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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous


"Is she THAT girl?" "Yes, Mr. Hall, she is the only girl who can conceive your baby. Enjoy your night!" In a drunkness, Zoe Brooks vaguely heard two men talking. Lying on the bed, she thought she was having a wet dream. In her dream, she had an erotic night with a hot-shaped guy, not expecting she conceived a baby in this way. Unfortunately, her baby was missing on the day Zoe gave birth. She knew neither who her baby's father is nor what her baby looks like. Due to her pregnancy, she was labeled as a disgrace and was kicked out of the Brooks Family. To sustain her living expenses, she worked as a stunt double during weekends while looking for her lost baby. In a movie set, she saved a chubby boy named Samuel Hall at her baby's age by accident. Samuel was the only heir of the richest family. To pay back Zoe's kindness, Samuel decided to let Zoe be his daddy's sugar baby...
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Chapter 1: A Dream That Makes Her Pregnant

In the middle of the night,on a large bed in the hotel suite, a beautiful girl was sleeping peacefully. Slightly curled up, she looked defenseless and alluring. 

All of a sudden, the suite door was opened and a tall, slender man walked in. The bodyguards standing on each side of the hotel corridor made his arrival even more oppressive. 

Turning his dark gaze to the girl in the bed, he asked in a low, attractive voice, “Is she the one?” His voice made everyone around uncontrollably shiver in fear. 

Humbly, Clayton Greer looked at the domineering man before him. “Yes, Mr. Hall. She’s the only girl who has the same pair of chromosomes as you. Besides, she’s still a virgin, so you don’t have to worry.”


Perhaps, the atmosphere had become too oppressive because Zoe Brooks felt a chill despite being asleep. 

Opening her eyes with great difficulty, she saw a figure slowly approaching her. 

Although she wished to see more clearly, she didn’t have any strength to do so and eventually became unconscious. 

“Ah! Stop it! Ah!” Zoe opened her eyes and sat up from the bed abruptly. 

In a daze, she looked at her surroundings. 

As the sunlight seeped through the curtains, she noticed that it was already late morning. 

What was going on? How could she dream of having sex with a man? The dream even felt real!

Most importantly, her body was so sore now as if she'd ran a marathon.

This made the dream more vivid. 

However, Zoe put this matter behind soon. 

It was her 18th birthday party last night and she drank too much with her friends out of excitement. Hence, the only explanation for her current condition would be her consumption of cough syrup before going out drinking. 

Seemingly, she was already looking forward to having sex the moment she reached 18. This thought made her turn scarlet. 

A month later, the Owens and the Brookses had dinner together.  

In a club’s private room.

“How about we hold Zoe and Nathan’s engagement ceremony in the middle of next month?” Aaron Owen—Nathan Owen’s father—asked everyone around smilingly. 

Hearing this, Zoe couldn’t hide her joy, and she cast a glance at Nathan, who was beside her. In response, Nathan looked at her tenderly with a smile too. 

At the dining table, Elle Brooks and her mother, Camryn White, were the only two who looked displeased now. 

Moreover, Elle was clenching her fists tightly under the table so that she wouldn’t rush over to choke Zoe to death. Even though her nails were digging deep into her flesh, she couldn’t feel anything. 

Who gave Zoe the right to snatch her beloved man away? Why did she claim everything that initially belonged to her?! In her heart, she swore that she would never let Zoe off!

“Let’s hold the ceremony at that time then!” Jonathan Brooks—Zoe’s father—raised his glass with a smile. 

Hearing this, both Zoe and Nathan picked up their glasses and drank their wine. 

However, Zoe felt nauseous the moment she took a sip of the wine. 

Covering her mouth with her hand, she tried suppressing the nauseating feeling but she felt worse in the end. 

Hence, she stood up and ran outside. 

“Zoe!” Nathan was startled. 

Right after Zoe rushed into the toilet, she threw up everything she had eaten and slumped onto the floor with a pale face. 

Had she eaten something bad? Why would she suddenly feel nauseous?

In the hospital.

The examination report had been sent to the doctor’s office. 

Sitting in the office, Zoe asked, “What happened, Doctor? I see that the results are positive. What does this mean?”

“You’re pregnant, Miss Brooks.”