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Destined to Fall in Love

Destined to Fall in Love


If you ravished a kiss on a handsome guy at the bar, but the guy pushed you three meters away with disgust, what would you do? Rush to him? Continue to kiss him? Kiss him until he surrendered? Yes, Athena did that. And she kissed Dalton, the heir of the wealthiest family, who hated to be touched by women. On the next day, he threw her into the river. When they met the next time, he kicked her out of the cemetery. And when they met for the third time, he wanted to throw her off the plane! At the same time, Athena planned to exact a terrible revenge, not knowing she was going to marry Dalton next month...
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If you were drunk at a bar, and you ravished a kiss on a handsome guy.

But the guy pushed you three meters away with disgust, what would you do?

That was right!

Rush to him!

Continue to kiss him!

Kiss him until he surrendered!

The guy's face clouded over with extreme aloofness, and his deep eyes couldn't be more indifferent.

Under the dim light in the bar, he seemed to be surrounded by a faint light, looking so handsome.

His good-looking face was a little pale, and people couldn't help loving him upon seeing him.

Athena Ferragni couldn't control herself any longer. With drunk eyes, she immediately rushed to the guy who was trying to leave, and then she ravished a kiss on his thin lips violently.

What was up?

He didn't let others kiss him just because he was handsome?

That was right!

A drunk woman was just so unreasonable.

The guy was kissed by force again, and his expression became mad, as if he could kill the drunk woman in front of him at any time.

He wanted to push her away again, but he had used up all his strength to push her away just now.

In order to avoid his grandfather who wanted to take him back to Astrakane City and the people who sent by his stepmother to kill him, he was exhausted.

It wasn't easy for him to sneak into the bar and get rid of those people who were tracking him, but he was entangled by this drunk woman.

He almost wanted to strangle her to death with one hand!

But his whole body leaned against the wall feebly, and his hands were grabbed above his head by the woman with great strength, he was unable to move at all.

If his guess was correct, this drunk woman was definitely a martial arts practitioner. She was astonishingly strong.

There was a slight taste of mint in the guy's mouth. Kissing him was like eating a mint candy. It tasted so cool and good.

Athena kissed him with all her heart.

All of a sudden, a flurry of footsteps could be heard in the distance.

The guy felt nervous. He used all his strength to push Athena into a private box.

Then he slammed the door shut.

An emotionless voice sounded outside the door, "He is in this bar! Search him quickly!"


Hearing the footsteps gradually getting further and further away, the guy leaned against the door feebly and took a few deep breaths.

Just as he felt relieved a little, the drunk woman actually rushed to him again.

He quickly covered his mouth, but she fiercely shoved away his hand...

As a result—

He was kissed again.

This was the third time tonight.

He regained a little strength and pushed her away. Then he grabbed her collar and pushed her heavily against the door.

He growled like a fierce beast, "Behave yourself!"

But the woman was so drunk that she had lost her mind. She only knew that she was very thirsty, and this guy's lips seemed to be able to quench her thirst.

She shook off his hand, pushed him to the ground and pressed on him.

As a result—

The guy was kissed by force for the fourth time.

He felt like he was about to go crazy.

He hated women the most in his life, but he was forced to kiss by a woman four times in a day!

He almost had a nervous breakdown...

He used the last of his strength to push her away from him. He knew that she was so strong, so he quickly pressed her under his body and grabbed her hands.

The woman couldn't move at all as he trapped her in his arms, and trace of grievance flashed through her drunk eyes.

"Let go of me."

"Don't think about it!" He gritted his teeth and said.