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Billionaire And The Thief

Billionaire And The Thief



Ivy was a full-time thief who stole the rich to feed the poor. She could steal from you in a twinkle of an eye and you wouldn't know about it. She never failed in what she did. Till the day, Travis, a ruthless billionaire was on her list. Women fluttered him like flies fluttered light. But he was just a womanizer and an arrogant jerk who could kill you on the spot if you annoyed him. When she was caught by him, she thought she would be killed by this handsome playboy at once. But he didn't shoot, even though his gun was perfectly pointed at her. She ran away once she got the chance. And he realized she not only stole his money but also his heart...
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  "Hey!! Stop right there!"

  I kept running as the cops chase after me, I tsk that fool didn't know who to send after me, it's this fat fools. I wonder why they're called cops in the first place.

  They can't even raise there feet's from the floor. I stopped running and waited for them to catch up before running again, this time to the Alley.

  I quickly hide there, not making a sound. Few minutes later, the arrived breathing hard.

  "Did you see him?"

  Hm. Fool didn't know that am a girl, not his fault cause I dressed like a guy.

  "No, I think we lost him"

  "Damnit!! This has been happening for awhile and it needs to stop"

  " Are you sure he was the one that stole from Mr Nick? "

  Their voices where faint now, means they've given up.

  I waited till I saw no sign of them before stepping out. I went to where i hid the money and brought it out, it should be more than three million dollars.

  I changed into my ladies clothes, let my almond wavy hair fall down my back before going to madam Liliane.

  She's a woman who house homeless kids and takes care of them. "Hello Liliane" I greeted.

  "Ivy! How are you? Haven't seen you in awhile"

  "Oh I'm fine, I brought something for you, here" I gave her the bag of money.

  She started crying and hugged me " Oh my God Ivy, thank you so much, I don't even how to thank you... This means alot to me"

  I hugged her, rubbing her back " It's nothing Liliane, I'm always happy to help, by the way.... where are the kids? "

  She pulled back " They're in the playground, come" She led me to them

  "Okay dearies.. come say hi to Aunt Ivy"

  They all made their way to me " Hello Aunty Ivy"

  I smiled " Hi beauties, How are y'all doing today?"


  I played with the kids till I noticed it was getting late " Gather round children, let's take selfies before I leave"

  We all took selfies and I left there smiling, mission accomplished.

  Oops! Sorry didn't introduce myself. My name is Ivy Hudgen, I'm twenty years old. I'm an orphan and I steal for a living.

  Yeah, I prefer stealing than going through school stress. It's one of the things I enjoy doing, steal and give it away to the poor.

  When my parents died in an accident, I was just six. I suffered all through my childhood, looking for food, sleeping under bridge but then I met Ricky, my best friend.

  He's also suffered the same way as me. We started stealing to help ourselves cause it's the only way out.

  As we grew up, we decided.. why not steal and help other orphans like us?

  He mostly deal with hacking into Banks and all computer stuff while I deal with opening of safes and stealing from Rich guys.

  Enough about me, for now... I got home late at night and saw Ricky typing vigorously on his laptop.

  "Hey, how did it go?"

  I threw myself on the couch and scoff "Do you really need to ask that? It was successful as usual"

  He smiled "Good but you have another mission"

  " I do? "

  " Yeah, you have to two actually but you'd go for this one first, the other one might be tough"

  He handed me two pictures of Guys, the first one was cute but the other guy is just wow! I must say he's beautiful.

  "So I'll be going to the first guys house?"

  "Yeah, he's hosting a party, so you can use that as an opportunity. Look at this"

  He showed me the footage of the building "There's a room at this part of the house, contains money. Thank goodness you aren't gonna open a safe so this won't take long. "

  I was going to my room to prepare for my mission when he called "Huh?"

  "Security will be tight"

  I shrugged "Leave that to me Rick, I can handle it"

  " Good luck"


  "Yo ! Have you forgotten about the party already?" My best friend Kaden asked on the phone.

  I continued fucking the pussy on my bed

  "What? No way, I'm already on my way, you'll see me soon"

  " Are you sure about that or you're fucking someone as we speak"

  I smirked

  "See you soon Kade"

  I hanged up the call and continued pounding into the bitch till I came. "Get out" I coldly said

  "But I didn't cum, won't you finish what you started?"

  I pulled out my gun and shoot her. "Yeah, I just did"

  I called my guard to take care of the mess before going to shower.

  My name is Travis Gregory. I'm twenty-five years old, a multi billionaire. I'm a man of my word, don't take shit from anyone.

  I'm also an artist but most people don't know that, it's a thing I do right from when I was little.

  I hate thieves , we don't just get along. I usually kill them when they cross my path or try to steal from me.

  I mean who do they think they are? Try to steal the money I work for.....

  End of introduction...

  I got out of shower and dressed up before going out.

  "Hello Sir" My driver greeted

  "To Kaden's Mansion"