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My Twins babies and their CEO Daddy

My Twins babies and their CEO Daddy



Tong Tong made a bold decision at her 18th birthday---- she was going to sleep her dream boy Qu Bai whom she had a secret crush for many years! However, not only she had a less intelligent teammate, but also she drunk herself rather wrecked. As a consequence… she went to a wrong person’s bed! In dazzling, she stretched her evil hands to this man’s perfectly shaped body to flitter him and successfully lit a fire on him! Then…… The next day, without the magical courage thanks to the alcohol, Tong Tong knew she made a big trouble and slipped away… The Second Young Master got furious, “little woman! You dare to slept me and escape away? No way!”
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Dragon hotel, a super luxurious seven star hotel in Luo City.

Room 2808, a tall handsome man was staring blankly outside the window with a glass of fragrant champagne in his hand.

A rhythmic knock broke the silence, "Madam has invited the most famous frigidity experts and hopes your Master can let them have a body check. Can I let them in? "

"Assistant Yin, your salary of this month is halved." Qu Yihong sipped his champagne slowly.

"... "

The temperature of the room suddenly frozen into ice.

However, outside the hotel, Luo City’s midsummer was so burning that pedestrians want to run naked.

Tong Tong squatted secretly at the corner of the wall, staring at door of the pharmacy, looking rather awkward and shy.

She did not come out until the only middle—aged man came out of the pharmacy.

Clenching her small fists and holding her breath, Tong Tong raised her chest and walked into the large pharmacy like a brave warrior.

"Condoms? Which one do you want? "The drugstore's saleswoman looked at the childish Tong Tong in disdain.

"Durex? Jessie State? Dorothea? Nose? Pink? Purple? Blue? "

"Transparent …"Tong Tong was stunned that there were so many varieties of this odd thing.

"Big one? Medium? Small? Extra small?" The saleswoman did not notice Tong Tong’s embarrassed expression, "Ordinary? Thin? Ultra—thin? Wavelet? Granular..."

Staring at the girl’s blushed face, the lady finally stopped and took a box: "What about this one?"

"Ok, ok." Tong Tong hastily gave the lady a hundred dollar and beetled with the condom.

Bai Guo’er who was guarding outside the store gave Tong Tong a red wine. "Qu Bai is in Dragon hotel, room No. 2808."

Tong Tong's eyes lit up and she took over the wine and drunk it at once, "Ok! Tonight is my eighteen year old adult ceremony. Let’s celebrate! "

Dragon hotel, room 2808,Qu Yihong glanced at the wine cabinet with an indifferent expression – there were thousands of categories of wines, but none of them suited his current mood.

Suddenly, the footsteps came from outside the door again, stopping right in front of his door.

"I told you not to bother me again, didn’t you hear my words?" His unhappy voice stopped abruptly.

He could smell the faint aroma of wine coming from the door. Without need to look, he knew that it wasn't Assistant Yin. He would never have the nerve to drink in front of him.

Who dared to disturb his tranquility?

Tong Tong looked at the room No. and counted seriously: "2—8—0—8."

Qu Bai, tonight, you are mine!