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The Deal With Mr Pompous

The Deal With Mr Pompous

Author:Georgina E Adah


Out of anger, Sky broke a guys glass unknowingly to her, he's a Billionaire.. What happens when he makes a deal with her? Holy moly!! What is he doing here? And, how does he know my name? Or knows where I live? I got control of myself and flicked my hair backwards. Then I cleared my throat"Hey Mr, are you here to finally apologise? If yes..save it,I don't need your apologies anymore. And if you don't mind,can you kindly step out? I hate the smell of your cologne" He raised his brow. From the corner of my eyes,I saw Taylor hiding her smile. I also raised my brows"What?you don't hear English anymore?I said out right now before I call the security" He smiled and went to sit on my bed. My bed...I lost it. "What the heck do you think you're doing?!!"
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       "Please Taylor, I just want to give him a surprise visit. I'll be out soon I promise" I said to my bestie.

  "Fine, but don't be long ok? I'm already late for class"

  I smiled and ran to my boyfriend's room. I knocked on the door several times but there was no answer so I decided to open it.

  I stopped short when I saw him on the couch f*cking a lady.


  He glanced up at me in shock"It's not what you think Sky, I love you but I couldn't wait for you, I got carried away.. "

  I shook my head and ran out of his room ignoring his calls.

  I met Taylor at the porch"Let's get out of here"

  "Hey, are you okay? What happened?"

  I blinked the tears from my eyes

  "I saw him with a lady Taylor, he's been cheating on me just because I don't want to give him my virginity"

  "Awwwn, come on.. the guy's such a jerk, don't waste your tears over him"

  She said hugging me, it started raining then, there was no shelter so we ran to the road to get a cab.

  This isn't the first time this is happening to me, Brad is the third boyfriend I've had who cheated on me over the same thing.

  Cause I wasn't ready to give up my virginity.

  I was still lost in thoughts when a car suddenly drove by splashing mud on us.

  I glanced down at my clothes then at the car which was rolling to a stop.

  I didn't think, I just matched angrily towards the car.

  Taylor caught my hand"Skylar let it go, I know you're mad about Brad... "

  "The jerk just splashed mud on us and you want me to let it go? No way!"

  I tore my hands from hers and moved to the car.

  "Hey Mr, "I said hitting the glass"Are you blind or something? Didn't you realize you just splashed mud on us?"I spat

  It was like...I was talking to myself cause no one answered me. I got mad and took off my heels and hit the glass, hard.

  It cracked slightly and the tinted window slide down.

  I gasp when I saw a cute guy in a black expensive suit. I didn't know I was drooling at him till he spoke up

  "Did you just break my glass?"

  I huffed"Aren't you supposed to apologize? Your stupid driver just splashed mud on us and you're concerned about your glass?"

  Taylor tugged on hand"Skylar, let's go"

  I shrugged her off"Leave me alone Taylor, it's rich bastards like him that usually think they're on top of the world!"

  The guy raised his brow"You must be crazy to hit my glass or stupid.

  I know your type, a lowly piece of trash looking for attention, a whore claiming to be something that else."

  I flinched at his words and was about replying but he has already rolled up his glass and speed away - splashing mud on us again.   

  I couldn't contain my anger so I did the only thing I could. I screamed.

  Yeah, that's me, Skylar Wright, twenty-one years old. I'm a student at Cambridge University on a scholarship of course.

  After high school, my Uncle couldn't afford money for college so I applied. I was one of the lucky ones who got selected for the scholarship program.


  I blinked and turned to Taylor


  "Did you know who you just spoke with?

  I shrugged"You mean that a**hole? Am I supposed to know him?"

  "Of course you dummy, that's Connor Santiago!"

  I gave her a blank look" I don't know who you're talking about and don't care, Taylor,  it's not like I'll ever see him again."



  It started raining on my way to work, I told Drake to stop the car for a while.

  I picked up my phone and was scrolling through some articles online when someone hit on my baby.

  I turned to see a pretty red-haired lady speaking angrily.

  "Should I whine the glass down?" Drake asked.

  I shook my head slightly" I'm sure she's a beggar or something, she'll go if I don't answer her"

  I glanced back at my phone and kept reading when I suddenly heard a bang on my glass.

  I checked to see a crack on my baby. WTF?!!

  Does she know how much this cost?

  I slowly rolled down the glass to speak with her but was surprised she didn't apologize.

  After having some words with her I nodded at Drake to go. I would have admired her beauty it wasn't so crazy.

  I touched the glass where she cracked and clenched my fist, she should be happy I'm in a good mood or else...

  We arrived at work minutes later, the rain has stopped so I alighted out of the car and walked into my company.

  I ignored the workers' greetings and headed to my office, my bad mood lifted when I thought of the documents I'm finally going to collect today.

  It's on a project I've been working on and I only need the documents to complete it.

  "Good Morning Sir, the MAA's are in the conference room"

  I nodded at my PA and walked into the conference room. They all got up upon seeing me.

  "Mr. Conner"

  I shook hands with them and sat down.

  "So are the documents ready?" I asked eagerly.

  They both glanced at themselves and back at me"Actually Mr. Conner, there was something stated here by your father. It was the last thing he asked from us before he passed away"

  "What is that?"I asked already having a bad feeling about it.





  "Aghh damnit!!!"

  "Are you going to tell me why you're in a bad mood?"Kelvin my close friend asked.

  "It's my dad, he's after me even after death"

  "What did he do?"

  "I must have a child before they can finalize the project I've been working on can you imagine that?!!"

  "That's easy, you could go adopt a one-month-old baby"

  "It won't work! They will be watching me aghh"

  I paced inside my office but paused when an idea came into my head.

  "What is it?"

  I shook my head and picked up my phone.

  "Drake, I want all information on that girl"