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Don't Irritate My CEO Daddy

Don't Irritate My CEO Daddy



It was supposed to be a happy overseas vocation for Tang Siyu. But it was ended up with a scandal. When Tang Siyu found she was cheated on by her fiance and sister, she left in anger. Five years later, she came back with her lovely son. Her son took part in a piano competition and appeared on the TV show, trying to find his daddy, so that his mommy wouldn't be bullied. However, his mommy snorted, "If he dares to appear, I will slap him thousand times."
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In a luxurious villa.

A young and handsome man had just come out from the bathroom. His sturdy waist was only wrapped by a towel, showing the masculine strength and beauty, as if he was the Apollo in the tales.

"Damn it." With a low curse, the man lowered his head with annoyance and vexation appearing in his face.

He picked up his cell phone and dialed the assistant's number. "Please prepare a maiden for me. Sir, why do you suddenly have interest in it tonight?"

"I drank the wrong stuff at the party. Hurry up." The low sound showed his impatience.

"Ok, right away."

In front of the sign of a landscape light, a girl dressed in thin clothes, looking up at the zigzag route on the map. She felt quite speechless.

She came here just for a trip, but she didn’t expect that she should get lost.

It was even more infuriating that her phone was out of battery. And she hadn’t even seen a hint of footprint along the way.

She did not know that she had entered the luxurious private villa complex.

She could only continue to walk forward. Finally, a magnificent villa appeared in the darkness of the night. Her heart was filled with joy. There was the hope. Although the villa seemed unapproachable, she had no choice but to enter the villa in order to ask the way back to her hotel.

She rang the bell.

The door opened with a splat.

She was stunned for a moment. She hadn't expected that she would be lucky enough to get the door open.

Stepping into the luxurious hall that was like a palace, Moira Garcia was puzzled and asked toward the quiet hall, "Is there anyone here?"

No one answered her. She felt wired, because the lights were turned on and it was obvious that someone had just opened the door for her. It was impossible that nobody was here!

Could he stay in upstairs?

Moira walked up on the stairs step by step and saw the master bedroom with the lights on. She swallowed her salvia due to anxiety.

She had been lost for half an hour, and if she couldn’t find someone to ask the way, she would have to spend this night out in the open air.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" She asked as she was stepping towards the half—open bedroom door.


A powerful force jerked her wrist, and she was dragged into the room.

The next second, the lights in the bedroom went out.

"Ah... Who are you? What do you want to do?" Moira screamed in panic.

"Shut up." The man's hoarse voice was cold.

"Why did you turn off the lights?" Moira asked in extreme panic. She thought if she met a perverted maniac and he wanted to kill her. She imaged the most terrible situation.

"I don't want to see your face." The man's tone was cold and disdainful.

The man obviously took her as the maiden who was arranged by his assistant to cope with his sexual desire.

Moira was lifted up and violently tossed onto the bed before she could realize what happened. Once again, she shrieked. Moira felt dizzy and dazzled as the man's muscular body was approaching her.

Moira desperately pushed him away, "Bastard, let me go!" Her scream and yell were all stopped by his domineering kiss in the next second. He hated noisy and disobedient women the most.

Now that she had accept the deal, how dare she refuse him? He would pay her what she deserved. In fact, his bid was dozen times higher than usual price.

However, this girl was extremely attractive, causing his desire become stronger.

Moira's eyes widened as she made effort to push away the man on the top of her body, but everything was in vain.

Tears rolled down her face as she sobbed in the man’s deep kiss. She was helpless and desperate. She didn't know who this man was, but she could feel a strong sense of danger.