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Author:Dazzling Sunshine


"Sir, your juice was drugged. They forced me to do it." "Okay, then YOU drink the juice for me." As a waitress, I had saved my guest. But he made me drink the love-potion and gave his first night to me. Then he helped me chase away mobs and asked me to be his girlfriend as payment. My guest turned out to be the hottest and the richest CEO. He gave me a job, money, and all his tenderness. When I thought this man was my Mr. Right, one day he told me, "I'm going to attend my wedding. My fiancee is still waiting for me...''
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"...I don't want to have issues with you Xin, dont try to stop me again" Lara said and went into her car. "Am not here to waste words with you either, you poor thing. I only want to confirm from you about something important I discovered today" she chuckled and held the car door preventing Lara from being able to close it.

"Tell me Lara, so you are from the orphanage? you're really a born by mistake? Ho...ho wait before you say you're not, tell me why you were left at the entrance of the orphanage by an unknown person?"

Mu Xin paused and look at Lara's frowned face. She felt excited, her words were hitting targets. She will continue her taunting in as much as Lara is competing with her over Joey. She smiled and wants Lara to feel more miserable than this. "Your mother would definitely have been a prostitute. And she knew keeping you was going to ruined her business hence she dispose of you like a piece of trash that you truly are".

Lara could not take it any longer and stepped out of the car. No one likes her mother being insulted and Lara was not an exception. She may not have meet or known who her real mother was but she will not stand her being insulted?.

She stared at Mu Xin with her eyes red. Her entire body was giving out vibes of anger. "Mind your words Mu Xin. I will not have you insult my mother. You have no right to judge my mother's actions" she warned Xin staring at her eyes as their nose almost touched each other.

As if she was not the one Lara was warning, she continued " Oh, so you have a mother? I've always thought Mrs Su was your mother, oh poor woman, how very considerate of her to have adopted you at her retirement. She should have left you there to end up a prostitute like your mother". Mu Xin said and made a tut..tut sound with her mouth.

Lara couldn't take it anymore. She raised her hand to slap Mu Xin but the later intercepted it. "What do you think you are doing, trying to hit me like before? Only in your dreams will that ever happen again" Mu Xin flinged Lara's hand away.

Mu Xin eyed her before saying "Stay away from President Jang. Our engagement will be made public the day after tomorrow so I advise you not to be the third party if you don't want to experience what you experienced when your ex boyfriend got married" she said and started walking away.