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Devil's Wife

Devil's Wife

Author:Bella D'Luca


Amelia Knight (Mia) has just turn eighteen. She is a shy yet a girl with full of excitement. She has a passion for dancing. She also has a best friend called Ashton. She has a sister, Dad, Mum whom she is very close. Her sister is about to get married. But what happens when that marriage pulled her into her worst nightmare. What will she do? Will she live with it or will she leave from it?
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  Mia's POV

  "Wake up Mia. You are gonna be late for school. " Olivia yelled as she pulled off my blankets.

  I groaned as I wake up. I was doing my homework last minute last night hence I slept late.

  I heard my sister chuckle while I glared at her. In an instant she put her hands up in defense

  "Shower quick and come down." She said as she walked out of my room. I groggily went to my bathroom and did my morning routine.

  As I came out I picked out my outfit to wear today. I picked out a white shirt with black Jean skirt that reached above my knees and a denim shirt that reached the end of my skirt

  I applied some face cream with baby pink lipstick. I got down to have breakfast as I saw bacon and pancakes. My saliva drooled seeing it.

  As I was about to have breakfast, I realised that I was late for school. "Dad, mum I am late. I gonna head on first. Love you guys. Bye. " I said as I rushed out.

  I hear them chuckle. I quickly start walking to my school. I always walked to school even though I had a car. It was walking distance anyway.

  As I was walked pass a café, I thought getting myself some Frappuccino to awake myself.

  As I entered, the café bell at the entrance rang to announce everyone of me. I walked to counter to give me order. "Hi, I would like a caramel Frappuccino with whip cream please." I said.

  As she told me the price, I paid the exact amount waiting for my drink. After a few minutes, my order came up. As I collect my drink, I quickly rushed out.

  As I made a few steps out, I pumped into a wall. But as I raised my head straight ahead, I realized it was a chest. I gulped as I realized I had dropped my drink in his shoes.

  I raised my head up. As I did, colours drained out of my face. There stood a man who was way taller than me. He had dark brown eyes and black hair. He gave off a dangerous aura.

  He was also handsome which made him look kinda scary too. I realised he was glaring at me. I started to get scared.

  "I am so sorry. I did not see where I was going." I said as I repeatedly apologized. He just glared at me. If looks could kill I would be 6 feet below. Suddenly he scoffed as he stopped me from talking by putting up his hands.

  I stopped rambling. He started to come forward as I backed away. Soon I hit the wall. He came dangerously close. I looked down to avoid his gaze.

  " How dare you bump on me? Do you know who I am?" He spoke in a calm yet scary voice. I shook my head as I continued to face down. I was really scared to look up at him.

  "I could be you worst nightmare. " He whispered as I gasped. I started to quiver. " I am really sorry. I did not bump into you purposely. I was late for school, so I did not watch where was I going." I said as I tried to reason with him.

  He stared at me for some time. He holds my chin in a tight way and lift my face up. His hands were quite rough. He was looking straight into my eyes as if trying to look into my soul.

  After few moments, he let out a breath as he backed away. I quickly took that as my chance and ran away without looking back.

  Something in me urged me to look back but I did not. After running and fast walking, I reached my school. As I entered the school, I realized I had come five minutes early.

  I went to my locker as I try to catch my breathe. After I did, I took the books I need and was about to turn around when I did, I was startled by someone screaming 'boo' in my face. I yelped in surprise.

  I realize it was Ashton my friend who was laughing his ass of right now. "Your face looked really funny." He said as he continues to laugh as my face turn red in embarrassment.

  I playfully hit his arm as he pinched my checks. I realized I had dropped my Frappuccino while I was running. Well I guess the scary guy made me awake.

  Ash and I started to walk to our class. We were seniors this year and going to graduate this year. Ash and I were friends since we were young. The reason we were friends was because we shared the same passion for dance. We both loved dancing. We have a dance competition coming in two months and I cannot wait for it.

  As Ash and I entered our class we took our seat. " So why were you late today?" Ash asked me while he took his homework out. " Well I kinda slept late as I did my homework late." I said as I rubbed my neck. He just laughed at me.

  Soon the teacher came and started lesson. After some my mind trailed of to the man at the café. He seriously looks like a dangerous guy. I really wish I never see him again.

  But boy was I so wrong.