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X-ray Vision Legend

X-ray Vision Legend


Jay was an ordinary man. He tried to be perfect to his girlfriend, Carley, but Carley was always unsatisfied. She was picky about his background and assets. Even Jay had tried his best, Carley still chose to dump him, and even humiliate him. Jay could not stand it anymore and finally agreed to the breakup. He had been so serious about his relationship, but now, he was returned with nothing. When he clenched his fist tightly because of his anger and sorrow, he fainted. And the ring in his palm suddenly disappeared. Since then, a strange thing has happened. He got an X-ray Vision!!
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In a private room of a restaurant on the streets of Gammelholt.

"Do you have a car?" A pretty woman wearing sunglasses crossed her arms as she looked at a young man sitting opposite her with a condescending expression.

"No," the young, handsome man, Jay Yip, replied calmly.

The woman frowned, and her expression was even more disdainful. Right after, she continued, "Do you have a house, then?"

Jay relaxedly shook his head and replied, "Nope."

Upon hearing that, the woman sneered. The look of disdain on her face intensified as she ridiculed, "How dare you come out for a blind date with nothing? Please know who you are. If you're poor, then get a poor wife. Do you really think you can get a white-collar like me as your wife? A man like you will never get married!"

Impatiently, the woman stood up and said, "What a waste of my time."

As she was going to walk out, Jay's voice came, "Don't try to act. Your LV bag is a replica, and you're wearing cheap fakes from Amazon. Even the makeup on your face is cheap. Why are you trying to act classy with me?"

"You're a mere front desk clerk. Don't you feel ashamed to claim yourself a white-collar?"

Seeing that she had been exposed, the woman grew angry from embarrassment. Furiously, she pointed at Jay, yelling, "You!"

Still, Jay's expression was cold when he scolded, "What? You're almost thirty and are still not married. Any makeup won't be able to cover your loose, aging cheeks. Do you think I'll take a fancy to you?"

"Just go marry an old guy. If you're too late, even the old guys won't want you anymore."

"You!" The woman was about to explode when she heard that. Although she was fuming, she couldn't find words to reply. As a result, she stomped on the floor unhappily and ran off.

If you respected me, I'd do the same, but better. This was Jay's life principle.

The woman was a blind date introduced to him through a classmate, but since the woman acted so unacceptable as to ridicule him, Jay didn't have to respect her either. 

After the woman left, Jay sighed, leaning back on the chair. Later, he took a ring off his right index finger and put it in his palm before lowering his head and observing it.

The ring was passed down from his family. Originally, he had given it to his ex-girlfriend, Carley Wong. However, she returned the ring and broke up with him a month ago before heading off in someone else's BMW.

Money broke the two-year relationship between them, so how could Jay not feel sad? The end of the relationship made him even more certain that he had to make a name for himself to show the people who looked down on him.

At this moment, his gaze was resolute. He clenched his fists and silently cheered for himself.

Due to his excessive strength, the stone in the middle of the ring that resembled an eye suddenly punctured his palm.

While feeling the pain, he saw blood flowing across the stone on the ring. But the next thing that happened was the real kicker. His blood was sucked into the stone and it gave off a red flash.

Following that, the stone emitted a ray of light, and then it went into his palm all of a sudden.

With the stone disappeared, Jay started feeling dizzy, and he felt that his vision was blurred. After that, he fell on the table and fainted.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Jay faintly heard several voices around him. Then, he slowly opened his eyes and raised his head to see the restaurant waiters calling out for him without touching him.

At once, Jay was driven out by the waiters. When he walked out, he realized that his ring was gone. He wanted to go back and find it, but looking at the scary gazes of the waiters, he gave up.

After the matter, a sound attracted him as he wandered down the street. "Come take a look. Today might be your lucky day. We have prizes awaiting."

It was said that, "when relationships fail, gambling prevails". So, perhaps he could strike luck if he bought a card.

This resulted in Jay walking over. Just as he was about to pick up a card, his vision suddenly went black, and he saw a flash of white light. At this time, he also felt a stabbing pain in his forehead. The intense pain almost made him faint again.

But then, another strange thing happened. The coating on top of the scratch card, which was supposed to be scratched off, disappeared!

Immediately, Jay was terrified. What happened? Where did the coating go? Why did it disappear all of a sudden?

Jay found it unbelievable. Could it be that... he had obtained X-ray vision?

It was incredible. How could he gain fictional powers? Was it even possible?

Jay was astonished, and he froze for a bit before coming to his senses. Once he did, he picked up a couple of scratch cards and stared at the coating on the prize area. Again, it happened. The coating slowly disappeared before his eyes.

Following that, he looked at more cards. Still, he was able to look through the coatings on them.

After a few more tests, he was still shocked, but at this point, he believed that he had really gained X-ray vision.

Could it be that the ring passed the power to him back in the restaurant?

Vaguely, he remembered that when he was in the restaurant, he felt a stabbing pain in the palm holding the ring before he passed out.

When he woke up, his right hand was tightly clenched, but the ring had completely disappeared.

After some thought, he confirmed that the power came from the ring.

His heart was filled with joy. Indeed, "when relationships fail, gambling prevails."

His ex-girlfriend, Carley, had dumped him and returned the ring to him. But the breakup granted him the power of X-ray vision. It really was a blessing in disguise. 

With X-ray vision, making money or being laughed at wouldn't be a problem to him anymore.

"Carley, just you wait. Very soon, you'll regret it!"

"Hey guy, are you going to buy anything? If you aren't, please move. Don't interrupt me from doing business!" Seeing Jay standing in front of the door for quite a while, the boss complained unhappily.

"Relax. I'll buy one." Jay gave the boss two dollars. Then, he started observing all the available cards. 

Seeing that Jay was only buying one, the owner said with a look of disgust, "Do you think you're buying vegetables? You're playing scratch cards. If you are lucky, you win. Without luck, you'll never win even if you choose carefully. Be quick, don't interrupt me!"

Jay wasn't someone to be trifled with, so he replied, "I'm paying for your stuff, so what are you complaining about? If you don't want to do business with me, then give me my money back. I'll leave!"

The boss waved his hand at Jay and said with a face full of disdain, "If you're broke, don't waste my time. Take one and get the hell out of here!"

Later, Jay used his X-ray vision to scan the stall. His eyes felt sore, and he felt the stabbing pain in his forehead again. At this point, the X-ray vision wasn't working well anymore, and the coatings on the cards were starting to turn a bit blurry.

It seemed that the X-ray vision had its limits. Using it for too long would make it lose its effectiveness. After a long time of scanning through, he picked up the card that had the highest prize of ten thousand dollars. As for the rest of the cards, they only paid a few dollars, which was meaningless. 

Therefore, Jay removed the coating, then pretended to be very excited and screamed, "Whoa! I won! I won ten thousand dollars!"