expect him to run away by himself in the flood...not caring about my life or death ...Woo woo... "Sobs of sobbing broke out intermittently.

Xiao Moxin rolled her eyes: "It still means;; that you have bad eyes!"

"Hum,hum~ ~"

"So noisy!" Xiao Moxin's temples suddenly jumped, thinking, could it be that the female ghost was made of water, if not, where did all these tears come from?

"Hum,hum~ ~"

"Don't cry! I promise you, if I meet that scumbag in the future, I will help you beat him to death so that your death will be worth it! "Just finished,In response to her was more grieved crying. she's face sank. "If you cry one more time, believe it or not, I will destroy your soul right now and never cry again!"

The person crying immediately shut her mouth.

The world went silent.

Xiao Moxin's face gradually turned warm, she picked up the grape in satisfaction and threw it into her mouth.

The two servants who just happened to pass by saw all of Xiao Moxin's abnormal actions and mutters to herself. For a moment, they felt their scalps go numb, looked each other in the eye, then ran away as if they were escaping.

Moments later...

Seeing her Miss eating so leisurely, Ruier raised her beautiful eyebrows slightly: "Miss! How can you still eat? "

"Why can't I eat?" As if she wanted to bear witness to her good appetite, Xiao Moxin picked up a piece of cake from the plate in her hand, and placed it into his mouth to savor it: "Not bad! It's delicious! "

"..." Ruier.

"Don't look like a bitter gourd face. As the saying goes:'Do not cross the bridge until you come to it; willows cluster darkly, blossoms shine another village ahead'!"There will always be a time when the shadows in the willow house are bright!" As she ate, Xiao Moxin glanced at Ruier indifferently.

Ruier was about to cry: "Miss! There's less than a month until your grand marriage with the three Prince. If you don't think of a way to end it, then everything will be over! "