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Wounded Hearts

Wounded Hearts

Author:Ecrin Bera


Faith and Atlas were immensely in love with each other. Both were childhood lovers until Atlas had to go to another country for business purposes. He promised his love he will come back for her and told her to wait for him. What will happen when Atlas comes back but with a surprise....a surprise that will end up wounding a heart?.......... "I love my wife and will only love her, the love I once had for you died long ago. You are nothing to me, nothing. You are only trash in my eyes" "I...I lied....I lied.....It was me, it was all me. She did n-nothing. I was j-jealous of her.....I w-wanted to steal you away from her...I b-beg you...p-please find her for me....I w-want to ask for f-f-forgiveness e-even i-if i d-don't deserve it.......I w-want to s-s-see her b-before I-I t-take my l-last breath" "I-I l-love you so much my angel, you mean the world to me. Please c-come back to me" "Daddy why does mommy hate me?" he cried in his father's arms. "Shhhh, she doesn't hate you. Mommy loves you a lot"......... "Please angel, P-please....I was the one who hurt you, who betrayed you but that child has no mistake in this, he is innocent, he craves for a mother's love" "I am not his mother and never will be. Get yourself and that child out of my life" she said coldly with blank expressions. A story about a girl who started to hate the word called Love "Love is only for the weak" she said
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Faith's POV

"Get the fuck out RIGHT NOW!" I yelled at my assistant in anger who flinched and rushed out of my door. "Fucking bitch...just ruined my mood" I muttered under my breath. A knock on my door snapped me out of my anger. "Come in," I said with a cold tone. "Alex walked in with a blank face. "you have a meeting at 2 pm," he said in his deep voice. "Ok," I said and went back to my important files. I looked back at Alex and raised my eyebrow "Why are you still here?" I asked in a bored tone. "When will you stop this?... It's been 3 years Faith...why don't you let him go?" he said with a frown. My body became stiff when hearing those words. I clenched the file in anger while I glared at Alex in anger. "Get Out" I hissed and shockingly he obeyed me. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes as images from my past flashed in front of my eyes.

6 years ago

"I love you, my sweetheart, now give me a kiss," he said pouting his lips to kiss me. I laughed and grabbed his face to give him a deep, longing kiss. "Hey guys" Melissa screamed making us break our amazing kiss. "Ughh Melissa why do you always have to interrupt when we are kissing" I whined making her roll her eyes. She gave me a cheeky smirk and looked at Atlas. "Looking handsome Atlas" she playfully winked at him making him smirk as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "I know," he said kissing my cheek. "Jerk" I muttered making him laugh.

Atlas, Melissa and me were best of friends. We were inseparable since childhood, especially me and Atlas. We became lovers ever since we were babies. We were always together and if we were away from one another then we would cry until we see each other. sweet right?. Well, Melissa entered our lives when we started the first year of school and we became the best of friends.

Melissa and I were like true sisters from another mother. I love her so much and I was very protective of her. She was a beautiful, short girl but nerdy, whereas me?.....damn I was badass but I wasn't mean or bitchy...I was just a trouble maker. Talking about being protective, Atlas was very protective and possessive over me since we were young. He hated if any guy talked to me or even smiled at me. He was protective over Melissa as well as she was like a sister to him...oh how much I love this devil. Atlas was the bad boy of the school but a different bad boy. Even though he was a trouble maker he was still a virgin as he promised me we both will give each other our virginity.

"Gosh I hate college....so boring" Melissa complained leaning her head on my shoulder. "I know it's shit...hey at least we will be together when we are in uni...it will be more fun then" I smirked. "yeah yeah.....you mean making trouble for the teachers and students?" Atlas scoffed giving me a sly smirk. I smirked back "Correct".

"Ok....come on let's go it's 8pm and I need to get back home," Melissa said, standing up. Melissa lived on her own. At the age of 18, her parents died in a car accident and she was the only child. "Oh come on Mel...you live on your own...it's not like someone is waiting for you...just chill with us," I said pulling her back down. "No Fai...I have homework to finish...even you need to do it" I rolled my eyes at her nerdy actions. "Ok...Ok fine" I huffed and stood up with Atlas. "Will see you at college tomorrow bye" She shouted and walked away, waving her hand. "Bye," I and Atlas shouted back as we walked away together.

I and Atlas lived next to each other as we were neighbours. My parents and Atlas's parents were best of friends, that's why we were so close since diapers. I was about to walk to my door until I was pulled back. "Don't leave me" Atlas whispered in my ear making me shiver. He started trailing kisses down my neck making me groan as I tugged on his hair. He then smashed his lips on to mine, thrusting his tongue drinking in my taste. I moaned as he squeezed my butt. I pulled back and pecked his lips. "Take care," I said with a smile. He smiled back and gave me a quick peck...once...twice....thrice. I laughed and pushed him back. "Bye, my sweetheart," he said blowing a kiss which I caught. "Love you" I shouted. "Love you too" he shouted back.


I opened my eyes and sighed. "I fucking hate you, Atlas Williams"