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Such a Beautiful General

Such a Beautiful General


Zhang Tianqing was betrayed by her most trusted partner, the same man she had a crush on for six years. She had always disguised herself as a man and had grown up following the army around fighting in battles and she was called the god of war, but from the second she was betrayed, she lost the war. Not only did she lose her country, but she was captured by the enemy prince, Li Muhan. Zhang Tianqing unwittingly exposed the fact that she was a woman, and she was forced to stay with Li Muhan. She thought she would become Li Muhan's slave, but instead, she was taken care of and protected by him. Li Muhan offered to help her take revenge on the man who betrayed her on one condition-- Marry him.
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The north wind howled, and the yellow sand covered the sky. The valley was dark, and occasionally, a few solitary swallows flew over.

The Zhang family army had been lying in ambush here for three days and three nights.

This would be the final battle between the Great Qi Empire and the Great Shun Empire. Both sides had put in a huge force. 

As the hope of the Great Qi Empire, the youngest general, Zhang Tianqing, was making the final deployment.

"Liang Quanhe, after defeating the enemy soldiers in this battle, I... will tell you a secret." Zhang Tianqing leaned behind the huge stone and turned his head to look at the man beside him, Liang Quanhe, the deputy general.

After saying this, Zhang Tianqing flushed, and his eyes were obviously a little nervous.

However, Liang Quanhe stared at the intersection and did not look at Zhang Tianqing at all. Naturally, he could not see the strange expression on Zhang Tianqing's face.

"Liang Quanhe, don't be nervous. We have arranged everything perfectly. In addition, my father has already led the army to attack from the left flank. He will definitely capture Crown Prince Li Muhan of the Great Shun Empire." Zhang Tianqing smiled, and his lips had cracked due to dryness.

Liang Quanhe took a deep look at Zhang Tianqing and forced a smile.

"Mr. Zhang, the Shun army has already rushed to the entrance of the valley!" At this time, a soldier came to report.

Zhang Tianqing was in high spirits. He stood up on the top of the valley. Sure enough, he saw the black army coming quickly. In the blink of an eye, most of the troops had entered the narrow path of the valley.

"Order the whole army to prepare for war and charge in the form of a siege formation!" Zhang Tianqing gave the order decisively. Immediately, the shouts around him were endless. Soon, the two armies began to fight.

As the commander-in-chief, Zhang Tianqing had always taken the lead. So he picked up his long sword and turned back to the deputy general. "Liang Quanhe, I'll rush down first. According to the previous plan, when for my signal, you will lead the last 3,000 soldiers to back me up."

"Tianqing, wait a minute. I have something to tell you." Liang Quanhe, who had been silent, finally spoke in a hoarse voice.

As expected, Zhang Tianqing stopped and looked surprised.

Liang Quanhe respected her very much and would never call her so intimately.

Now there was no one around. She approached closer to Liang Quanhe, trying to hear him clearly.

"Tianqing, get closer." Liang Quanhe said softly.

Zhang Tianqing's face was a little hot, and she took another step forward.

"What do you want to say, Quanhe?"

As soon as Zhang Tianqing finished speaking, he raised his head slightly and looked at Liang Quanhe's brown eyes. She remembered that when she first saw him, she was deeply attracted by his eyes.

In a flash, they had known each other for more than six years.

Just as Zhang Tianqing was still recalling, Liang Quanhe seemed to have taken something out of his back...

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her heart. She looked down and found that it was Liang Quanhe holding a dagger as he stabbed her heart with it.

Blood splashed on Liang Quanhe's cold face, and then dripped on the rock.

Liang Quanhe couldn't bear to look directly at Zhang Tianqing's face. He turned his head and said, "Don't... don't blame me."

Zhang Tianqing's face turned pale. She raised her eyes and looked straight at Liang Quanhe. She forced herself to say, "Why?"

Liang Quanhe did not answer. There was no light in his eyes. He decisively pulled out the dagger. Blood flowed out of Zhang Tianqing's chest like a fountain, dyeing her silver armor red.

Zhang Tianqing staggered a few steps and reached out to cover the wound on her chest, but she could not stop the blood.

It was so painful! Her heart was hurt!

This kind of pain was not brought by the wound, but the cry of her brain and limbs, the howl after being betrayed by her most trusted person.

Why, Liang Quanhe!

After winning this battle, she would tell him that she was a woman. She wanted to marry him, give him babies, and then grow old with him...

Liang Quanhe looked at Zhang Tianqing coldly, then lifted his foot and kicked Zhang Tianqing, who was almost unable to stand steadily, to the bottom of the mountain.

Zhang Tianqing rolled down like a falling stone. At the last moment of her death, she saw the flag of the Great Qi Empire fall to the ground...